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On Tuesday, a woman opened fire at YouTube headquarters, sending employees running for cover and wounding three people before apparently turning the gun on herself, police say.  It turns out the shooter was ticked-off at Youtube's CENSORSHIP of videos.  The company's Tyrannical censorship finally begot what most Tyrants get: Death.  This shooting should be a wake-up call to companies like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook et al; people are not going to put up with tyranny!

Nasim Aghdam told family members she thought YouTube was "ruining her life," reports CBS Los Angeles.

Investigators said late Tuesday there's no evidence Nasim Aghdam, 39, of San Diego, knew her victims or specifically targeted any of them when she pulled out a handgun and fired off several rounds in a courtyard at the company's headquarters south of San Francisco. Members of her family told CBS L.A. they didn't think she knew anyone at YouTube.

Earlier reports indicated she may have known one of her victims and initially asked for the male victim by name.

Aghdam's father, Ismail Aghdam, told CBS L.A. his daughter had gone missing for a few days. He said he had called law enforcement in the San Diego area because he was concerned about her recent ire toward YouTube.

He said authorities contacted him Tuesday at 2 a.m. to tell him they'd found his daughter safe in her car in Mountain View in Northern California, about 30 miles from YouTube headquarters. When the family realized that was near YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, they told police about her recent complaints about how the company was "ruining her life." They claim police told them they would be keeping an eye on her.

Nasim Aghdam used the name "Nasime Sabz" online. A website in that name decried YouTube's policies and said the company was trying to "suppress" content creators.

Of course, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and the like have a right to police their own electronic cyber-property.  That's not an issue.  

What __is__ an issue is the arbitrary and capricious nature of that policing.  For instance, Youtube routinely de-monetizes videos which THEY say are not "advertiser-friendly."  OK.  So what exactly does that mean?  It turns out that means anything Youtube wants it to mean.  And usually, it means any politically, socially or culturally conservative topic or point of view.

Lefties get all the Youtube freedom available; those on the right have their ad revenues cut-off, their videos locked for adults-only or outright censored.  Totally arbitrary.

Twitter is similar and I can speak about this from direct personal experience.  In a heated exchange about guns, I told a Twitter user she "Was not very lady-like." and She should "go back in the kitchen where she SHOULD BE and cook dinner for her husband."   

That viewpoint got me permanently banned from Twitter for "hateful conduct."

Permanently banned!

Of course, I have no intention whatsoever to do any criminal or violent act over the banning; but it was frustrating to have some low-paid Twitter snowflake, shut down my free speech because the snowflake decided me being provocatively sexist was "hateful conduct." Cry-baby.

Feelings might have been hurt.

OK, so that same logic, applied by Youtube, got the Yotuube HQ shot-up.  How'd that logic work out for Youtube?

Companies like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and the like, would do well to take a look at exactly HOW they decide to shut down free speech.  Because the arbitrary, capricious  and heavy-handed political censorship has now begun to get their employees killed.  The companies brought this upon themselves.

They chose to act like Tyrants. They've now gotten treated like Tyrants.

While I personally would never do such a thing, and I strongly discourage my readers from doing such a thing, I don't shed a tear now that it has happened.




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    Julius · 15:40 06/21/2018
    You're a fucking moron. There is no way a sane human being ever reads this and thinks, "hmm yeah I 100% agree, good job dude" those words are never going to get out of a mentally stable mind, you're a moron, youre a fucking idiot, you're too stupid to understand how fucking retarded you are, you live in this little bubble where you think you're smarter than everyone. I seriously don't know what anyone is supposed to do with someone like you, just fucking seek counceling, cause you're gonna end miserably.