The picture above is a screen shot of video coverage of FBI Agent Peter Strzok testifying publicly before Congress.  As most of you know by now, the exchanges at that hearing were pointed. Sharp. Sometimes downright vicious.  Which is surprising because to guys like me with a background in National Security Intelligence, these testy exchanges all took place while an APPARENT open threat to murder members of congress sat right there in the open.  It's in the photo.  Can you see it?


It's staring you right in the face.  Look again.

How about in this screen shot from a different TV network?

No?   ahhhhhh, C'mon . . . . . it's right there!   OK How about this from yet _another_ TV screen shot from yet _another_ network?

OK, last chance;   Come on . . . . think like an Intelligence Agent.  What is the not-so-subtle message pointing at Congress?

Arrrgggggh.   Here:

"Kate."  The Coca-Cola bottle.  The name on it.   "Kate."

Pointing right AT congressmen.  

And despite that bottle sitting there for almost NINE HOURS, Strzok barely even touched it.  But when he did, he put it down with "KATE" facing at Congress again, and again.  Why?

What does "Kate" mean?

C'mon.   Oh, never mind, I'll just tell you.

"Kate" is the unofficial nick name of a SNIPER RIFLE. The .308 caliber (7.62 Military) Tactical Operations Bravo - 51. It is a highly accurized version of the Marine M-40 and Army M-24 sniper weapons.

The weapon is capable of printing .25 MOA or to the non-shooters out there, can put bullets in 1/4 inch groups for every 100 yards in distance. 

EXAMPLE: If a TRAINED sniper shoots a target 400 yards down range the rifle is capable of putting all rounds in a 1 inch group, 2 inches @ 800 Yards etc. out to 1000 yards.  That's accurate!

As with most things, you get what you pay for and the rifle is very expensive and is usually found in Police SWAT and some military Spec. Ops. Units.  The FBI (that Peter Strzok works for) has a slew of them.  



As far as I can determine the name "Kate" was given to one weapon, the operator of the Sniper Central website was a military sniper and had named his rifle "Kate". When he left the service and had to give up "Kate" he purchased a Bravo-51 and called it KATE II and mentioned it on his website. It took off from there.

It is common for rifle shooters to name their rifles. Daniel Boone called his "Tick Licker" for instance although most name them after women.

Hollywood is responsible for people thinking all .308's are named "Kate" or that there is a Kate model out there because when they killed off the character Kate in the NCIS episode "Kill Ari" Gibbs said snipers who used a Bravo-51 called them "Kate". The Gibbs character was a sniper in the Marine Corps.

Soooooo, why did Peter Strzok have a personalized bottle of Coca-Cola bearing the name "Kate" at the hearing where he testified?

Peter Strzok's ex-wife is not named Kate.  His girlfriend isn't named Kate.  No children of his by that name that I know of. So why "Kate?"

To some folks - especially guys in the Intel Community, this was a message to Congress: "Be careful, look what's pointing right at you."

Of course, this could just be wide-eyed Conspiracy Theory nonsense.  Except that each time Strzok put the bottle down, he made certain "Kate" remained pointing at Congress.   HMMMMMMM.

You see, in the Intelligence field, messages . . .  intel . . . . are very frequently cloaked.  Say one thing, but mean another.  It HAS to be that way for information security.  It also HAS to be that way when something needs to be said but can't be said.

Want another example of how widespread and routinely used this tactic is?  (Continued below Ad)

You recall President Trump's recent trip to Europe; where he basically caved-in NATO's Heads about money, then went to the UK to visit the Queen, and finished up in Helsinki to meet Russian President Putin?

Did you folks catch the cloak-and-dagger messaging that went on there?   Ohhhhhhh, C'mon,  you HAD to pick-up on it.

OK, OK, no games like I did above;  let me fill you in:

Trump makes his first stop at NATO and makes sure Putin sees this on TV:  Trump reveals to the world the former chancellor of Germany is the head of the pipeline company bringing Russia’s natural gas to Germany. This is Trump’s first message to Putin: We'll call this "Message 1"  or "M1."

Then, Trump forces other NATO members to bring an additional 33 Billion dollars to the table. This is the second message to Putin: "M2."

