Christine Blasey-Ford Allegedly Lives Here, in Palo Alto, CA --- for Anyone Interested in Helping her get to the Senate Hearing on our Supreme Court Nominee


From all appearances, Christine Blasey-Ford, the poor victim of a teenage boy's wet kiss and a squeeze 36 years ago, is having trouble deciding whether or not to come to Washington, DC to speak to the Senate Judiciary Committee about what that BOY - now Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh -- allegedly "did to her" 36 years ago, which she now seems to regard as some sort of sex-attack.

We want to help, and we think a lot of YOU want to help too.  So we researched Christine Blasey-Ford's home address via public databases and here is what those databases say, is her home address . . .

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Israeli Military Delegation to Moscow - Thrown out by Russians after 21 Minutes


The highest ranking members of Israeli military traveled to Moscow to explain and talk about the shoot down of a Russian IL-20 Electronic Intelligence Aircraft during an Israeli attack upon Syria.  The Israelis wanted to meet with President Putin and Russian military leaders to explain what THEY say took place.  It didn't go well.

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Great Britain and Australia Plead with Trump to CONCEAL their role in spying on him for Obama


The leaders of Great Britain and Australia telephoned President Donald Trump on Thursday and essentially pleaded with him to REDACT all reference to THEIR ROLES in spying on him and his campaign for the Obama regime.

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Archive - Hal Turner Show Sept. 19


About TWO MINUTES before my show was to begin airing live, there was a power surge in the studio -- the UPS's all shut everything down!   (The batteries are all perfectly good and charged, which makes me think it was a SURGE and not a power outage.) 

Anyway, when everything shut down, I had to reboot the three computers, re-establish the fiber optic feeds to the radio stations, and by the time I accomplished that, maybe 9:03 PM, the radio station equipment detected "Dead air" on my feed, so they switched to music so they wouldn't have dead air.  What a mess. . .

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The Russian government has informed Israel that, as a consequence of their actions which resulted in the shoot-down of a Russia IL-20 Electronic Intelligence aircraft, Russia is imposing a NO FLY ZONE for Israeli military aircraft around Syria.  

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The General Public FINALLY finds out: Trump Orders Release of UNREDACTED FBI Texts, FISA Applications - But I told MY READERS when it happened . . . on Sept 6


The media is abuzz with news that President Donald Trump has Ordered the DECLASSIFICATION of all FBI Text messages in the so-called "Russia-Collusion Investigation" as well as the Application for a FISA Warrant to spy on Trump Campaign Workers.

But Subscribers to the Hal Turner Radio Show web site, knew about this TWELVE DAYS AGO when it was reported here on September 6. 

This is a prime example of why YOU should be a subscriber for $1 a week billed Quarterly, or $5 a month.

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