This morning, as happens every once in awhile, I received an email from Amazon containing Updates to the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement.  Oh boy, it's a good thing I looked, because I decided to CANCEL my affiliation with them . . . and many of you may want to do so as well.

In the Updates scheduled to take effect October 1, Amazon informs Associate about what they call "Unsuitable sites."  Here's the exact wording:

  • We standardized the definition of “Unsuitable Sites” to include a) sites that promote or contain obscene, false and deceptive materials, or that are hateful, harassing, harmful, abusive or invasive of another's privacy, and b) sites directed towards children or violating child protection laws.

The items in red above are the problem.   What, exactly, constitutes "hateful?"   Worse, what exactly, constitutes "harmful?"   And off the wall is the final item "abusive."  What the hell does that mean and who gets to decide?


Here's the rub.  If Amazon terminates an associate for violating any of these terms, their revised agreement also says:

2. Associates Program Compliance Requirements

You must comply with this Agreement to participate in the Associates Program and receive fees.

You must promptly provide us with any information that we request to verify your compliance with this Agreement.

If you violate this Agreement, or if you violate terms and conditions of any other applicable Amazon marketing program, then, in addition to any other rights or remedies available to us, we reserve the right to permanently withhold (and you agree you will not be eligible to receive) any and all fees otherwise payable to you under this Agreement, whether or not directly related to such violation without further notice and without prejudice of any right of Amazon to recover damages in excess of this amount.

In my mind, the writing is now on the wall: Amazon is going down the road of social activism and anyone who says something which is perfectly lawful, but which some left-wing liberal snowflake calls "hateful" means people get kicked off the Amazon program and get cheated out of the money they earned.  It's THAT simple.


I tried to use the "Account Closure" feature of the Amazon Associates web site, but (conveniently) their system responded "Your account cannot be closed at this time, please try again later."  That happened twice.

So I telephoned the Amazon Associates toll free number to cancel my account via telephone.  You see, If I cancel them, I still get paid,  but if they cancel me, I lose the money.

The guy I spoke to at Amazon asked why I was closing the account and I told him.  It went something like this:

"Amazon is changing the Operating Agreement for Associates to include a provision about "unsuitble sites" which include "hateful, harmful or abusive" material.  This means that some left-wing liberal snowflake who earns $15 an hour, gets to have VETO power over perfectly lawful news and commentary.  And if some mental-weakling or emotional-retard in Amazon gets their knickers in a twist over something said which is perfectly lawful, I could be cheated out of my hard earned money simply because they have child-like mentalities and cannot deal with viewpoints they disagree with."

The guy was kind of shocked to hear me say these things and told me he would escalate my remarks to corporate.  I told him that was a good idea because, I said, "Amazon is going down the same road as Apple, Google, Youtube, Twitter and the like, who are throwing people off their platforms simply because some mental weakling inside those companies  disagrees with someone else's viewpoint."

He then explained to me that all monies due and payable to me would be paid in accordance with the agreement.

It isn't much, maybe $160 from July and perhaps another $100 from August.  Better in my pocket than theirs.

So those of you who are Amazon Associates beware.  If you say or do anything their mental-weakling, emotionally-retarded, liberal snowflake employees think is "hatefeul, harmful or abusive" all your hard earned money is gone.

Pass this along.  People should know.