Then, Trump goes to the UK and this happens: He literally walks in front of Queen Elizabeth to the point SHE had to walk around HIM!   Incredible breach of protocol, but done deliberately with a very specific intent. This is the third message to Putin: "M3."

Then, Stzrok is sent to Congress to deliver the Uranium One message deep within his testimony. Almost tangentially. This is the fourth message to Putin previous post: "M4."

These are main pieces Trump will play on the Helsinki chess board when he meets Putin.

Let’s now watch the combination:

M1: What did Trump tell Putin with M1?   I know the natural gas deal you have with Germany is vital to your economy, since it is not appropriate the former chancellor is the head of the pipeline company that will bring the gas to Germany, I have the moral grounds to delay it, stop it, control it. I can have people talk about it all day in Germany and scare the financial institutions away from it with my Executive Orders. Furthermore, I know your involvement in Syria is also related to the emergence of competing natural gas routes to Europe. If things go well between us, I won’t interfere and will let you find the right solution to export your natural gas and the one that belongs to your friends. 

M2: What did Trump tell Putin with his NATO brush-up as Message #2?  He told Putin: You see these guys at NATO? I can make them do whatever I want. I wanted 33 Billion dollars, (e.g. 1 million dollars per lost Hillary email)  and they gave it to me just after a few hours of discussion. No opposition. So, if I want, I can start a weapons race that will cost me zero dollars and that Russia’s economy will not be able to sustain. 

M3: I know about Russia’s old feud with the Vatican and the UK with their New World Order. I know Hitler made the same mistake Napoleon made trying to conquer Russia in winter to ultimately crush the Orthodox Church. I know what they have in common: Napoleon left alone for a night in the King's Chamber inside the Great Pyramid of Giza and Hitler with his vrills and occult connection to the Vatican I know about all this. And I also know you know it too:  The New World Order Worships Satan

Yet you and I openly speak of Almighty God when we talk to our peoples.  You and I are on the same page; we're the good guys.  Look how I humiliated the Queen, their administrative focal point. I deliberately made her walk behind me!  I am a free President. I only care about my people. I am not a globalist trying to conquer anything. Did you hear my Great Falls speech where I  said: I don’t need all this space. It meant: I just need America. They need more space. It meant: they are the colonizers. This means you and I can negotiate in good faith with no hidden agenda. We just need to find a win-win, work for our people and get along.

M4: With Strzok being brought back up publicly and the UraniumOne issue being talked about.    Trump was telling Putin You see, I have done my homework. Did you see Stzrok’s hearing? I have flipped many officials who were involved in the UraniumOne scandal and other things. I have the goods on all the layers of the government you may have dealt with in the past to achieve what you have achieved with the Obama Administration. Good for you, you were working for your country's interest and took advantage of the stupidity of those in charge at the time in the US, but that era is over. I'm in charge now. So if you are considering giving me some information, make sure it’s of high value because I already know a lot. If you want something from me, don’t tell me what I already know. And of course I won’t tell you what I know.

Once this combination was played in Helsinki, Trump and Putin held a press conference. Afterwards, what came out?  Putin gave Trump 160 Terabytes of Russian Communication Intercepts blowing the lid off ALL people behind fake "Russia Collusion" - False Flag Chemical Attacks in Syria, Sabotage of Brexit, Nefarious Clinton activities & More

By supplying his country's Intel about bad American and British government folks, Putin met the threshold for "valuable" information to Trump.  It was a very dangerous thing for Putin to do; but by choosing to provide the info, Putin was telling Trump, OK, I'll play ball.  I am "in" on the game. And I'm going to prove it by TRUSTING YOU with this.  

And to make sure there is no interference in the continuation of the game, their respective protocol services agreed to separate American journalists from the Russian journalists. This trick allows any question coming from the US/UK side to be immediately spotted as a trap even before it is formulated and signal “caution required.” Classic trick used by medieval kings.

Did Trump play the combination right? Did he use the right chess opening?

Well, in that press conference, not only did Putin atomize Rosenstein and Mueller by offering to cooperate regarding the interrogation and even possible extradition of their 12 Russians-of –the-day, but he also dropped the Bill Browder and George Soros bombshells clearly signaling he is ready to throw Obama, Hillary and all the other layers of corruption under the bus to save his pipeline, and limit NATO’s strategic spending around Russia.

