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UPDATE- Monday, May 29, 2017 1:20 AM EDT --

More money has come-in since my last update four days ago.  As of 1:30 AM on Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day), 

$100 from David in CANADA

$30 from Matthew B (Location Unknown)

$50 from Craig in Wisconsin

Counting the donations above, a total of about $335 has come-in so far.   We are a very long way from making a July 5 re-start a reality, so if you want to have the Hal Turner Show back -- in all its politically-incorrect glory -- you need to help out.

Click the DONATE button at the top right of this page to donate via credit card.

If you prefer to send anonymous cash or Money order, my mailing address is lower on the page of this article.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who is helping.  


Updates below are in Reverse Chronological Order:


UPDATE- Thursday, May 25, 2017 7:00 PM EDT --

I have once again turned on many of the features of this web site which had been turned off after my show went bust.  Seeing as I am trying to induce folks like you to once again support this free speech radio show and web site, I must necessarily provide something worthy of your support!

The first step was to turn back on things that had been turned off, and remind myself (and the Volunteers Staff who are returning to help) how things work and how to do what needs doing.  That should be a quick learning curve because once we all get to actually DOING this stuff again, our memory of how to do it fast and right will all return.

THERE IS A BIG RISK I RUN BY DOING THIS:  As I begin to offer news and commentary, (Starting this weekend), web traffic is going to spike . . . . and the costs will rise with that spike.  As of today, two full weeks into the announced re-start plans for July 5, only about $140 has come in, over and above the two folks whose donations are going to pay-down past debt.

So now that I will be providing real news content, including "scoops" that I get before other media, I hope and pray that those of you who have not found it in your heart to throw $5, $10, $20 toward this endeavor, will find it worthwhile and click the DONATE Button above . . .  


UPDATE- Wednesday, May 24, 2017  8:00 PM --

More money came in:

Rob B. (Location unknown) $20

Yesterday, a former radio outlet on which my show aired, (SuperStation95) went out of business!  The web site shut down and the radio station is now broadcasting Christian religious programming . . . . in New York City ? ? ?  Oh well, I guess if ever a city needed God, it's New York!  Anyway, while the former station management was willing to bide its time and let me payoff the several thousand dollars I still owe them, the new people are not.  So I'm under pressure to resolve that debt MUCH faster.  Not sure how I'll do it, but it's on the list of things to do.

I also received a donation from Jim V. in Arizona.  That money is going to payoff the outstanding debt.  I want to give a special thanks to Jim, he's been such a tremendous help . . . and thanks to him and Jean in France, their extra help arrived in time to help my family do what we had to when my younger brother died on April 25.  If it wasn't for these tremendously kind and loyal people, my family would have been in a world of hurt, more than we are after having lost my brother to cancer on April 25.  So SPECIAL THANKS to Jean in France and Jim V. in Arizona!

You folks who listened for a whole year, but didn't see your way clear to make a donation, could really step-up now and help.  As you can see from the numbers so far, the donations range from $5 to several hundred.  Surely you guys out there who didn't donate at all during the year I was back, can throw a few bucks in, can't you?

Please click the DONATE button above, or scroll below to the READ MORE link to get my postal mailing address.

Thanks so far.  We've got a ways to go but we're moving in the right direction to bring the show back on July 5.




UPDATE May 23, 2017 -- Money has started coming-in toward re-starting the show.  As of today,

Paul in Berlin,  $100.

Ken in Santa Cruz, $20

Jimmy in Rochester, $5.71

Cassandra in San Francisco, $10.

Thankfully, Jean in France made a regular contribution which continues to be used to pay down the former debt.

Hopefully, Jim V. in Arizona will chip-in as well . . .


YOUR help will make a re-launch of the show possible.  Please donate now using the DONATE button at the top right of this page!


As most of you know, I re-started my talk-radio show on October 5, 2017 after being released from federal prison for writing an Editorial the federal government didn't like.  Having served almost 33 months in prison and then three years on Probation, I was emotionally beaten-down and not financially fit, but I re-started the show on a wing and a prayer because I just couldn't allow the federal government to defeat me permanently.   

The expenses of re-starting the show wiped me out. I had to cancel the show 13 months later because donations didn't cover expenses.  

Thankfully, a couple donors (Jean in France and Jim V. in Arizona), continued to make donations, which allowed me to greatly reduce the debt and look at coming back. If donations continue coming in, I can re-start the "Hal Turner Show" on July 5.  

I still have some past debt to pay off from the past year of shows but if you guys want this re-start, then I have to ask your help up front.  it will be best for all of us for me to have sufficient money up front to cushion the time-lag between expenses and donations.

Why the new-found gusto?  My Brother.  Specifically, some things he said to me before he died from cancer on April 25.  . . . . . . .

As you all know, my younger brother John died from Esophageal cancer on April 25.  He was 52 years old, three years younger than me.

We talked some in the weeks before his death and he asked me why I wasn't doing radio anymore.  I told him donations didn't come in and I couldn't afford it.

He looked at me and said

"No wonder. You were just like all the rest.  When you first did your show, what made you different was the verbal ass-kicking you gave every night on the air.  People LOVED it.  But when you got out of prison, you played it safe.  It bored the listeners."


He went on to say


"I know they threw you in terrorist prison and when you came out, I didn't blame you for playing safe. But Harold, fuck the feds. They only came after you because they you were effective; they were afraid of you!  You were born to be on radio.  Go back and do it like you used to."


It's strange how, when a guy knows he's dying, he doesn't mince words for fear of hurting feelings.  My brother knew he was dying and he told me exactly the truth. Frankly, I needed to hear it.  Because the ugly truth is that when I came back on the air, I __did__ play it safe.  And look what it got me: Failure.

