U.S. Begins CRUSHING Gov't of Turkey Over Refusal to Release American Pastor


The United States has been in a bit of a dispute with Turkey for about two years. That dispute is now resulting in an almost total collapse of Turkish currency, signalling credit DEFAULT for Turkish companies, and now, may drag into Bankruptcy, certain European Banks which lent Billions to Turkey.   The matter is quickly becoming a major financial disaster, and the US will not stop what it's doing to Turkey (Deliberately causing these troubles) until Turkey releases an American citizen they've been holding for almost two years.

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Rocket Attacks Against Israel for Full 24 Hours from Gaza - ONGOING Thursday




12:31 PM

HAMAS Reveals Photos of R160 Rockets in Gaza set for launch; Can hit Haifa! ! 

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Yesterday, Wednesday August 7, beginning at about noon eastern US time, Arabs in the Gaza Strip began firing Rockets and Mortars into Israel.  Over 150 Rockets and dozens of Mortars were launched, damaging homes, businesses and landing near school playgrounds in Israel. The attacks continued all day, into the night, and OVERNIGHT!  All parties to any ceasefire agreement, told the UN and Egypt the ceasefire is over.  There is now talk of "war."

Video from Israel showed small school kids panicking as they ran toward school bomb shelters on the playground; shelters which were already full with other terrified children, leaving kids around age 5 or 7, outside and exposed to the deafening blasts.

This round of rockets brought new horror: Blast Fragmentation Warheads, designed to hurl shrapnel on impact.  For the first time, Israelis began seeing cars and homes penetrated by shrapnel, not just damaged or set on fire by such rockets.  

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Archive- Aug. 8 Hal Turner Radio Show

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For subscribers to this site, here is an archive of The Hal Turner Radio Show as broadcast worldwide on WBCQ and WRMI High-Frequency International radio stations.

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Rocket Salvos Launched from Gaza into Israel


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Very serious developments in the Gaza Strip minutes ago.  At 9:15 AM eastern US time today (Wednesday August 8) the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) went on EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS.  This means a CLOSED MILITARY ZONE has been established around the borders of Gaza.   Roads in Israel are being closed and certain areas near Gaza are presently being EVACUATED of citizens!

IDF has verified Intel that HAMAS inside Gaza, is evacuating their offices, outposts, social/cultural centers and other facilities in advance of HAMAS launching  major attacks against Israel.

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When You Look at this Person, What Ethnicity Do You See?


When you look at the man pictured above, what ethnicity do you see?  Asian?  Would that be Philippino, Japanese, Korean or . . . Chinese?

I see Chinese.  

And now, in my opinion,  we begin to understand why there is so much Trade trouble between the US and China:  This man is Bruce Ohr - former bigshot in the US Justice Department, who kept-open covert relations with British Spy Christopher Steele about a Russia Dossier on Donald Trump, despite the FBI having closed the relationship with Steele. Ohr fed back-channel info from Steele to the FBI which then used that info to open an investigation into Trump.

This now SEEMS to me, to be CHINESE interference in the 2016 Presidential Election; an effort to make certain a smart US Businessman could not become President, so China could continue to pillage US markets and industries unhindered!  I mean LOOK AT HIM: It's staring us all right in the face!

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WOW! Saudi Arabia Tweets 9-11 Style THREAT to Toronto! Halts Airline Flights to/from Canada - Withdrawing all Students!


A Diplomatic skirmish between Canada and Saudi Arabia is turning very nasty, very fast.  

Over the weekend, I reported that Saudi Arabia EJECTED Canada's Ambassador and RECALLED their Ambassador from Ottawa.  They also put a HALT to all new Investment Transactions and new business dealings with Canada.

Today, Saudi Arabia announced the cancellation of all airline flights effective August 13, and has ORDERED the return home of some 7,000 15,000 Saudi students studying in Canada along with about 5,000 of their family members!

To give you an idea of exactly how severe this is becoming, take a look at what a Saudi Agency posted to Twitter this morning: It APPEARS as a threat to conduct a 9-11 style ATTACK upon Canada!  Look:

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