Senator Sissy-Ass, Jeff Flake of Arizona, showed the world what a weak-minded, corrupted, spineless piece of political shit he is today, declaring to the Judiciary Committee his vote to advance Judge Kavanaugh as nominee to the full Senate for a Floor vote, was conditioned upon the process being delayed for one week, in order for the FBI to investigate the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.

How the hell did the people of Arizona end up with a mental-weakling-shitbag like this as their Senator?

Will someone please tell Senator Sissy-Ass there is no factual evidence of a crime to investigate.  

There are no police reports, no physical evidence, no witnesses.   The actions alleged by Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford do not even amount to criminal activity in any jurisdiction of the United States and even if they did, the statute of limitations to prosecute any such actions expired DECADES ago.

Flake made this agreement with Democrats and yet, IN SPITE OF IT, NOT ONE DEMOCRAT voted in favor of Kavanaugh!   

So what is Flake's motive for caving-in to the Democrats in this way?

In my personal opinion, this proves Flake is compromised and the Democrats "have the goods" on him.

What other explanation fits these facts?   Why would Flake make such a demand at the behest of Democrats?  They aren't offering Bi-Partisanship in return for Flake's move.  So why then is Flake doing this?

Take a look at this photo from the actual Committee as the vote was being taken:

Look at the fear and worry on his face.  I think Flake is dirty.  I think the Democrats rubbed his nose in it and told him something along the lines of "We know (such and such) and unless you do what we want, you're going to prison."  What else would cause this level of fear and worry across the man's entire face, and skew his Demeanor like this?

I want to know what it is the Democrats are holding over his head so that I can publish that info.

Here's another image after the committee vote today.  Flake can't even LOOK at his fellow Republican Senators because HE KNOWS what he just did was utterly despicable:

In my view, Senator Flake is the epitome of political treachery.  To me, the man is utterly disgusting.

I want to know what it is the Democrats are holding over his head so that I can publish that info.

Anyone who knows, please provide details to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  If you need an ENCRYPTION KEY so as to send the info via encrypted email, let us know and we will get an encryption key to you.





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    jew · 18:33 09/29/2018
    Looks like they may of used threats against his family he looks scared .
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    John Robert Mallernee · 12:37 09/29/2018
    From the web site of JAMES MILFORD HEIKKILA:


    "It is extremely important for you to be highly skilled with your guns

    You are going to have to have a kill ratio of at least 5:1. After what happened today with Kavanaugh, I am confident the end game will be a ground war in the United States against China, which will be used to disarm the American public. The deep state sold us out to China more than anyone else. China will seek world domination. China has as many expendable males of war fighting age as America has total population, illegal immigrants and all, and that's just the ones who can't get a wife after the one child policy left a deficit of females because parents opted to abort females and have a boy instead. There's an enormous surplus of Chinese men that have nothing to live for. Hundreds of millions.

    Kavanaugh will not be a supreme court justice. Instead, the left is now so emboldened by what they accomplished that Trump might not even make it to mid terms. If he does, it will be a stroke of luck. The mid terms will be promptly and easily stolen, because both sides of the equation are equally corrupt, and the Republicans are not going to investigate a vote steal and if Trump wants an investigation, it won't be done. I can't believe people are posting on social media about how 'stupid' and Gullible the Republicans are. I have news for you, they are not stupid or gullible - very few wanted Kavanaugh and they did exactly what it took to get him flushed.

    First of all, they allowed Ford her say even after she got totally busted lying about everything. That was not politeness, it was subversion. Then they hired an incompetent prosecutor who was totally worthless in the hearing. That was not a mistake or anything else of the sort, it was subversion. There's no way they made that poor of a choice outside of willful intent. And in the end, they caved and gave the deep state exactly what it wanted - what it would have had anyway if Kavanaugh had not spoken so well - after he totally won the image war they STILL allowed an FBI investigation, which was the end game of the deep state from the start, and they let it happen when they did not have to. That is not gullibility, it is subversion.