And just in case there are still some people who don’t understand what happened in that Helsinki press conference, Putin gives the ultimate hint by doing this: He gave a Soccer Ball to Trump.

Did you catch it? What is Putin saying? He is reminding to the world that soccer is an 11 player game. If Mueller wants 12 Russian players to play his game, Putin is ready to be the 12th player and he just started playing by passing the ball to Trump.

Deep, huh?  Did that little excursion into my former world of National Security Intelligence make your brain hurt?  Don't feel bad. 

The true Intelligence Community is a very deeeeeeep thing.  Smoke. Mirrors.  Words with more than one meaning.  Gestures. Timing. 

It all works together to send and receive messages.  Saying things that can't be said.  Telling people things they better pay attention to because of WHO is saying it . . .  WHEN they say it . . .  WHERE they say it . . . instead of WHAT is actually said.  DEEEEEEP stuff.

And the best part?  It's ALL out in public.  The whole world can see it . . . . and never has the slightest clue about what's REALLY going on.  Because, sadly, MOST people are too wrapped-up in their lives to pay attention.  Too busy to THINK. 

Yet, for those who do pay attention and can think . . . . . oh WOW.   The things taking place in the world right now are stunning.  Just stunning.  But we're at a point where stunning can turn very, very, bad depending on how those who've been caught, react.

If they are stuck on stupid, things could go very badly.  If they wise up and play ball, that will Make America Great Again. 

Speaking of people being stuck on stupid --  was Peter Strzok sending a message to Congress?  Some people think that may be the case.   What do YOU think?  Comment below.


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  • Comment held for moderation.
    HRedhawk · 16:57 07/22/2018
    Yes, it does appear that Strzok was stuck on stupid and sending an open threat. Or they are REALLY getting desperate.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    WT · 15:53 07/22/2018
    Fake news, nice ry Mcfly
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Harry Belafondle · 22:18 07/21/2018
    Combine that with the snarky faces he made at Congress the little boy for the FIRST time in his life felt like a BIG MAN.

    Daddy would be proud of his little boy.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    torus · 21:27 07/21/2018
    I'll venture that Trump, Sztrok, Sanders, Kristol, Clinton, Goldberg, McCain, Merkel, Obama, Coca-Cola, Shapiro, Chertoff, Putin, Kissinger, Bush, Zakheim, et al, can all agree on one thing; TWO assymetrical assaults upon TWO skyscrapers via TWO planes invoked the subsequent pulverization of THREE skyscrapers with near perfect radial symmetry. And for this reason, despite the improvement of morale, the beatings will indeed continue.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    GeneG · 20:13 07/21/2018
    Michael: Kate, now who's being naive?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Hal Turner · 19:14 07/21/2018
    Someone asked me privately what should be done with Peter Strzok. They asked if he should be fired? Arrested? . . . . or some other things I won't mention.

    I thought about it. Maybe the simplest thing to do would be to promote him. To the newly-formed Arctic Counter-Terrorism Unit headquartered out of Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska!

    He can move up there, to the Arctic Circle, sit behind a desk, and DO NOTHING. AT ALL. Until he retires.

    Here's the Map link:
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Aj · 18:54 07/21/2018
    C'mon. Stretch any harder and we can cast you in the next "incredibles" movie
  • Comment held for moderation.
    StopFakeNews · 18:21 07/21/2018
    Okay I am taking back my comment on the Coke. After the break for voting at the 3:49:54 mark Strzok does pull out a Coke bottle with Kate on it. Obviously a prop as the cap is white and should be red per cokestore.com