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    Ron · 13:36 09/26/2018
    As an individual who is seemingly quite informed, why would you be supporting Jeff Bezos? I just do not understand.
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    OccamsRazor · 17:20 09/23/2018
    Paypal just dropped Alex Jones too. Seems these big Tech Companies want to be the conscious of America, they want to be the Government a Dictatorship/Monarchy and do as they please. Got to start to vote with your wallet friends and don't do business with them either. This is just but a foregleam into the future as to what it will be like in the near future with a cashless society and one world govt. As soon as they don't like you, they cut you off. You won't be able to buy or sell anything without the mark of the beast or bowing down to it.
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      Ron · 20:29 09/29/2018
      Can the next carnation be that if you have political different opinions than that of the shop owner/manager or with Amazon, can you be banned from a brick and mortar store like Whole Foods or the shop in question or have your bank account closed? Can talking about the Ashkenazi Jews in Israel genocide on the Arabs be considered anti-Semitic, thus be a cause to close your accounts or keep you out of shopping malls?
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    America About More T · 16:24 09/23/2018
    People didn't want to homeschool their children. They didn't care that God and prayer and the Bible were removed from school. Well now the first wave of indoctrinated 'snowflakes' are coming of age and influencing their workplaces with their 'safe space' ideologies.

    As upsetting as it is that this younger generation has been mind programmed and devoid of critical-thinking skills, the blame lies with those who stood on the sidelines and did not oppose the incremental infiltration of subversive socialists to wield their damage. No, as long as the men had their ESPN and women had their own distractions.

    Even if President Trump could manage to be successful in 'draining the swamp' in D.C., how can anyone undue the corruption of nearly 20 years of brainwashing on the younger generation...how do they unlearn what has been reinforced for their whole lives?

    Previous generations weren't faithful to speak up and say, "Hell no!" when socialism was being installed gradually. Even if the most-innocent members of our society were going to be slaughtered by the millions, the people didn't say, "Hell no!" Even the church leaders were altogether silent. And they have increasingly grown apathetic. The only things that motivated them was to reinvent church by getting rid of the crosses, the hymnals, the choirs, the prayer meetings, the evangelizing their communities, the sending forth of missionaries...even the Trinity and God's masculinity are dreaded by many churches today.

    From the Conservatives I have spoken with, they don't seem to want God back in society, just the economic good times of yesteryear. Try to get them to start up a Bible study in their home, or to start a prayer meeting, or to work in a soup kitchen, or to homeschool their own children...nope...cannot be bothered.

    So, as remarkable as a job President Trump may be doing, America is never going to be reclaimed because the People--including the majority of Conservatives--don't really want God back in America.
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    Jimmy Rochester ny · 16:17 09/23/2018
    Well Hal your not as lone look what's Google Twitter and Facebook did too me this past week the shut us down a couple completely no more Rochester 585 news radio my account suspended permanently

    Also I did not received a notice in my email either
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    In God We Trust · 16:13 09/23/2018
    Dump Amazon, Pay Pal, Banks and the cashless society. Go back to cash, gold and silver.
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    William Henderson · 16:09 09/23/2018
    Right On Hal and Guy Patterson

    Amazon now claim the right to deep six anyone whose ideas they do not agree with
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    Anonymous · 14:53 09/23/2018
    I cancelled my Amazon account a couple months ago and haven't' done business with them in a year or more.

    It is inordinately difficult to cancel your Amazon account- this just applies to buyers.

    The first step is to go to this page and click on the "contact us" at the bottom of the page and then sign in to request that they close your account. They contacted me at least 5 times via email to confirm I wanted to close my account. And it was the same confirmation every time.

    Beware- this process will not be easy.

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    gino · 14:42 09/23/2018
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    Guy Patterson · 14:10 09/23/2018
    I don't understand why people keep doing business with, paying money to and supporting these companies.

    I do my absolute level best to shop at Mom & Pop stores first! That's where the best service is. If you speak with them they will negotiate prices, order from their supplier and help anyway they can.

    Next if Mom & Pop can't get it is privately owned franchises. They usually have what I'm looking for.

    I will NOT shop nor give my money to ANY leftist controlled franchise or big box stores! Period!

    I do not get Starbucks, I am not on Facebook, I will not shop Walmart, etc.

    If I look for something on Amazon I buy it direct not through Amazon. I cut these companies out every way I can.

    It's just a little thing I can do. People say my little effort is lost in the big picture. I figure as more people catch on an start doing it we WILL have a grand effect on their policies!

    That's my Sunday morning sermon.
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