    And these bastards on both sides of the pie are going to keep on subverting, subverting, subverting until YOU have the Chinese at your front door after a Google profile secret or not snitched you. That's the end game, BET ON IT.

    If you have a gun and the bullets have sat around for 12 years unused, you had damn well better practice up! Depending on what you have, it may be expensive, but do it rather than something else you spend money on. Time is running out, the deep state is going to win this, and today proved it."
  • This commment is unpublished.
    John Robert Mallernee · 12:28 09/29/2018
    From the web site of JAMES MILFORD HEIKKILA:



    Earlier today I posted that they were going to go for impeachment on Trump because what they got away with on Kavanaugh was such a blatant example of subversion that the sky was now the limit. Low and behold, within an hour of the announcement that the FBI will now proceed to investigate Kavanaugh, a district court judge ruled that Trump can be prosecuted and impeached for violating the Emoluments clause. Never mind the fact that it is clear abuse of that clause that Trump is in no way violating, if they got to first base with screwing Kavanaugh, they are going for a home run.

    In reading my following comments on this topic, keep in mind that I am well aware of the fact that Trump violated nothing. The problem is that there is so much corruption at so many levels they will now prosecute him for nothing after this totally corrupt judge made it possible, and they can make it stick.WHAT DID I JUST SAY? Because they caved, Trump will be impeached. I WAS RIGHT!

    A district judge just ruled anyone in Congress can sue Trump via the Emoluments clause because his businesses do business with foreign nations. He is now proverbially F**ED and it all happened because Repubs caved on Kavanaugh. Like I said, he won't make it to mid terms now.

    Never mind the fact that it is a ridiculous misapplication of the law, but since they got so much mileage out of Ford, they figured what the hell, no one is going to stop them from a home run.

    I am not even sure they can spin this into an impeachment, but you can damn well bet they are going to try.


    Here is the exact text of the clause:

    'No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.[3]'

    Since they are going to spin him receiving payment from foreign governments from people staying at his hotels, he's screwed. This is the first time in 200 years this clause has even been called upon, and it is totally inappropriate to do it now. But then again, what they did to Kavanaugh was totally inappropriate, Trump caved, and if you give them an inch, they will take everything. TRUMP IS TOAST.
    The Dems learned with Kavanaugh that any accusation will be honored. And they are going to run that into the ground.

    I SAID THIS IMMEDIATELY AFTER THEY CAVED AND GAVE THE DEMS THEIR FBI INVESTIGATION. There was no reason for that, the Dems saw it as a weakness, and now they are going to exploit the weakness of the Republican party and the presidency, and commit another travesty against the nation simply because what happened with Kavanaugh signaled they could get away with it.

    And it happened at the speed of light, within an hour of my saying it would happen. They wasted absolutely no time at all."
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jan Christophersen · 00:06 09/29/2018
    Hal and everyone... Flake did NOT weasel or betray.. he CONNED the dems.

    . I watched this section closely, the dems left the room time was running out which is what they wanted. There was no way to force them back to put a vote.There was a long whispered comment to Crassley remember by the big man who sat near flake. Finally Flake talked with the dems outside and gave them a carrot. Now remember flake gave a little talk involving the word comfort etc legally carefully phrased.

    Realise that the judiciary group can only vote yes or no to passing the candidate onto the floor for the whole lot to vote. The group has absolutely no power to put conditions on the yes or no. Or to pass anything else. It’s only yes we approve to pass the candidate to a full vote or not.

    you realise that Feinstein didn’t know hat was happening. That quite a number of the dems did not understand the actual purpose of the committee. They all voted against K, but wanted to stop any vote.
    the vote passed Kavanaugh through. That’s all that matters. Crassley said after the vote was carried as yes, that all he could do was pass on a suggestion with no power to enforce.. that the fbi investigate only the complaints tabled then, and solely during 1 week or less. Realise that’s limited. None of them have any substance for charges.