    • Comment held for moderation.
      Lois · 11:31 07/22/2018
      And what's that other stuff on the bottle? What is that silver seal near the top, never seen anything like that before?!!!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      dave · 05:10 07/22/2018
      go and buy a plastic diet coke and come back and tell me the cap is not silver
    • Comment held for moderation.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hal Turner · 18:55 07/21/2018
      I am VERY proud of you! What you just did - admitting an error and taking it back - takes a LOT of character. It takes a big man to admit he made a mistake and you just showed yourself to be such a man. VERY GOOD! Welcome to the Hal Turner audience. You just became part of the most "Woke" audience in America. Lots of very smart people and lots of people who may not be on the leading edge, but they know "the ring of truth" when they hear it. You're going to get along just fine here. Welcome!
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Dan · 09:33 07/22/2018
        signs of being woke starts with asking who paid for the study this is what they fear most people asking questions
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Mary · 17:44 07/21/2018
    Reading this, I'm wondering, where have I heard most of this before (M1, M2,M3,M4). Oh yes, SerialBrain2 on Redditt. He put the information out first and you don't even credit him. Shame.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hal Turner · 18:11 07/21/2018
      Had you bothered to read before opening your ignorant mouth, you'd see this was answered earlier. Instead, you choose to go off, half-cocked, and be show the world your stupidity.

      WHO is "SerialBrain2?"

      I'll tell you: You don't know.

      Nobody knows, right?

      Now, who is "Hal Turner?" That's me.

      "Hal Turner" is banned on Reddit. Hal Turner is banned on 4ch.org.

      But "SerialBrain2" is not.

      Now . . . . blowhard . . . think a little. Why is this relevant?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    StopFakeNews · 15:45 07/21/2018
    BS on Coke bottle. It did not appear on the table in front of Strzok, just water bottles. Plus these personalized Coke bottles with the red label come with a red top. Disinformation from both sides is not helping the situation and makes the majority of people just throw their hands up in disgust.

    • Comment held for moderation.
      lois · 11:35 07/22/2018
      So what's with the silver medallion near the neck of the bottle?!!!! That's not at the cokestore!!!! Okay, so he can get "Kate" printed on the bottle. Back to go, who's Kate? Can you provide an better explanation and while you're at it, explain the silver medallion as well.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      dave · 16:01 07/21/2018
      diet coke comes with silver caps regular coke comes with red caps the bottle on the table is diet coke and there is a video on youtube showing strzok putting it on the table i'm a coke delivery driver
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Lois` · 11:36 07/22/2018
        Okay, so explain the silver medallion near the neck of the bottle....
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hal Turner · 15:58 07/21/2018
      You are referring to the GLASS bottles available at the Coca-Cola store via custom order. My article refers to the PLASTIC bottles presently on sale in a bazzillion places all over America.

      Good God, you're so fast to say something that does NOT apply, then smugly pat yourself on the back as if you've made some grand discovery, when all you've actually done is publicly make a fool out of yourself by your DEMONSTRATED gross inability to observe ACTUAL REALITY.

      The Coca-Cola bottle with "Kate" appears in the actual video of dozens of TV stations. What you wrote above, is just dumb. You have made a complete fool of yourself.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    DDrake · 15:33 07/21/2018
    Peter Stroker, and ALL who share his TREASON, need not find themselves in an open area with a 500 yard line of sight. Justice has a way of finding itself, at long distance. TREASON has a DUE, either at the end of a rope or end of a barrel.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      namscout · 21:52 07/21/2018
      What a coincidence, we practice shooting golf balls at 500 yds....Ha! hole in one.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Lilly · 14:38 07/21/2018
    Heard from Serial Brain 2 that "Kate" is in reference to Kate Brown , Governor of Oregon, possibly instrumental in the murder of Lavoy Finnigan and the arrest and detainment of the Hammonds,(who Trump pardoned a couple of weeks ago) innocent ranchers were doing a controlled burn on their own property,who Trump pardoned a couple of weeks ago. It seems that that ranching area was a great source of yellowcake Uranium which is why Clinton federalized land in the 90's (some next to the Hammond's ranch) which they coveted for the uranium, ie: Uranium 1 scandal. Uranium 1, a Clinton operation involving so many bad actors including Gov Kate Brown,Mueller, Robert Mueller,John Podesta needed the natural resources to sellout the US uranium to foreign entities ( and enemies).
    Kate on the Coke bottle may be a "tell" that she is being targeted by the Huber investigation-she's next. It's a stretch, but believe it or not Strzock was a cooperating witness and probably has immunity.His arrogance act was probably just that. Why else would he STILL have top secret security clearance unless the Trump knows he still needs access to people and info at that level to get what the Trump administration needs. This story being just one tentacle of the Clinton criminal conspiracy.
    This all is just theory ,but if Gov Kate Brown resigns shortly, there might be some credence to this idea.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    JC · 14:37 07/21/2018
    FAKE PICS. It was a water bottle. I watched the whole testimony live . HAL TURNER HAS NO CREDIBILITY!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    WWG1WGA · 14:22 07/21/2018
    Most of this research was done by serialbrain2 on reddit, strange that Hal Turner has not mentioned this.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hal Turner · 14:42 07/21/2018

