IRREFUTABLE PROOF: 3+ Shooters in Las Vegas Attack - Multiple Other Windows SHOT OUT on Multiple other floors; Police Radio Recordings PROVE "Multiple Shooters"

The cover-Story about a "lone shooter" at the Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, is falling apart fast.  Officials in Las Vegas are desperate to cover-up the truth about the attack because they don't want people afraid to come to Vegas and spend money! This mass-shooting is one giant cover-up of a coordinated terrorist attack.  Las Vegas is apparently no longer a safe place to travel to.

Video from a Television Station taken on October 2 -- which has NOT been aired -- clearly shows the window from which the "lone shooter" allegedly perpetrated the attack -- AND shows three other windows, on the other side of the Hotel, on TWO SEPARATE FLOORS, also apparently shot out. I have that video!

It is physically impossible for one shooter to have done this; and the window from which the shooter ALLEGEDLY attacked, is not able to have fired into the other windows which are also broken because they're on a different side of the hotel.   

Police radio transmissions during the attack, confirm "multiple shooters" and provide several differing descriptions of where the shots are coming from!  One officer says "I can see the shots coming from the 50th or 60th floor at Mandalay Bay."  Another officer later radios "I can see muzzle flashes from about halfway up in the middle of the hotel."  Other officers radio "I have a shooter at Gate 7" (at the Country Music Festival.)    -- I have the radio transmission recordings from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, below.

These facts are being intentionally CONCEALED so more people will come to Las Vegas to spend their money despite being sitting ducks for more attacks by the other terrorists WHO ARE STILL AT-LARGE!!!!!   Here is the proof for my News Sponsor subscribers who assist this web site with $1 per week billed quarterly:

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North Korea says it will strike US Strategic Assets in Korea, first

The official news agency of North Korea has published an announcement from the government saying they intend to target US Strategic Assets on the Korean peninsula "first." 

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REPORT: "DEAD" Las Vegas Shooter ALIVE and at Atlantic City, NJ Casino Friday October 6 - Casino Pit-Boss Video and Security Camera Pics !!!

Reports have come into the Hal Turner Radio Show claiming that the alleged Las Vegas Shooter, Stephen Paddock, triggered facial-recognition software in the Security Room at Harah's RESORTS HOTEL & CASINO in Atlantic City, NJ last night, Friday, October 7

When the facial recognition software alerted, Casino Security called a "Pit-Boss" near the table at which this person was gaming, and told him to get close-up video, which the Pit-Boss did!  I have that video (below) and photos from Casino Security showing what appears to be the "dead" Stephen Paddock, gambling last night in Atlantic City!

This content is for my NEWS-SPONSOR Subscribers only and is not available to the general public unless they subscribe for ONE DOLLAR PER WEEK, billed quarterly ($13.) When I provide important information like this for free to the general public and politely ASK for their help with a small donation, I get deluged with traffic, slammed with huge data-transfer charges ($$$) from my web site hosting service, and then get nowhere near enough donations to pay those bills.  I'm done casting my pearls of information to swine. 

The photo above is ONE of the photos from Harah's RESORTS CASINO & HOTEL in Atlantic City NJ from last night.  Want to see more?  Subscribe and log-in.

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JP Morgan/CHASE issues "Emergency By-Laws" for Bank to Operate ". . . after nuclear attack . . . "

There's an old saying that "All wars are Banker's Wars."  It derives from the reality that Money follows rates of return, the Flag follows the money, and troops follow the Flag. 

So Bankers tend to know before most everyone else, when a war is about to take place . . . . and JP Morgan /CHASE is one of the top banks in the world.   

Given these realities, the fact that on October 4, JP Morgan / CHASE Submitted new "EMERGENCY BY-LAWS" to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dealing with how the Bank's Board of Directors can operate ". . . after a nuclear attack upon the United States . . . ." this is a very bad development!

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CEO of MGM Grand - Which OWNS Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel Where Shooting Took Place - SOLD-OFF HIS MGM STOCK in the weeks before the attack!

MGM Grand owns Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, from where a shooter attacked a nearby Country Music Festival, killing 59 and injuring 527.  The Chief Executive Officer of MGM Grand, James Murren, suddenly began selling-off his MGM Grand Stocks in the weeks BEFORE the attack took place!  Why?

Did James Murren have prior knowledge that this attack was going to take place?  Did he know that the value of MGM Grand stocks would plummet after the attack, and so he cashed-out before the attack happened?  

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