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My younger brother is still on a Respirator since he went into cardiac and respiratory arrest on April 8.  Docs tried weening him off to see if he could breathe on his own, but he seems too weak to breathe.  He's in and out of consciousness and is being fed through a feeding tube surgically installed into his intestines.

Now, docs want to put a tracheotomy in his throat to attach the respirator there.  

It's like a never-ending series of depressing, life-threatening problems since he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer almost three years ago.

I have come to realize: It's not the cancer, it's the chemo that's killing him!

The chemo wrecked my brother's immune system, making him susceptible to all sorts of bizarre infections . . . but it didn't kill the cancer.

Then, when the infections hit, the same Docs told him that his infection symptoms were only side-effects of the chemo -- which allowed the infection to grow and flourish for months until it damn near killed him.

Despite massive amounts of IV antibiotics and anti-fungals, he is still suffering a huge fungal infection in his BLOODSTREAM (Candida albicans).

So, despite being 5'8" tall, he's down to about 96 pounds.   Prior to the heart attack, he described himself as "looking like an Ethiopian on Crack." Skin and bones.



I am still trying to get out from under the debts from the radio show.  Still several thousand in the hole and donations . . .  well . . . .  aside from three people or so, who have generously chosen to help, the donations just aren't coming.  I'm still about four thousand dollars (and change) in the hole.



Youtube told me that I can broadcast over their service, but if I -- or my callers -- talk about anything that "their algorithms determine to be insensitive, offensive or hateful, the system will immediately shut off the broadcast and suspend the ability to air anything for three months."  

Computerized automatic censorship.  Wow, we've come a long way!


Anyway, that's the update.  Thanks so very much to those of you who found it in your heart to make a donation.  ANyone else who can help . . . . it is desperately needed.


All the best,



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