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Hours Before Singapore Summit, Kim Jong Un Called to CANCEL; Trump, already enroute, "made him an offer he couldn't refuse . . ." Here's a picture:


On Saturday, June 9 at 10:30 AM eastern time, President Donald Trump departed the G7 meeting in Quebec for the much-publicized, historic, meeting with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, Scheduled for June 12.  

About ten hours into the flight to Singapore, the White House put through a call from North Korea to President Trump aboard Air Force One.  Kim Jong Un was allegedly CANCELLING the summit.

Intelligence sources tell me that very heated exchanges took place on that phone call.  They also tell me that Kim flatly told Trump his country would not denuclearize and there was nothing the US could do about it.  He then allegedly hung up on President Trump!

Furious, Trump ordered an IMMEDIATE secure video teleconference between Air Force One where he and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (who was also onboard the plane) spoke with Defense Secretary James Mattis and CIA Director Gina Haspel.    The consensus during that video conference was that Kim would only understand the gravity of the position he was in, the severity of the issues at-hand, and US determination, through the immediate use of American force. 

President Trump was about to make Kim Jong Un "an offer he can't refuse" - We've launched a missile at your capital city to prove we mean business. Either you agree right now to be at the Summit in Singapore on the 12th, or your country will be wiped out - today. "

No one figured that a weather guy in Washington state would have a time-lapse camera taking pictures off Washington state at the moment the offer (i.e. missile)  was launched . . .

The article below is based upon information DIRECTLY from my former colleagues in the Intelligence Community, some of whom work with governments OTHER THAN the United States.   Most folks realize that cloud-based web sites like this one, with a master server feeding 19 data centers around the world, are charged for "data transfer" sometimes called "bandwidth." You read, I get billed.  As such, certain information I publish is for SUBSCRIBERS ONLY; the folks who pay $1 a week, billed Quarterly ($13) HERE  or $5 a month HERE.     It is SUBSCRIBERS who make this web site and my radio show possible, and thus, they get info which the general public does not.  Subscribers will see the article itself, immediately below this notice, once they LOGIN.

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Trump-Kim Summit: PEACE TREATY ! ! ! ! !


Chronological Reporting from Start of Summit -- President Donald Trump of the United States has (finally) met Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea.  The meeting is taking place in Singapore.

The two men shook hands, seemed to be friendly and cordial toward each other, and proceeded directly into a private, closed-door meeting with just their translators present.  No staff.  No Diplomats.  No Reporters.

That meeting is taking place right now, as of 9:15 PM eastern US time.

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STUNNING! Lava EVAPORATES Hawaii's Largest FRESH WATER LAKE; in 90 minutes


Green Lake, the largest freshwater lake on Hawaii's Big Island, has completely disappeared, another victim of the Kilauea volcano, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

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Austria closes seven mosques and seeks to expel imams paid by Turkey; Turkish President talks "War between the Cross and the Crescent"


Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of Austria on Friday ordered the closing of seven mosques and the scrutiny of the right of dozens of Turkish imams to remain in the country, citing suspected violations of an Austrian law that bans “political Islam” or foreign financing of Muslim institutions.

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President Donald Trump will be leaving Singapore early.  The "official line" is because nuclear negotiations have moved “more quickly than expected.”   That does not mean they moved in the right direction.  

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