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Word is quickly leaking out in Washington that a another breach of the National Security Agency (NSA) has taken place.  It is being described as "catastrophic" and "worse than Edward Snowden." 

Well, NSA, what did you expect given your conduct against us and our President?  Did you really think you were going to be allowed to continue undermining our duly-elected President without consequence?

You mid level and Executive level management in the NSA and CIA think you're soooooo above-it-all; that the rest of us are merely cattle, to be driven, herded, guided, manipulated or outright deceived into doing your bidding.  Sorry boys, you're wrong.  

You see, WE make YOU possible.  Your very existence depends on us.  

Those secure office buildings you're in; WE built them.  WE paid for them.  The lights, air conditioning, heat, computers, desks, phones, satellites  . . . . all of it . . . . is supplied to YOU by US.  That budget money you use all over the world; WE supply that.  

The reason we provide you with these things -- and allow your existence -- is to SERVE US. You've repeatedly betrayed that.

Instead of providing us with security, you misuse what we give you to spy on us! Intercepting, storing and sometimes reading all our emails.  Recording ALL phone calls. Hacking into our computers.  Yea, we know about all that.

Instead of providing us the information we need to remain safe and economically competitive against foreign countries, you misuse data to manipulate us.  Then you send out political shitbags like James Clapper and John Brennan to lie to us, to subvert and and deride our election choices?  To plant seeds of doubt about the validity of our President?  Who the fuck do you lowly public servants think you are? We're not taking this shit from you lowly public servants anymore.

You folks think you're powerful.  You've just begun to find out what REAL power actually is:  US. The American People.

So now, we're fucking you; right in your collective asses.  How's it feel?  Want it to stop?  Take the hint!  Get the message . . .

The message you need to hear is simple: Do what we pay you to do, for us, instead of using what we provide - against us.  Oh, and shut the fuck up about our President. We elected him.  We made the decision.  You have to live with it.

If this is too hard for you to grasp, or to live with, get the fuck out.

Because if you continue undermining us and our President, "catastrophic leaks" won't be the only thing you'll find yourself experiencing.

Got it? 

We good now?




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