You'd be wise to remember this in the days to come. 

If they CAN they WILL.


We're down to the line folks. DOWN TO THE LINE.

It's going to get brutal.

We have to do everything we can to ensure these scumbags can NEVER achieve this advanced level of sedition ever again.

Believe me - you will know what to do when you see it broadcast all over main stream media.

You'll see complete lawlessness in the streets soon.

Instead of seeing the leftist infiltrators embedded within our government stand up and defend property owners and innocent citizens, you will see them stand WITH the rioters and terrorists and begin to PUT DOWN anyone who physically stands against them.

THIS will be the SPARK.

It will be all out civil war after that.

The best thing YOU can do during this time is align with other like minded patriotic supporters of our Republic, stay aware, adapt and survive.

There's going to be a war.

But there's also going to be a time AFTER the war.

This is the time when you will be needed most.

Prepare: Food, Water, Fuel, Guns, Ammo, and more . . . . CLICK HERE


133 Acts of Violence so far . . .


When not calling Trump supporters “Nazis” as a means to dehumanize us, the establishment media like to whine about the lack of civility in American politics, even as they cover up, ignore, downplay, or straight-up approve of the wave of violence and public harassment we are seeing against supporters of President Trump.

It is open season on Trump supporters, and the media is only fomenting, encouraging, excusing, and hoping for more… The media are now openly calling Trump supporters “Nazis” and are blaming Trump for a mass murder he had nothing to do with. This, of course, is a form of harassment because it incites and justifies mob violence.

Here is the list, so far, and remember that if any one of these things happened to a Democrat, the media would use the story to blot out the sun for weeks. But what we have when it comes to Trump supporters is a media eager to normalize harassment and violence.