    Did you notice that a few dems were surprised they had voted and Kavanaugh had got thru. If you want to sputter dirty, well you could.

    The dems were sucked in and voted, iflake voted for Kavanaugh and has people hating him. He was brave. Went out to get the dems in to vote. They knew if they voted Kavanaugh would go thru, but the confused ones like rosenstein thought they could pass more than that.

    Rosenstein asked flake after the vote and he said he had just said he would feel more comfortable.... that was NOT the vote.

    The vote was yes or no to pass on Kavanaugh. That’s all that matters.

    I am not American and stayed up till 5 am looking at this. Be jolly glad Flake got the dems in to vote.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Jan christophersen · 23:56 10/02/2018
      I think I was wrong because flake is behaving erratically now. He act seems still the only way that a vote got taken by the judiciary committee , the dems would not come into the room. Fbi investigation is showing up stuff, more coming out against blazey ford.those women who bailed him up were soros funded.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      lilly · 10:25 09/29/2018
      Blasey has an association with one of the original MKUltra physicians at Stanford.
      She presented with this "little girl lost" persona, even though she has a doctorate in psychology, she seems to be a mass of neuroses. Her father is CIA and owns low light video camera surveillance companies in Delaware. Her brother has had past "business" associations with Peter Strzock. these people are well connected to deep state.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      TSAZ · 02:35 09/29/2018
      If...you perceived correctly, then the douchebag had a brilliant- albeit accidental- moment, but still conveyed the persistent, pusillanimous weakness of Republicans in insisting on compromising with pure evil- which has no intention of EVER compromising. If he caught the seditious lot in a moment of weakness, then good on him- lucky boy. He is a douche still, but good on him nonetheless IF this is the case which is at best an accidental tactic. He is not that smart.

      Republicans piss me off. Thus I refuse to vote, and spare me your baseless lectures.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Gregg Walker · 21:53 09/28/2018
    Right on, Hal! Where do these people come from? He probably wet himself and didn't have a change of clothes. Then I heard that earlier when he announced he would vote YES, one of his colleagues (some dude but can't remember the name) started CRYING!!! What the Hell??!! That is the result of the decades of "sissy-fying" American males. The Senate needs a safe place or a cry room.

    When I watched Kavanaugh's opening remarks yesterday, I almost cheered! I wished he would have called them all out as cowards and lying weasels! Every one of them BS artists have done WAY more disgusting, outlandish things - while in the Senate - I will bet you! They have no concern for that woman or any other, she is a pawn to keep the Abortion Mills running!

    All day I kept thinking the phrase, "stick a fork in us because this country is done"! I don't mean we have lost to the 'demon-rats' but the corruption and disease has spread so far that even an unborn child can't get protected!

    I shutter to think about it, but this cesspool of a country is long overdue for Judgment by Almighty God!

    I don't care (really) about Kavanaugh (catholic Jesuit - not good in my book) but he seems like a decent man and judge; he doesn't deserve this crap as far as I can tell.

    I agree they want to stick it to Trump in every way they can, with the hopes of winning in November and then going for impeachment.

    Someone (with connections) needs to get the info to the FBI that has been out there:

    1. She works for the CIA (as Hal reported).

    2. She works for a pharmaceutical company that manufactures abortion pills.

    3. Her own husband has said she has a disorder where she craves attention and purpose - the Dems will make her a heroine and she'll make a fortune.

    4. Supposedly Grassley has knowledge of a man who came forward who says "HE" is the one who did this assault (statute is past so no risk). They have talked to him twice and have his name, but no mention of it at the hearings.

    5. FBI (if there are any non-swamp ones) should look at all the details about how , when, and where this whole BS accusation arose - letter? Notes from psychiatrist, etc.

