USS John McCain Gets a Ride to Dry Dock for Repairs after Collision

After being hit broadside and severely damaged by a merchant cargo ship, the crash causing ten US Navy sailors to be killed, the USS John McCain has been carried to dry dock for repairs.

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Archive: Oct. 11 Hal Turner Radio Show

Those of you who missed the Hal Turner Radio Show on Wednesday night, can hear the show in-full via my audio archive. (Subscribe)

On the show, I talked about

  • The FBI lead investigator on the case is the son-in-law of Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta
  • The Brother of the alleged shooter works with a Public Relations firm Sara Brady PR, which is also connected to the Pulse Nightclub mass-shooting in Orlando
  • A Military Surgeon has come out to say the alleged wounds on some of the alleged victims "are not consistent with a military bullet wound - they look fake!"
  • Las Vegas Police now say the Security Guard at Mandalay Bay who was allegedly shot in the hallway by alleged shooter Stephen Paddock, was shot SIX MINUTES BEFORE the massacre started . . . . but police wren't told he was shot until NINETEEN MINUTES after the massacre began . . .
  • The Chairman of MGM sold-off much of his own company's stocks just days before the attack.
  • Investor George Soros bought "PUTS" on 1.35 MILLION MGM Stocks in the weeks prior to the attack in order to make a lot of money if the MGM Stock FELL in value.
  • A Los Angeles Crowd Sourcing company published ads for crisis actors "For a confidential job in Las Vegas" weeks before the attack
  • The alleged shooter is now said to have had access to a SERVICE ELEVATOR inside Mandalay Bay
  • a Las Vegas union worker released a photograph of a bulletin for a “mandatory active shooter training” with a “due date” of “Sept. 30, 2017, 12 a.m.,” which nearly coincides with the shooting.

    Was such a drill held on the same day to serve as cover  in case operatives or the shooter(s) were caught bringing weaponry into the Mandalay Bay?

    The bulletin also mentioned “training in casino essentials” and talked about “completion of the course.”

and more . . . .

Tick Tock, Tick Tock . . . on North Korea


JP MORGAN/ CHASE has issued new "Emergency By-Laws" outlining how the largest Bank in America will operate after "Nuclear" attack upon the United States!   The Rothschild family has divested much of their holdings in the U.S., perhaps signalling they know something will wreck the whole country?


Reports from Seoul, South Korea, indicate:

  1. Vast numbers of persons are being told to leave their homes and are being relocated south of Seoul, while TROOPS are being secreted into those evacuated homes so the build up is not obvious.
  2. Military Convoys with large numbers of tanks and heavy equipment are moving nightly, under camouflage, toward the DMZ
  3. Word is coming out that American Troops were inserted into North Korea on a specific mission some time ago and may have already been killed.
  4. Britain has announced it is making war plans for North Korea because "London is closer to North Korea than Los Angeles"
  5. Early this morning (October 11) US Military Satellites detected 30 Short Range Missiles being moved along North Korea's west coast (Launch??)


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U.S. "Experimental" Aircraft "TR-3b" Penetrates North Korea Airspace "more than 4 Hours" UNDETECTED!

As some of you may be aware, for 15 years, I worked with the FBI, from 1993-2008.  In my final 5 years, with the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) where I handled "National Security, Terrorism and Foreign Counter-Intelligence."  In those years, I developed close relationships with many in the Intelligence, Military and Law Enforcement Communities in several countries, with whom I stay in touch to this day.  They have allowed me access to covert video of a heretofore "experimental" US military aircraft returning from NORTH KOREA AIR SPACE, where it loitered, undetected for "over four hours."


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US bombers fly over Korean peninsula in 'show of force' despite Kim Jong-Un's threats to shoot them down

Two supersonic US B-1b "Lancers" have flown over the Korean peninsula in a 'show of force' despite Kim Jong-Un's threats to shoot them down. 

This comes as US President Donald Trump was advised by his national security on how to respond to North Korea's recent missile tests.

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Sonic Forensics Prove SECOND SHOOTER in Las Vegas

The Laws of Physics cannot be changed or altered.  It is those Laws of Physics that prove at least one ADDITIONAL SHOOTER was firing during the massacre at the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino / nearby Country Music Festival in Las Vegas.

Specific size Bullets from a specific rifle travel at a specific velocity when fired.  As those bullets travel through air  -- with a known level of Humidity -- the bullets lose velocity at a specific rate.  More importantly, SOUND travels at a specific, known rate of speed.   As the SOUND of those bullets travels through air (with a known level of Humidity) - the SOUND arrives at a specific time AFTER the bullet is fired.

Using the Laws of Physics, the known bullets fired, the known humidity level, and extracting those sounds from the various video taken at the scene DURING THE ATTACK, an accredited SCIENTIST has proved a SECOND SHOOTER was firing at during the Mandalay Massacre. 

Sound from the shooter inside the Mandalay Bay arrived at .559 seconds after the bullets hit the ground, meaning that shooter was 400-450 yards away . . . . i.e. AT the Mandalay Bay.  But the high-pitched sound of OTHER SHOTS arrived at .374 seconds AFTER the bullets hit, indicating a SECOND SHOOTER was 250-275 yards away, firing at the same time.

Here is the Sonic Forensic report for my subscribers who help this web site with ONE DOLLAR PER WEEK billed Quarterly. The "narrative" of a lone gunman having perpetrated this horrible attack, is completely false.  Are you going to be suckered by falsehoods or is having the truth worth a dollar a week to you?  

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