      So, rocket scientist, tell me who the person is behind the SCREEN NAME "SerialBrain2."

      And While you're at it, how about you tell me who is behind the SCREEN NAME "Q-ANON?"

      I only ask because I'm curious. . . . . OK, wait, that's not right. I ask because I already know your answer: You don't know who is actually behind either screen name.

      ***** Nobody knows. *****

      That's the point. What if they are not multiple people?

      DUUUUUUUHHHHHHH. That never occurred to you, did it?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sammy · 14:02 07/21/2018
    The fag was drinking coke ,this could be significant,This could be a coded signal for jew fags to rise up.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Art mickelson · 13:59 07/21/2018
    1. I can almost guarantee Trump is a student of Sun Tzu and Machiavelli.

    2. Putin is very interested in security of Russia/ old CCCP.

    3. Deep staters are smart, but I think overestimate their smarts.

    4. There have been lots of hits here on folks: FBI Agents, DOJ Investigators, Potential whistle blowers, Seth Rich, etc. they appear to be very confident to point of over confidence. That when mistakes creep in. We can hope soon.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Moshe · 12:40 07/21/2018
    The tape on the bottle was probably a mic. I think they were surveilling the committee. Seriously, I believe this is going to get ugly.
  • Comment held for moderation.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Bildew · 11:42 07/21/2018
    Unintended consequences...now hoards of people will be looking for ‘Kate’ Coke bottles. Oh well, I’ll just stick with Jennifer and George ?...and buy more Coke stock ?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Eye's Wide Open · 11:13 07/21/2018
    Once you realize who runs the show here on the planet earth it's much easier to see through all the lies. Their Masters name is Satan, the father of lies and deception. Their job is to hand as many souls over to him as they can before the big show down. They fear their god as they should. Just like we are to fear our God and his wrath. Before God brings judgement to this Nation he will expose the sins of it's leaders to it's people, that's where were at right now. Then once the people know what they have allowed to happen, (unchecked government) that we were to control but failed; do to laziness, then we all get our asses handed over to us, just like history shows. All kingdoms fall and they fall due to corruption, theft and SIN, this government is no different and we will suffer the same fate (come up ins) as all of humanity before us has....We all have to pay for our sins, it's the law of the Universe, plain and simple. The Western Empire is Esau, it takes that which it did not make, earn, work for. It murders leaders of Nations in order to rape, pillage and plunder all in the name of DEMOCRACY! This is Satan's favorite term, democracy.....the US is/was a REPUBLIC! Mystery Babylon's time is up....she's getting ready for a UNIVERSAL ASS WHIPPING! Too bad most American's don't know they sit in Babylon, this Nation is so far from God it's walking around like a drunk, stumbling and confused. People are so freaked out about TRUMP, no WORRIES he was not put there to make Babylon great again, he was put there to separate the goats from the sheep, the wheat from the tares, that's all....America/Babylon will now suffer what it has done all around the world in it's claim for world dominance, you know their New World Order ran by their king Satan....what a joke, what a lie, what deception, that's what happens when you trust in man and his desire to show up God! Nothing but misery, shit and the desire for it all to be brought to and END! GAME OVER.........America ie: Mystery Babylon!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      billyrayjoejimbob · 18:16 07/21/2018
      EWO - call me a snob, but i tend to judge the value of someone's comments by their level of intelligence and education. after 66 yrs, i've found it to be an extremely reliable barometer. sorry to say, but you betrayed your level of education and intelligence when you wrote (come up ins) in place of COMEUPPANCE. DUH! we can now give your comments all the consideration they are due. (ahem... that would be none, btw).
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Power Tech Advisor. · 19:36 07/21/2018
        Your screen name shows your level of education and intelligence. I would think some over 66years old would think up a more cleavor screen name....dumb a$$
    • Comment held for moderation.
      END TIMES: DARKNESS · 11:40 07/21/2018
      The "America is Mystery Babylon" bit has been found wanting. It is an idea easily disproven with a little study. Link below ...
      • Comment held for moderation.
        END TIMES: DARKNESS · 13:51 07/21/2018
        In fact, America is the end time vineyard in Matthew. Hint: the glaring obviousness can be seen in the below two maps.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        JD · 13:39 07/21/2018
        Eye's Wide Open / End Times:Darkness - Eyes has most of it right, according to my understanding, although I am sure that the Mystery Babylon is a "mystery" kingdom, existing in splendor for it is a babylon, but in mystery because what it seems to be, it is not. The Vatican, a kingdon on seven hills, pretends to be of Yahuah, but is of ha shatan, the adversary.

