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It's never a good idea to make public predictions, but alas, I feel compelled to do so. My predictions for 2018 are as follows:

1) The United States will engage in very significant air and missile military actions against North Korea BEFORE MARCH 20, 2018.

2) North Korea will retaliate against US Military action with missile barrages against the US mainland, Guam, Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo Japan.

3) Upon launch of those missiles, the US, South Korea and Japan will declare war upon North Korea.

4) China will honor its Treaty to defend North Korea.

5) There will be a severe military clash between China and the US both in North Korea and in the oceans surrounding it. The US is likely to lose two aircraft carriers.

5(a) North Korea will unleash their sleeper cells inside the US, to attack infrastructure like oil and gas pipelines to cut fuel, the electrical grid to cause widespread and long-term power outages, key highway and railroad bridges to disrupt commerce, food distribution and war-fighting ability, then poison public water supplies. As they see themselves LOSING, they will instruct those sleeper cells to release Biological Weapons: Smallpox and anthrax inside the USA.

6) China will move militarily against Taiwan causing the US to engage China further. 

7) India will try to exploit the troubles between the US and China by engaging Chinese troops along the disputed Border region between those two countries, in an effort to grab the disputed land areas.

8) China will declare war upon India.

9) Pakistan will try to exploit the troubles between India and China, to grab land in the disputed Kashmir region and India will respond with overwhelming military force, causing Pakistan to declare war upon India.

10) Turkey will move against Syria/the Kurds, causing Russia to intervene against Turkey. 

11) Turkey will call for NATO mutual defense, but will be DENIED for striking first.

12) Ukraine will fall apart completely, causing Russia to absorb all land east of the Dnieper River. Upon doing so, Ukraine will ask NATO for help and NATO will agree.

13) As NATO troops begin engaging Russia in Ukraine, Russia will move militarily against the Baltics; Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

14) The Baltics will call for NATO aid and NATO will agree, mushrooming the conflict.

At more than one point in each of these fights, at least ONE nuclear weapon will be used by: North Korea, The US, China, Russia,  India, Pakistan and perhaps by NATO as it relates to the Baltics.

When it's over, millions will be dead.  The world economy will be in shambles.  Tens-of-thousands in many countries will starve to death. All national debts will have to be forgiven because everything is wrecked and there's no hope of repayment.

There, those are my predictions.


Scary, right?

So now that you realize almost ALL of these things are not only possible, but LIKELY, what can YOU do to prepare to survive?  

You'll either choose to prepare or not.

If you choose to prepare, you will have a chance at living.  If you discard this assessment and do nothing, you will die. 

Click Here to learn what might save you and your family.  I recommend you act fast.  I personally believe there isn't much time left at all.








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