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There's a reason why President Trump invited the cameras to stick around for a White House meeting on trade Tuesday. There's also a reason the media are not covering it.

Tuesday Donald Trump invited media to keep their cameras on during a round-table discussion on trade. He did this for a reason. POTUS Trump wanted the American voters to watch Republican politicians demand that Trump stop trying to bring manufacturing jobs to the U.S.

In essence, Trump doing what Trump does best, played the role of Toto and pulled back the curtain on the Republican anti-American corporate business agenda.

That's also the reason why corporate media don't want anyone paying attention to it.

It is the reason why Trump won the 2016 election: Democrats, Republicans and their media allies, do not want voters reminded of the DC unified ideology.

The republicans in attendance never paused to reflect upon the sunlight (cameras in the room) or the reason for their specific invitations. They're comfortable amid back-room deals and POTUS Toto relaxed them perfectly.


The full video is here. I shall encapsulate some more *eye-opening* aspects.  (NOTE: This is a L O N G and very detailed -boring- video. I put it here as PROOF everything I am reporting to you is 100% factual.)



If you don't have time for the video I would recommend you read the transcript. If you are from Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Michigan or Ohio you might be of particular interest. [In written form, it's a long and consequential read]

When you review the video or transcript, you realize why the republicans in attendance never paused to reflect upon the sunlight or the reason for their specific invitations. Their big-donor corporate hubris is remarkable to see out in the open.

One by one Republicans took-the-bait and fully exposed themselves. Lamar Alexander, Mike Lee, Pat Toomey, Roy Blout all took turns telling POTUS to quit trying to save American high-wage jobs, drop the national economic view and just accept multinational corporate globalism.


In my opinion, the subsequent full-throated establishment display which followed stands as one of the greatest displays of sunlight by the Trump administration to date.

However, there was one Republican Senator, Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, who really went the fully purchased distance with his remarks. This guy:

..."So my final point is, it makes no sense for me to try and bring back high labor-content manufacturing to America. We need to do the value added things. And so I would just say, proceed with real caution there," Ron Johnson warned the President.


A lot of people are increasingly aware the Republican agenda is to protect the interests of multinational corporations at the top of their priority list. However, it is still remarkable to listen to an entire room of them admit it.


I mean, openly admitting their agenda is to work against the U.S. middle-class, support mass immigration, and keep the U.S. economy on the “service-driven” path. That is what each of the invited Republicans said very clearly. All of them. ALL OF THEM. (without dissent)

Here's why:


Few Americans really know who is purchasing that republican position. There's a reason for this deception. A financial reason. A corporate/Wall Street reason. A U.S. Chamber of Commerce reason.


  Here's some visual snippets to support:









Within trade policy is where President Trump breaks away from the modern, purchased, Republican views. This is the heart of . (Make America Great Again)

Trade and immigration is where President Trump fractures the party apparatus of both Republicans and Democrats.

But don’t expect the “corporate conservative media”, Fox News, Ingraham, Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Salem Media etc, to show these Trump trade meeting either; it is against their financial interests to do so.

On one side President Trump & a very focused policy group containing Commerce Secretary Ross, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.


On the other side we find the corporate UniParty apparatus consisting of U.S. Chamber of Commerce purchased Republicans and Democrats.



It's a big club, and the American Middle-Class ain't in it.



This is the epicenter of the institutional conflict against President Trump. This is why THE SWAMP, through all its various affiliated and indulgent enterprises – including the intelligence apparatus, are waging a battle against the disruption that is President Trump.


For over 3 years (From the campaign trail through his first full year as President) Donald Trump has driven sunlight into the darkest of back-room dealing and has exposed the enemy within our system - leaving them entirely naked for all to see.


Yesterday was one of the more wide-open displays of sunlight upon the financial motives at the heart of the DC Swamp.... and that's why corporate media, left and right, will hide that trade and immigration discussion.  They will not talk about it.  They will not write about it. They damn sure won't make any scandal out of it.

This is THE battle. This is the “trillions at stake“ part.

Everything else is chaff and countermeasures.

A war is being waged around these financial issues. Everything within the current DC conflict is downstream from the economic argument around these issues.

For the corporately controlled Republicans and Democrats they view this battle as a zero-sum conflict. If they lose, they lose money.... if they lose money, they lose power. Their very lives, livelihoods, affluence and influence is dependent on victory.

Victory means the elimination of risk; the elimination of the threat. President Trump is that existential threat.


What you've just read is why, for DECADES, no matter which Party won election, everything just got worse.  They've almost ALL been bought-off.  Then along comes a Billionaire who can't be bought, and the guy WINS the election.  

The Swamp in Washington has never faced something like this: A guy they cannot control with their money.  They're in a panic.  They're literally in a battle for their own survival.  If this guy Trump does what the PEOPLE of the country want, it will put a damper on the TRILLIONS of dollars that the bigshots make for themselves. 

THAT is the quintessential issue of our time.  THAT is why so much fuss is being made about Trump.  The bigshots in business want him stopped - especially on his immigration efforts - because non-stop immigration gives corporations cheap labor.  The more people seeking jobs, the lower you can pay them  The lower you pay,the bigger your corporate profits.  It's that simple.

We have to give President Trump more actual help than we've ever given any President in our entire lifetime.  This chance to fix things will not come again.  We either fix things now -- right now -- or the America we grew up in, will be gone forever; changed into a third-world slum by people only interested in THEIR wallets.

Right now . . . . right this very minute . . . you, me, all of us, are literally occupying "The Last Refuge" politically, to save America.









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