        Eyes Wide Open is broadly correct, it seems to me, regarding most of his statements, except of course that America is the Mystery Babylon. It is not. America will almost certainly be destroyed prior to the rise of the Vatican to obvious governance of the world.

        Americans, producing millions of bibles every year, hate Yahuah. Americans do not study His Word and do not understand what little they sometimes do read. There is no interest in abiding by the very commands of Yahuah, not His only begotten Yahusha. His name is offensive to them, to thise who call themselves "Christian", when there is little but theater in their so-called "faith". They neither believe, not walk in faith for if they did, they would obey His commands.

        Instead, they repeat the devilish mantra "we are not under the law", refuting the very god they claim to worship.

        Destruction is ideal for America. We deserve it.

  • Comment held for moderation.
    Cornhusker · 10:57 07/21/2018
    Very insightful Hal. Nice Job. It is funny how once you call out the bottle on the table, you can't miss it where it could not be seen in plain sight before. The brain is an amazing thing and those that know how to exploit it are no dummies.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Christian Gains · 10:52 07/21/2018
    WHEW! It's been awhile since attending this sort of "WISE MAN" class...I TOTALLY missed "Kate", {I'm NOT intel savvy}...BUT! I AM body language & "spirit" savvy, {kept me alive in S.A., 12 yrs.}; The "observer" just behind Strozk's rt shoulder...a VERY interested OBSERVER....A friend of mine played the "KATE" game 4 awhile...but never mentioned a "KATE"...You're analysis of the Chess Game is MAX revealing of you're...a'hem...background...and YES, I DID catch the "protocol break" at the "Review"... But what REALLY caught me is you're presentation...I'd bet not 1 out of 100 viewers/listeners would/could have caught the points you made...(aware of AIM4TRUTH.com?...VERY similar analysis capabilities)...btw...am signing up! THANKS bro..."We the People..."; NEED this "clear view" material!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Christian Gains · 10:38 07/21/2018
    WHEW! It's been awhile since attending this sort of "WISE MAN" class...I TOTALLY missed "Kate", {I'm NOT intel savvy}...BUT! I AM body language & "spirit" savvy, {kept me alive in S.A., 12 yrs.}; The "observer" just behind Strozk's rt shoulder...a VERY interested OBSERVER....A friend of mine played the "KATE" game 4 awhile...but never mentioned a "KATE"...You're analysis of the Chess Game is MAX revealing of you're...a'hem...background...and YES, I DID catch the "protocol break" at the "Review"... But what REALLY caught me is you're presentation...I'd bet not 1 out of 100 viewers/listeners would/could have caught the points you made...(aware of AIM4TRUTH.com?...VERY similar analysis capabilities)...btw...am signing up! THANKS bro..."We the People..."; NEED this "clear view" material!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sammy · 10:14 07/21/2018
    Hal sees what nobody else does ???????
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sammy · 10:12 07/21/2018
    All I see is a HOMO that works for the jews called deep cover useful idiots .Jews use these fudge packers .
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Midge · 09:55 07/21/2018
    The wife of the antichrist is named Kate
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Tad · 09:57 07/21/2018
      And that's probably why the weapon was named 'Kate' in the first place.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Rumplestiltskin · 09:53 07/21/2018
    I believe you had hit the nail on the head. I would never have guessed that, that little twerp would be so bold as to use such threatening symbols while on camera being viewed by the whole world. I also believe he is protecting someone by his evasive wording and refusal to answer certain questions.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Christian Gains · 10:51 07/21/2018
      RUMPLE...DARKNESS THRIVES on secrets...exposing THAT FACT cost JFK his career...P.Z. is about as DARK as they come...arrogant & conniving...note facial expressions...& EXTREME vicious reactions...scowling...&, of course, that "KATE"...CK his, {& his family}, Muslim / Iranian back story...exponential evil!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Bobby Dubba · 09:05 07/21/2018
    Huh? Is Hal turner Q-Anon?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Whyisthisrelevant · 08:51 07/21/2018
    Kate refers to governor Kate brown of Oregon where the hammonds and the BLM had a standoff leading to there imprisonment due to a letter Kate brown wrote to Obama wanting a swift resolution because the hammonds land is rich in rare earth minerals and URANIUM it was a message to the governor Kate brown that your next
    • Comment held for moderation.
      ghostpost · 12:53 07/21/2018
      Yea I saw a video on YouTube about the Kate Brown message. It was interesting how the cameraman slowly panned left to bring the Kate coke back into view, after Strzok had sat it down further out. My point is the camera man had to be in on the show.