This list will be updated as needed…

  1. July 5, 2018: Trump supporter wearing Make America Great Again hat allegedly assaulted in burger joint (video at link).
  2. July 3, 2018: Nebraska GOP office vandalized.
  3. July 2, 2018: Cher accuses ICE of “Gestapo tactics.”
  4. July 2, 2018: Man accused of threatening to kill Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and his family.
  5. July 1, 2018Washington Post reporter publicly calls on mobs to give Trump officials a “life sentence” of harassment.
  6. July 1, 2018: Man wearing MAGA hat refused service in restaurant.
  7. June 29, 2018: Media falsely blame Trump for murder of five journalists in Maryland.
  8. June 28, 2018: Journalist lies about Maryland mass-shooter being a Trump supporter.
  9. June 29, 2018: Hollywood actor calls on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to be harassed at “every meal.”
  10. June 29, 2018: California man accused of threatening to kill FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s children.
  11. June 28, 2018: Reuters editor says Trump has blood on his hands for murder of five journalists in Maryland. He still has a job.
  12. June 28, 2018: Singer John Legend praises and agrees with Rep. Maxine Waters for calling on mobs to publicly harass Trump officials out of public spaces like restaurants.
  13. June 28, 2018: Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) calls on “angry” Latinos to oust Trump.
  14. June 27, 2018: Media defend and champion Virginia restaurant owner who kicked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family out, and then reportedly harassed them as they ate at a nearby restaurant.
  15. June 26, 2018: Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) blames President Trump for her intern yelling “Fuck you!” at him through the halls of the U.S. Capitol. The intern was not fired.
  16. June 26, 2018: Comedienne Kathy Griffin attacks the Trump administration as “pro-Nazi.” Obviously, once you describe someone as a Nazi, you are calling for violence against them.
  17. June 26, 2018: Chicago bar refuses to serve Trump supporters.
  18. June 26, 2018: Singer John Legend calls on Trump officials to be harassed until our immigration policies are weakened.
  19. June 26, 2018: Late night comedians celebrate the harassment of Sarah Sanders and her family.
  20. June 25, 2018: Burned animal carcass left on Trump staffer’s porch.
  21. June 25, 2018: After refusing to serve Sarah Sanders and the family, we learn a restaurant owner then organized a mob to harass Sanders’ family at a nearby restaurant.
  22. June 25, 2018: Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) calls on mobs to confront Trump officials over immigration policies.
  23. June 25, 2018: CNN contributor attacks those on the right calling for civility.
  24. June 25, 2018: CNN’s Jake Tapper dismisses harassment of Sarah Sanders as a political ploy on Sander’s part.
  25. June 24, 2018: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) publicly calls on mobs to “turn on” Trump officials, to “harass” them, ensure they “they won’t be able to go to a restaurant, they won’t be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store.”
  26. June 23, 2018: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi harassed, menaced, and reportedly spit at by left-wing protesters at movie theater.
  27. June 22, 2018: Sarah Sanders and her family booted out of restaurant by left-wing owner.
  28. June 22, 2016: Kirstjen Nielsen harassed by protesters outside her private home.
  29. June 22, 2018: Rep. Jackie Sperier (D-CA), compares border enforcement to Auschwitz.
  30. June 22, 2018: Left-wing activists vandalize billboard.
  31. June 22, 2018: On Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch smears Trump and his supporters as “Nazis.”
  32. June 21, 2018: Democrat state legislator in Pennsylvania greets Vice President Mike Pence with a “middle finger salute.”
  33. June 21, 2018: White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller heckled and harassed at restaurant.
  34. June 21, 2018: Actor Adam Scott compares Tucker Carlson to a Nazi.
  35. Jun 20, 2018: Florida man accused of threatening to kill Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL), a U.S. combat veteran, and his children in a series of nearly 500 calls to his office.
  36. June 20, 2018: Actor Peter Fonda calls for a mob to kidnap President Trump’s 11-year-old son and throw him in a cage with pedophiles.
  37. June 20, 2018: Actor Peter Fonda calls for a mob to sexually humiliate and abuse Sarah Sanders and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.
  38. June 20, 2018: Nancy Sinatra praises Peter Fonda for his tweets.
  39. June 20, 2018: Documentary filmmaker Josh Fox praises Peter Fonda for his tweets.
  40. June 20, 2018: Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for politicians in favor of border security to be put in cages.
  41. June 19, 2018: Kirstjen Nielsen harassed out of restaurant.
  42. June 19, 2018: Democrat interns screams “Fuck you!” at Trump through the halls of the U.S. Capitol. She was not fired.
  43. June 19, 2018: New Yorker fact checker publicly (and falsely) accuses a disabled war veteran who works for ICE of being a Nazi.
  44. June 15, 2018: CNN analyst heckles and screams at Sarah Sanders.
  45. May 23, 2018: Tomi Lahren has water thrown at her at Minnesota restaurant
  46. May 14, 2018: Black man in MAGA hat harassed, threatened, called “nigger” at Cheesecake Factory.
  47. April 4, 2018: Councilwoman accused of yelling obscenities at teen wearing Trump shirt
  48. April 3, 2018: Woman brutally attacked in restaurant over support for Trump.
  49. March 19, 2018: Trump supporters attacked for protesting anti-police coffee shop.
  50. March 16, 2018: Capitol police arrest male democrat operative over assault of Trump official
  51. March 15, 2018: Student with ‘Trump’ flag assaulted by mob during National School Walkout
  52. February 27, 2018: Trump supporter threatened with knife.
  53. February 7, 2018: Democrat attested for sending white powder to Donald Trump Jr.
  54. December 20, 2017: AntiFa terrorists assault Trump supporter outside bookstore
  55. December 9, 2017: Students wearing MAGA hats booted from ‘safe space’ coffee shop
  56. December 3, 2017: Trump supporter’ home and vehicle vandalized for second time.
  57. November 22, 2017: Man mistaken for Trump supporter attacked
  58. November 20, 2017: University of IL instructor assault Trump supporters
  59. November 13, 2017: Trump supporter assaulted for wearing MAGA hat.
