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What will happen later today (Monday), and what you didn't know. Forget the Trump dossier. The real story is Uranium One.

We’ve known that Holder was covering up Russian bribes for Uranium One for a long time now. Hell, even Clinton Cash tells everyone about the bribes that were taking place.

The reason Mueller left the FBI was because he was fed up with the corruption of Holder/Clinton/Obama. Holder kept telling Mueller to kill investigations and bury evidence.

I don’t know what you think about Mueller, but I can tell you, he’s an honorable man. The corruption of Holder/Obama/Clinton was eating him up alive. He resigned in 2013 when he just couldn’t keep doing this. Then they got Comey who was coerced in to continuing the coverup.

Manafort, Comey, Rosenstein, Podesta, Clintons, Holders, and Lynch are all on one team. We affectionately call them “The Clinton Cabal”.

To take this cabal down, we needed someone who was close to career FBI agents because they were holding all the evidence.

When the DNC and Clinton campaign spun the Trump/Russian collusion conspiracy back in Dec., we couldn’t believe it. They gave us the perfect way to expose them. We would use the Russian investigation to expose the bribery/extortion racket that took place back in 2009 and continued through 2015.

We got Mueller to sign on to investigate the connection. We needed him because he had been at the FBI for almost as long as Hoover and knew all the agents that were sitting on the Russian/Clinton connection. More importantly, he hates Holder/Obama/Clinton.

The plan was to get the special council headed by Mueller and have FBI agents handover all the evidence.

Unfortunately, we didn’t count on Comey being such an obstacle. In the short time he was the Director of the FBI, he had made many allies who were proving to be loyal to him. He had to go. We knew it would be messy, but we had Pres Trump fire him.

It caused a lot of headache for us, but in the end, it was worth it. Mueller’s been gathering evidence from his former agents for months now. Along with the raid to Manafort and Podesta, we now have enough evidence to connect all the dots. Mueller also convinced the FBI informant to speak up. Getting the gag order removed was trivial.

We gave The Hill a heads up. We knew the switch in the narrative from Trump/Russia to Clinton/Russia would take a little time. We had them drop the Uranium One article exactly one week before the first arrests.

Couple of days later, we dropped the dossier info (i.e Who actually paid for it). We needed to hammer the Clinton Cabal train.

The first arrests will be Manafort and Tony Podesta.


These guys are not the real target, they are just soldiers.

The real targets are Hillary, Holder, Rosenstein, and John Podesta.

We would love to expose Obama as well but Pres Trump is adamant about protecting former Presidents. Even if they are corrupt pieces of shit, he believes in the dignity of the office.

He feels that ruining the legacy of a President will do nothing but hurt our country. This is why both Bush’s., Bill Clinton, Obama, and even LBJ will be spared. The rest of the JFK files released will not include the essential information implicating LBJ and Bush Sr.

This is it. The final moves will take place over the next 4 weeks.

They could have let this go. Honestly, Pres Trump wanted to get on with Making America Great Again. Period. But Hillary and the DNC just couldn’t let it go.

They asked for this. Betraying me by having me arrested in 2009 on an utterly phony "threat" charge, over an Editorial I wrote on this web site, putting me on trial THREE times, driving me into Bankruptcy then finally imprisoning me for 33 months . . . . was my motivation to take them down. 

They kept making up shit, misusing the legal system to silence people like me,  and now they’re going to pay.

If they kept their heads low and faded in to obscurity, we would not have gone this route. They have no one to blame but themselves. 

A lot of folks in government thought they had power; that no one could do anything about them.  Some of them are about to find out what REAL power actually is.

And the other people who intentionally hurt me . . . I haven't forgotten about them either. 



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