Well, bullshit to that!


You know, my brother had to live with our Mom for the last couple years of his life because the cancer, Chemo, and Radiation made him so sick and so weak, he couldn't work . . . so he could't afford to live on his own.

Before I left that final visit at my mom's before he died, he said 


"And bring back your fucking web site news.  It was the best; especially when you stuck it to all the minority cry babies and their leftist ass-kissers.  They HATED the things you said because what you said about them was true and they knew it!


OK, so what would the show be like on a July re-start?

It would be every bit the blistering, right-wing firebrand, that previously got me sent to federal "re-education."

This is why my first year back on radio failed: nobody wanted to hear just one more level-headed, dispassionate, conservative.  You folks want the "Rip-Roaring Radio Psycho" back on the air, and, with your help right now, I'm would be bringing that back! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

Fuck the feds!

Oh, and the web site . . . . that would come back as well.  With all the radical commentary that drives the liberals insane.

Yes, I intend to re-start the publishing of HOME ADDRESSES for people who, in my personal opinion, are worthy of public criticism.  People like Reporters, Editorial Boards and the Publishers of very large newspapers,  TV outlets, radio networks and the like who are mis-using their resources to tear this country apart and to overturn the freely expressed Will of The People.  I don't care if they're lowly reporters or Billionaires.  They all suck anyway, why not rhetorically stick my finger in their collective eye?  Fuck them too!

Oh and politicians . . .  you folks think you're getting pressure from political activists of the Left?  Just wait until I'm back on the air, motivating those of us on the Right.  Planting ideas in people's heads.  Reminding them of the solutions used by the Founding Fathers and how those same solutions can work this very day!  I don't give a fuck about your authority, your position, or all the agencies you'll be sending my way (again) when things start getting uncomfortable for you.  

They want to call me a racist, bigot, hatemonger, homophobe and all the rest?  Fuck them in their ass.

They want to call me an anti-Semite or Islamaphobe?  Fuck them all harder!


Let's face it:  The left-wing are already using force and violence against us, and nobody is saying what should be done about it:  Some of those left-wingers, Socialists, Marxists, Social Justice Warriors and Snoflakes need to get their fucking heads cracked open.  SMASHED in the face with a baseball bat!

And what about the "NeverTrump" clowns.  They're out there sucking-up to every left-wing douchebag and making trouble.  

Did you see the Budget the weaklings in Congress passed last month?  The Democrats got everything they wanted and the GOP acted as though we didn't win the Presidency!  

Then there's the two-faced scumbag John "SongBird" McCain and his girly-man pal, Lindsay Graham, acting as though they matter - and siding with pretty much everyone against the political agenda WE voted into power!

These good-for-nothing pricks and others like them need to be MADE to understand we're not fucking around.  We want the fucking wall built on the southern border.  We want the brown squat-monsters rounded up and deported.  We're not asking . . . . we're telling.  And these pitiful public-servant-fucks are going learn real quick to do what they're fucking told.  

For instance, Congressman Jason Chaffetz.  He was told by Trump that his committee could investigate whatever they wanted.  Did they re-open the IRS abuse scandal?  No.  Did they re-open Hillary Clinton's e-mailing of classified material via insecure means?  No.  Did they re-open Benghazi? No.  

It didn't take long for Chaffetz to get told what he faced if he didn't do these things and what happened when he was told?  He announced he was not running for re-election and may not finish his term!  I know exactly, precisely why he made those astonishing announcements and I am inclined to reveal that info publicly when I bring the show back.   

And the dirt of Chaffetz is MILD compared to the others.  Thanks to my former colleagues in the FBI, I've got a whole slew of dirt on members of both Houses of Congress, and I am inclined to use it.  


So it's up to all of you. 

If you want the radio show back, I will be able to bring it back -- but I need your support.  More importantly, if possible, I would appreciate you letting me know if you are willing/able to do your donations on a CONTINUING basis, so I know what can be counted-on versus what might be one-time donations.

With the radical left wing now openly using violence, and their political pals pushing for Impeachment, these fucks want to literally overturn the election and oust our President.

Even worse, there is such anti-White hatred being perpetrated openly, it's mind-boggling.   

In the past, no one tore into the radical left like I did, and it hurt them so badly, they got their lackeys at the US Attorney's Office in Chicago to make a case out of nothing, to put me in prison.

If they ever try that shit again, things will be VERY different . . . 


So what do you say?  Want to have another go at this?

Click the "DONATE" Button link at the TOP RIGHT OF THIS PAGE to donate using your VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, or Discover.  

(You DO NOT have to be a PayPal member, you can use the service as a "Guest."?

C'mon, you know "Free Speech" isn't actually free; there are costs to bring it to you.  So please click the DONATE button at the top right of this page and throw a $20 or so at freedom!


If you prefer, you can mail anonymous Cash or MONEY ORDER TO: 

Harold Turner

1906 Paterson Plank Road

North Bergen, NJ   07047-1902



Here's SOME of what your donation pays for:


  • Air Time on WBCQ
  • Web Site
  • Streaming Audio Servers to bring the shows - and archives - to you online
  • Telephone lines for listener call-in
  • Professional audio Equipment maintenance (or replacement) on failure, and updates (Need new Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro)
  • Licensing Fees to SONY Music Entertainment, ASCAP, and other Licensing agencies for using Theme and "bumper" music, etc.
  • Computer software
  • Much, much more


Please be as generous as you can.  Without YOUR support, this bastion of free speech, cutting-edge news coverage  simply cannot exist!



Hal Turner




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