Folks, it has been a busy month and as of Tuesday, September 25, I have FIVE (5) days to raise enough funds to keep this web site and my radio show alive through October.

There are FIVE Wednesdays in October, so there's an extra week of radio time I have to pay for (in advance). 

You folks know what those costs are because they are listed on the web sites of WRMI  . . .  a buck a minute, for two hours per show (120 minutes) =$120 times five shows = $600.    WBCQ has slightly lower costs as shown on their web site, so figure around $500.   

Then there's this web site, a cloud-based site where YOU READ, and I GET BILLED through charges called "Data Transfer."  That's the way it works with a cloud-based web site, where one primary server (burstable to ten) powers about nineteen different data centers around the planet. This includes the multiple streaming audio servers which multiplex the audio signal to accommodate as many listeners as need to be connected.  The site charges for this month are PROJECTED to be $1200.

Then, of course, the telephones Figure about $116.00 for the inbound call-in lines.

Music Licensing and Royalty fees. $275.

I had to replace my Electrovoice RE-20 microphone which, as you heard, went bad.  The new Eletrovoice RE-27n/d cost about $499.

Then there's the studio equipment; fiber optic connections to send the show to the radio stations, and to the Internet.

With just the items above, we're looking at about $3300 this month.  

So if you haven't donated in awhile, or you realize the costs are what they are and can help, I sure can use all the help I can get . . . . FAST.

Please use the DONATE button at the top right of this web page to make a donation.  for those of you who do not use online financial transactions, I ask you to please donate via cash, check or Money Order and mail it to:

Harold Turner

1906 Paterson Plank Road

North Bergen, NJ   07047-1902



Those of you outside the USA can mail cash from your country, and I will have it converted to US Dollars when it arrives.

It takes a tremendous effort, and probably 80+ hours a week to bring all this cutting-edge news, and the radio shows to you.  I hope my actual work proves to be of value to you, in a way that makes you comfortable stepping up and sending a few bucks.

Don;t think "someone else will do it.  They don't.  I need ALL the help I can get and every little bit helps.  SO PLEASE make a donation right now.





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    Comtrader · 17:27 09/25/2018
    Hal, made small donation, not but all I have hope it helps.
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    TSAZ · 13:51 09/25/2018
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    cancel cancel · 00:13 09/25/2018
    Hal: Please note: _cancel cancel_ was used only because I was having so much trouble logging in to PayPal a bit ago. After trying and trying (and not being able to contact you in response to your requests at the time) I did the only thing I knew to do to try and cancel to restart the donation process for the retiree/disabled offer by just trying to back out writing cancel on each requested line of application. You, notified me, that my login status had been restored, even though I had been put in pending to await your receiving my offline donation. I wantef to make sure you received my little 5 buck monthly donation right away, so I did it via the direct donation clicker at the top of your site. PayPal accepted So, you are set for 5 bucks for me every month for for future helps. Thank you. "Please" credit me in for the retiree/disabled donation request. Again; The only way I knew to see to it you received donation (What a stubborn mess, it has been) I try never to "give up" So "Success" at last. I hope this helps? Really appreciate your work and your reporting. God Willing? Keep it up Out
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    Foreigner in its own · 22:51 09/24/2018
    Hello Hal, how are you doing?

    Im so desperate for a premium account but i live in Brazil and i am unemployed, but even so i want to pay the quantity of 5 dollars, and i just read the thing about mailing money from here to there, is it viable? And how can i do this, i don't have any creditcard or fancy things to shop internationally, if i mail the money in BRL or dollars how much time till the money arrives and i get my account?

    Good luck with the site, and keep us truly informed!
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