  60. September 17, 2017: Trump supporter physically assault in Roosevelt High School gym.
  61. August 28, 2017: Car with Trump bumper sticker vandalized in San Francisco.
  62. August 28, 2017: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists attack peaceful Trump supporters at Berkeley.
  63. August 28, 2017: GOP headquarters in Fayetteville, KY vandalized. “Die Nazi Scum” spray painted on windows.
  64. August 24, 2017: Black Trump supporter spit at for wearing MAGA hat.
  65. August 23, 2017: Black Trump supporter sucker punched in Laguna Beach.
  66. August 23, 2017: Black Trump supporter punched multiple times while leaving Trump’s Arizona rally
  67. August 17, 2017: ‘Nazis’ spray painted on New Hampshire GOP headquarters
  68. August 14, 2017: Conservative student attacked for “YAF” hat at vigil for Charlottesville victims.
  69. July 7, 2017: Student threatened for supporting Trump.
  70. July 7, 2007: Man attacked for wearing MAGA hat in New York bar.
  71. July 3, 2017: Philadelphia Trump supporter jumped by three men after rallies
  72. June 15, 2017: Several shots fired at truck flying ‘Make America Great Again’ flag on I-465 in Indiana
  73. June 14, 2017: Bernie Sanders supporter opens fire on a group of Republican congressman. Rep. Steve Scalise is shot and nearly dies.
  74. June 12, 2017Wire creator David Simon calls on mobs to pick up a “brick” if Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller.
  75. June 10, 2017: Trump supporter beaten with ‘Queers for Muslims’ sign in Seattle.
  76. June 10, 2017: Left-wing terrorists with AntiFa hurl urine at woman protesting against Sharia
  77. June 7, 2017: Veteran’s wife violently beaten for voting for Trump
  78. June 6, 2017: “Trump” is stabbed to death in front of cheering audience in Central Park
  79. May 30, 2017: Kathy Griffin beheads Trump.
  80. May 19, 2017: Man arrested for multiple acts of anti-Trump vandalism.
  81. April 23, 2017: Left-wing AntiFa arrested for assault in DC.
  82. April 15, 2017: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists start riot in Berkeley.
  83. April 15, 2017: Left-wing terrorists with AntiFa assault Trump supporter with bike lock.
  84. April 14, 2017: Two arrested for burning Trump sign in Maryland
  85. April 3, 2017: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists disrupt pro-Trump rally in Vancouver
  86. March 27, 2017: Pro-Trump march organizer pepper-sprayed by protester
  87. March 20, 2017: Violent kids hit Trump supporter in face with skateboard
  88. March 19, 2017: ‘Murder Trump ASAP’ graffiti found on freeway wall in San Diego
  89. March 15, 2017: University of Michigan student detained after damaging Trump supporter’s flag
  90. March 16, 2017: Pro-Trump Michael Savage assaulted.
  91. March 14, 2017: Young Trump supporters harassed online as Nazis
  92. March 12, 2017: Snoop Dogg “shoots” Trump in the head.
  93. March 9, 2017: Florida man punched in face after road rage incident sparked by Trump bumper sticker
  94. March 7, 2017: CNN points what looks like a sniper scope at the Oval Office.
  95. March 6, 2017: Berkeley man arrested for destroying College Republican sign
  96. March 5, 2017: Leftist rioters crash peaceful pro-Trump rally with tasers
  97. March 4, 2017: Left-wing rioters attack peaceful pro-Trump rally at Berkeley
  98. March 1, 2017: Trump supporter’s car vandalized in Oregon
  99. February 26, 2017: Trump supporter’s house egged three times in New York
  100. February 26, 2017: Female Trump supporter assaulted in Hollywood
  101. February 25, 2017: Ohio man assaulted by anti-Trump mob
  102. February 27, 2017: Flier in North Carolina calls on mobs to assault Trump supporters
  103. February 16, 2017: Kansas City man with AR-15 taunts Trump supporter, rips down Trump flag
  104. February 15, 2017: Hateful messages found on Trump supporter’s historic Denver home
  105. February 14, 2017: Stephen Colbert puts White House adviser Stephen Miller’s head on a pike.
  106. February 13, 2017: Black Trump supporter’s home vandalized with “KKK’ spray paint – hoax hate crime
  107. February 10, 2017: Black Lives Matter bully threatens to smash woman’s laptop over Trump sticker.
  108. February 9, 2017: Man arrested for attacking Trump supporter in California
  109. February 9, 2017: AntiFa middle school teacher Yvette Felarca arrested for starting riot in Berkeley
  110. February 8, 2017: Police investigating multiple incidents of anti-Trump graffiti in North Carolina.
  111. February 8, 2017: CSUF instructor suspended for striking pro-Trump student
  112. February 7, 2018: Trump supporters’ home vandalized in Oceanside CA
  113. February 7, 2017: Girl in MAGA hat pepper sprayed
  114. February 4, 2017: School suspends victim after he is beaten for wearing MAGA
  115. February 2, 2017: Comedienne Sarah Silverman calls on the military to overthrow Trump.
  116. February 2, 2017: Arrests at NYU after left-wing thugs disrupt conservative speaker
  117. February 2, 2017: Trump supporter attacked in street in Berkeley
  118. February 1, 2017: Left-wing terrorist group AntiFa assaults Trump supporters at Berkeley.
  119. January 21, 2017: Madonna fantasizes about blowing up the White House.
  120. January 20, 2017: Left-wing terrorist group Antifa riots over Trump’s inauguration.
  121. January 19, 2017: CNN fantasizes about Obama staying in power if Trump is assassinated.
  122. January 5, 2017: Left-wing thugs kidnap, beat, and torture an 18-year-old with schizophrenia while shouting “fuck Trump” and “fuck white people.”
  123. November 16, 2016: Left-wing thugs assault 15-year-old Trump supporter.
  124. November 14, 2016Avengers director Joss Whedon says Trump “CANNOT” be allowed to serve out his term in office.
  125. November 10, 2016Orange Is the New Black star Lea DeLaria threatens “to pick up a baseball bat and take out every f*cking republican and independent I see.”
  126. November 9, 2016: Marilyn Manson “kills” Trump in music video.
  127. October 16, 2016: Left-wing terrorists firebomb GOP headquarters in North Carolina.
  128. October 7, 2016: Robert De Niro says he wants to “punch” Trump in the face.
  129. August 19, 2016: Left-wing thugs attack Trump’s motorcade and his supporters.
  130. June 2, 2016: Left-wing thugs violently attack Trump supporters. One women was surrounded by a mob and pelted with raw eggs.
  131. March 14, 2016: CNN treats man who tried to tackle Trump as folk hero.
  132. March 12, 2016: Man tries to tackle Trump at campaign rally.
  133. March 1, 2016: Former Daily Show contributor Larry Wilmore “jokes” about killing Trump. 

