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A lot of us have known for quite awhile that the "Deep State" has been actively pursuing World War 3.  Demonizing the Russians while encroaching upon their territory despite assurances we wouldn't . . . Engaging Missile "Defense" Systems -- allegedly in case Iran launches -- but whose radars point at Russia . . . smacking the Chinese anytime we can in the South China Sea . . and many more actions taken by the U.S., show their intent to start a major war. Now, the clearest warning yet:

They HAVE to have another mega-war . . . . the federal government is so in debt there's no way they can ever HOPE to pay it off, so they need to smash everything and everyone so we can all justify wiping away all that debt and starting over.

Folks like us who understand this ugly reality are smeared as "Conspiracy Theorists."   Well, guess who's now telling folks how to build Fallout shelters?  The New York Times!  

Now will you take this seriously?


Link to Times Article HERE

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