    6. A full investigation into who and what this Dr. Ford is. That would be only fair.

    As far as senator "the Flake" he will probably sell more of his failing book he wrote this year, and will be a regular on MSNBC or CNN for years to come.

    Gone are the days of men like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Ronald Reagan - at least in America.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    TSAZ · 21:04 09/28/2018
    How? Pummeled with illegals and CA transplants and being a haven for Chicago-ites and other liberal enclaves seeking fairer weather and cheaper housing...hmmm...let me think...
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Sam · 20:40 09/28/2018
    They made it all about race and the jews are celebrating the browning of america and it's end.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Sgt Tangler · 20:09 09/28/2018
    You idiots. you didn't see this set up? Come on!!! A charged hang em high crowd and Senator Flake just happens to mossy on out into a public elevator? Oh and since when the F did a Senators confirmation hearing become a staging center for a f-ing rape crisis center support group.? They need to pull the plug on this whole country. Get it moving and do it soon. The sooner we can rid the world of all these cry babies the sooner we real people can live in peace.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    jerry · 17:52 09/28/2018

    jimstone- IT IS OFFICIAL: Kavanaugh delayed for a week, by a Republican!!!
    During that week he will be "investigated" by a totally corrupt FBI. If for some reason the FBI does not destroy him, the Dems will play in another victim, when that is cleared the Repubs will go on recess and not vote for forever, DELAY DELAY DELAY from both sides until the election is stolen and Trump gets impeached.
    Don't kid yourself with fantasy, the Republican side is just as deep state as the Democrat side, both are totally rotten and HAVE TO stop Bret and impeach Trump or they are done. There's nothing else to conclude.
    What can I say? I have already said we are ripe for a civil war. What more is there to say?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Flyguy · 17:20 09/28/2018
    Jeff Flake is a closet Democrat. He runs out of Arizona but more times than not, leans/favors/blows democrats for votes and support. However, being from Arizona he needs the republican label to win. So he merely calls himself a republican but all the shit-bag, entitlement mf’ers I have to deal with down in the shithole they call Tucson all support him because they know he goes south every time something comes up that requires a set of balls. Hell, I wonder if HE isn’t a SHE and used entitlement money to pay for his sex change when he checked balls in. THAT is probably what he’s scared of the world finding out.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      GetReally · 23:34 09/28/2018
      Yes, and Flake is NOT going to run again, so he doesn't give a crap.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Gifford Rodine · 16:55 09/28/2018
    Remember mccraps campaign manager went to the democrat party about a week after mccrap left the scene. flaky is a RINO through and through just as mccrap was.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jew swine · 16:36 09/28/2018
    Both her lawyers are jews.??Jews on attack to get Trump.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Nevada-Swede · 16:17 09/28/2018
    IMHO follow the Greed, Power, Wealth & Blackmail are key ingredients of Dirty Harry, Flaky Flake, Song Bird Traitor Physicist are the mental physiological disorders of these men and others in the U.S. Congress. I wonder what travesties Flaky Flake has done that he is under control of the evil demonic powers of the deep state!
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Sammy · 16:38 09/28/2018
      This is about jewish power that controls america ,totally.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Paul Lambert · 04:02 09/29/2018
        You would save key strokes if you simply entered [standard Sammy comment]. You could even set up a hotkey to do it for you.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Hal body gaurd · 16:10 09/28/2018
    Hal guy looks like some sort of a p*ssy with the way he looks doesnt he?
    I say do what you did before with home addresses especially the democrats maybe they will back off this bull shit tyrant b/s there pulling.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Arizona, What Happen · 15:29 09/28/2018
    Residents of Arizona must be embarrassed, hanging their heads in shame and disgrace with having such a RINO to represent them.

    Elections have consequences. And beyond that, voters must repeatedly remind their representatives what the position of the voters is on EVERY matter. It must be the people of Arizona--as a whole--didn't make their voice known loud enough.