      Both theories are interesting. I guess it depends on whether Strzok was a turn or a burn. Forced to show Kate... or Wanted to show Kate. At this point, I think it is all a show to help red-pill the people.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Bildew · 08:35 07/21/2018
    I’d like to know if Strzok got his Coke from a vending machine. That would make this more coincidental, however, very interesting observation. Too bad it didn’t say ‘Sauce’ ?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Jo · 08:12 07/21/2018
    The talk between the words is the true talk. If a speaker public say: We will will research anything (free Energy fore example or the MoB ) the mean we are finish and we have it. Or if a Man say he will installed a Space guard it will say i know it, and i have it now.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    C · 08:09 07/21/2018
    Messages everywhere .....Putin meeting in the fall is another one!!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    James Mathews · 06:32 07/21/2018
    Very interesting! I am leaning towards you being right on this one Hal. It is a very complicated game these leaders are playing and it seems like Trump is learning fast.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sandy leeds · 05:34 07/21/2018
    I find it most interesting. One my late husband was a sniper in Viet Nam for 5 years and I heard alot which I wont discuss here. Ill pass this on to others that will follow Im sure. As far as Strzok....you might be right.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Larry Klayman For At · 04:05 07/21/2018
    All of this sounds like a bunch of Bull Shit to me. However the Deep State Is rotten to the core. As long as Trump continues to surround himself amongst the swamp, his presidency doesn't stand a chance.
    Trump really needs to fire Jeff Sessions, and all the trash in the corrupt FBI.
    Larry Klayman is a good Attorney General canadite. Trump needs to drain the swamp, otherwise they will finish him. Trump is not winning.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    paul gilpin · 02:41 07/21/2018
    is this m1, m2, m3, m4 stuff, before or after putin kept trump waiting for 45 minutes?
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Pam · 09:08 07/21/2018
      You are misinformed... Putin was 45 minutes late but President Trump didn't leave his hotel until Putin arrived at the meeting place. President Trump kept Putin waiting.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    moomoo · 01:01 07/21/2018
    Do they ever put the logo of the soda outward? There might be a rule about this.

    If not then you might have a point.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sammy thinks I'm wit · 00:55 07/21/2018
    Are you suggesting you got those ideas on your own? This link is 4 days earlier. https://www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/8zg9p0/trumps_hidden_message_stzrok_kate_and_the_soda/
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hal Turner · 16:11 07/21/2018
      Ohhhhh, Sammy. Ask yourself: WHO is behind the SCREEN NAME? Who is the real person behind "SerialBrain2?" Hint: Nobody knows.

      Just like who is behind the SCREEN NAME "Q-Anon?" Nobody knows.

      What if they aren't separate people? What if "they" are the same person?