 Prepare: Food, Water, Fuel, Guns, Ammo, and more . . . . CLICK HERE


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  • Comment held for moderation.
    yaz · 07:36 07/10/2018
    Defend the republic? What republic?

    Congress abdicated their legitimate power when they refused take action after the police outed obama for using forged identity documents. I don't know what this political machine has morphed into but it's certainly no longer a republic.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    flipped-out burger · 06:53 07/08/2018
    Under law, these are acts of terrorism.

    Big question; who has been jailed, awaiting trial and sentencing???

    & who is doing the prosecutions?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    kartune · 22:15 07/07/2018
    I personally have come to the conclusion, that if you are a rabid follower of the progressive agenda, you CANNOT be a true Christian. All of their ideas are rooted in self. Their goals are about self. Their arguments against others voices? About self. They are destructive, violent, lying, baby killing, public defecating, drug using, freedom of religion hating "enlightened" humanity.And THAT, is what the factual difference is, between progressives, and the conservatives
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Mikey · 19:35 07/07/2018
    White skin hunted.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    teri · 19:13 07/07/2018
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Booboo · 18:29 07/07/2018
    Ok Hal...
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Tim · 12:13 07/07/2018
    The "Rabbi" knows better.....just pushing your buttons
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Gifford Rodine · 11:43 07/07/2018
    I forward this to several friends. The variance in their reactions is amazing. From, "I think Trump's doing the job and it is under control" to "Be Ready, Be Prepared"
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Rabbi Bitberg · 11:38 07/07/2018
    Oh... you know what Hal's doing now? He's going for the fear dollar, that's a big dollar, he's very smart. Create an enemy, then offer the solution to dealing with that enemy, in this case, stoking your fears about hordes of savage leftist beasts and offering you guns and supplies to buy as a solution.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hal Turner · 12:01 07/07/2018
      Fear dollar your ass! The left __is__ attacking people violently; in public and at their homes. They are ___not____getting any calmer. This is ___not___ subsiding. People MUST be ready. No one forces anyone to buy anything here; you just don't seem to like the fact that people are being told to get ready and to fight back with guns if needed. The left is causing this. The left will lose.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Air Force CCT · 06:55 07/08/2018
        Locked and loaded...!

        And ready to comply with the Second Amendment!
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Fight Back · 01:34 07/08/2018
        Hal is correct on this one. Just look at Antifa and all the attacks on Trump supporters. It's time to rise and shoot them down.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Nonpartisan · 12:12 07/07/2018
        If you care about America? Find a way to talk to the "Left" as they are us. Our neighbors, friends, wives, sons... The Elite are now using the Shia vs Sunni civil war model (that taxpayers funded) on those same taxpayers themselves. My fellow Americans of either stripe are not my enemy. THE BILLIONAIRE ELITE are.

        WTFU and stop pushing this meme. Shine the light on the true enemy at the TOP who loves to see all us Useless Eaters kill each other off so they dont have to. STOP that game NOW.

        Hal's posting of Fkkkerberg's home address was a great start. Contact info of the Fortune 500 should be his next project
        • Comment held for moderation.
          Rabbi Bitberg · 14:15 07/07/2018
          Re: the useless eaters, the truth is still the truth even if Henry Kissinger says it. We are living on a planet with a massively increasing population and a massively decreasing need for labour, particularly the kind of manual labour that is associated with very large populations, and I don't see the majority of people on this planet making use of the scant resources on this planet for the betterment of mankind. We don't live in an enlightened utopia where the average person's life is devoted to his or her fellow citizen and making sure their society and communities are healthy and science is flourishing and civilization is advancing and improving. Until this planet has a mass awakening of consciousness, the Precariat are not really producing much of anything, and if things keep progressing as they have, then nation states have zero chance to survive, because the majority of the population will inevitably depend on the government for their livelihood, which means socialism, which means this


          This is what it means. It means pick up that can, citizen, and don't you ever forget, you are free to do as we tell you. tl;dr this planet is fucked
          • Comment held for moderation.
            Rabbi Nuremburg · 06:57 07/08/2018
            Go see the movie 'The Circle'...
          • Comment held for moderation.
            Rabbi Bitberg · 14:43 07/07/2018
            Should clarify, since I can't edit my posts, the Precariat are not really producing much of anything which cannot be mostly produced by automation in the future.

            When you love philosophy, the truth is your god, as Ghandi the 'brown squat monster' taught the world.
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