    Time for Arizona people to step it up and rein in Flake and remind him that he only serves at the will and consent of the People.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Jan Christophersen · 23:58 09/28/2018
      No, this is not what it seems. Flake knew what he was doing, so did Crassley, he got the dems back in to vote with a carrot. The vote is yes or no. It was carried as yes. The carrot was a fairy carrot it disappeared.
      anything more is not binding or legal, comfortable talk is just talk. It’s ok. Flake put his head on the line to get the vote put.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Gregg Walker · 22:28 09/28/2018
      Wasn't McCain from there? Hmmmm. Not saying much for the state. But, what can I say? I'm stuck in Washington! The libs control the cities so they control the state politics - bunch of crap.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      David · 21:48 09/28/2018
      As a resident of Arizona for 20 years, I have seen illegals and Cali's take over Arizona. Anyway, Flakey is not running for re-election. This is his last act of defiance. Pray we get a real Conservative to replace him.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tim · 15:11 09/28/2018
  • This commment is unpublished.
    R.C. · 15:10 09/28/2018
    ...after watching thursday's and to today's posturing charade, especially the senator from new jersey (p.o.s.); and now the "flakey" senator throws a whiny curve ball into the mix. I learned a valuable lesson from my divorce, "make your yes be yes, and no be no", sitting on a picket fence, ....well guess what going up your ars.
    The article below, hoping for the best.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tim · 15:09 09/28/2018
    I'm guessing you took down the blaise-ford cia article cuz someone didn't like it?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dave Hauk · 15:07 09/28/2018
    just playing devil's advocate here.... Flake's look, at least to me, seems to be one of taking this very seriously and deliberating at great length internally, that is just my take...

    Even if they(FBI) do investigate and turn up nothing at least that eliminates fodder for "demon"crats when he is on the bench... what's a week after all the time this has already taken..

    I am not saying I believe that he did this, I am saying if that is the path then so be it, all will do is clear his name even more substantially than he has already done in the hearing.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Gregg Walker · 22:10 09/28/2018
      It's just that it is such a GAME. They know there is NO crime. They know she is lying - or nuts and doesn't know who, what or where this may have happened to her. Either way, she is just like that little weasel "David Hogg" from the school shooting in Florida. They acted like he was the "only survivor" of the shooting and since he was one of theirs, they used him (and still are) for their lying purposes.

      I get what you mean about what's one more week, but they will be trying all they can to find more victims, more phony witnesses, or to just plain screw with the judge and his family until either he breaks and quits, or they can hang him for nothing. The whole thing is a circus and no one takes charge to stop the BS.

      I read earlier today - what must our enemies be thinking ? We must be the laughing stock of the world to put up with all this BS. With men like "the flake" as our 'leaders' our enemies must be salivating at the thought of coming and attacking us.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Sherlock · 17:26 09/28/2018
      Trying to decide what DRESS he will wear tonight.

      Where are the "pious, self-righteous" demands for an FBI investigation of Bill Clinton's rapes.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Do the Math · 15:22 09/28/2018
      Everyone needs to do the math on this situation:

      No evidence + No corroborating witness(es)=No crime

      Why is that so difficult for people to get? The feminazis are wanting to change "Innocent until proven guilty" to "Guilty until proven innocent." The burden of proof always lies with the accuser everybody.