      Are you aware that "Hal Turner" is not allowed on Reddit? Or 4ch.org?

      Nope. they won't allow . . . . ahem . . . . me. . . . on either place. Same with GodLikeProductions. In fact, on that last one, you can't even post my **name ** without getting instantly and permanently auto-banned!

      So think, Sammy. THINK.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        budda-bing budda-boo · 00:49 07/22/2018
        ok, i'm thinking... i'm thinking that it would be pretty foolish for Hal Turner to admit he's using one or more specific pseudonyms to post on one or more forums from which he's banned. that would be a good way to end up on double secret probation. then you would be forced to create new false identities to post there, and have to start all over from scratch to build a following.

        so... logically, it would seem more likely to conclude that by implying that Hal Turner = SerialBrain2, you are in fact saying that Hal Turner ≠ SerialBrain2. either that, or you're saying Hal Turner is a fool with a fragile ego, that will cut off his own nose to spite his face. or at the very least, an over-confident fool who believes his enemies are too stoopid to notice him publicly outing himself.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    thisguy · 00:40 07/21/2018
    had two scoops of cereal for breakfast believe it was rasin brain.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Old_Philosopher · 00:40 07/21/2018
    Why did I read this same article, almost word for word, on Serial Brain 2's Redit page?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sammy · 23:49 07/20/2018
    My car top went up by itself explain this.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hormonicus Blatticus · 02:34 07/21/2018
      Mine was bombed with a magnesium thermite device on *4 July 20 years ago (*Illuminati celebration) ...while under Federal investigation suffering an attempted frame-up and conspiracy from Freemasons...

      Car; restored Mustang.

      Investigation- dismissed due to lack of real evidence (there was none, as no criminal activity was ever entered into...)corrupted conspirators attempting to frame me (ALL Masonic).

      The USDA threw the agents involved out of her office and told them to cease and desist, as the 'suspect' would sue for millions !!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Tim · 23:14 07/20/2018
    Nice job Hal....lol.... yes that was deep
  • Comment held for moderation.
    GetReally · 22:25 07/20/2018
    These are those 'share a coke with' custom labels Coca Cola is marketing. Now the sticker, or whatever, that looks like a bullet hole means something.

    Ive heard it's Gov Kate Brown, and the whole Lundy - BLM thing, or even something about the purse designer in NY named Kate Spade (who 'committed suicide' on June 5, 2018 by hanging herself).

    I think the sticker above it, to me, looks like the real clue. Its definately a signal, though. Hal is right about that. Go back and watch the networks. They ALL make SURE the Coke bottle stays in the shot at all times.

    That makes me know the MSM, our enemy, is in on it. But the meaning is still not clear to me.

    If I had to guess, I would say it's a threat of violence to someone named Kate that is important to Team Trump or the Pro-Trump Congressmen.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    bizno · 21:43 07/20/2018
    Oh shut the fuck up Hal.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hal Turner · 22:00 07/20/2018
      Awwwwwww, are you getting bored down there in Canton? Yearning for some field work? Too bad you can't qualify! Look, dude, you got the job that your limited intellect qualified for. Don't get mad at me for having a much better career; I earned it with my intellect, my skills and my precision.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        bizno · 22:53 07/20/2018
        Haha, dude I make more than you ever will off of developing website and apps, and I didnt have to go to jail and beg for money to support this little hack job of a site. In fact, when I offered you under multiple accounts to help move you to a new host when you would try and bullshit people about your fake costs, and you were a bitch and banned different accounts. Anyone that looks you up knows you're full of shit, you cant even afford a decent website without popups and shitty little ads. You're a joke, your site never right unless MSM beats you to it. At most, you're fun to read while I'm taking a shit.

        And look at you, you learned Google Analytics. Where am I now?
        • Comment held for moderation.
          Hal Turner · 00:23 07/21/2018
          Smyrna. And suddenly gone.
          • Comment held for moderation.
            bizno · 08:26 07/21/2018
            Except I’m not. Are you too dumb to know about proxies? Hell, Opera Browser has it built in. But look, I was right. Get called out and try and ban.
        • Comment held for moderation.
          Jim · 23:38 07/20/2018
          Friggen Funny!!!
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