      Cannot believe that even some weak-minded men are falling for the drama. (Clearly being influenced by manipulating women.) Come on men, remove the emotion out of the drama and stick with the facts.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Gregg Walker · 22:05 09/28/2018
        Exactly! Man, where would have Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and a long list of other maggot democrats have ended up if this kind of justice was applied to them?!!
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Dave Hauk · 19:57 09/28/2018
        WTF are you talking about? If you accuse a guy of stealing something but have little or no proof the cops still investigate the issue, if they find nothing they simply deny any investigation (which the FBI may do in this case, again) or they report it to the prosecutor and there are no charges therefore no crime is considered. The FBI are just federal police investigating, if they find nothing they will report that.... Don't call me a weak minded man because I state the obvious... All alleged crimes are investigated, if there is no evidence it doesn't take long to disseminate that... THAT IS THE MATH HERE.
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Gregg Walker · 22:03 09/28/2018
          Maybe true, but if the FBI (if they find an honest agent to investigate) finds nothing, the Dems will just bring out someone new and do it all over again. NO ONE will stop them. All out of fear of hurting women. Truth be damned, and to hell with some poor schmuck judge, just don't make the women mad!! The FBI couldn't nail Hitlery Clampett why should we trust them to be honest on this?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tim · 15:01 09/28/2018
    Hang Flake out to dry.....PUBLISH IT...Fn pos
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Jan Christophersen · 00:02 09/29/2018
      No flake is a good boy. Flake just looks innocent, he allowed the dems to fool themselves. He got them inside to vote. They were out and wouldn’t come in.
      crassley said he had no power beyond a yes or no. Dems were shocked.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Flake Sealed Indictm · 14:55 09/28/2018
    Hal, consider that this Senator Flake is fully corrupt yet perhaps it's not the Democrats who have the goods on him, but rather there is a sealed indictment with his name on it. This guy looks like he fears more than his colleagues, he fears being brought before a military tribunal.

    If for nothing else, this man showed that he is a traitor of this Republic. I don't imagine he'll much of a career left.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Gregg Walker · 22:00 09/28/2018
      Good point! Ha! That would serve him right! Although, the rest of the rats will see how easy it was to turn him, and they will figure out that he'll "sing" (like a McCain) on all of them. He'll probably have an unfortunate accident...
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Guy Patterson · 14:35 09/28/2018
    If the FBI refuses again (since they don't take orders from Congress), they can revote in a few hours.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Guy Patterson · 14:31 09/28/2018
    They must have had Hillary talk to him. That looks like a "please God, don't let them kill me/my family"!
    That is a truly "pray for Mercy" position if I ever saw one! He really looks like he should be at someone's bedside.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    GetReally · 14:25 09/28/2018
    No Hal, that's the shitty part, Maryland has NO STATUTE OF LIMITATION. Which means she could and should have went to the cops. But we know even they won't take it!
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Gregg Walker · 21:58 09/28/2018
      Has anyone actually checked that out with the statute? All I've heard so far is that is what they said in the "article" by the Washington Post. I don't know, but that is crazy for any state to have even a low level assault be prosecuted years later?!! I was a cop for 25 years and the courts can't handle what they have now.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Hal Turner · 14:30 09/28/2018
      The FBI cannot investigate state-level crimes.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Gregg Walker · 21:56 09/28/2018
        Hal, I agree and they say the Whitehouse needs to ask the FBI to do the investigation. Trump ought to just stick it right back to them and say, NO!

        He knows this is BS, and it's high time we stop pussy-footing around with this whole thing. I can't believe Lindsey Graham was the only "manly" on of the group by finally saying what needed to be said. The chairman should have put a stop to this early on but we are all afraid to seem like we are "mean to women".
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Jimmy Rochester N.y · 16:39 09/28/2018
        This is because the democrat can take the house and the senate back to involve article 25 to impeach Trump Hal that what this is part of the reason and Hal do you wanna make a $25.00 bet with me I know your gonna loose he he that all this also is because there protecting Hillary Clinton and Obama from being arrested so the statue of limitation can expire for some of the dirty deeds they did while in office.

        so once that limitation expires there nothing anyone can do about it.remember what you did back in 2007. there is a law that does protect freedom of the press and it also states that anyone home address is public record meaning anyone can get these senators home addresses and phone numbers and call them and they cannot be prosecuted because they public knowledge you know it and I know it .
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Mike C · 18:19 09/28/2018
          I don't believe there would be any statute of limitations in military court if they are traitors.
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