Today, Sunday, September 30, is the FINAL DAY I have to raise sufficient funding to keep this web site on the Internet and to keep the Hal Turner Radio Show on the airwaves.

Thanks to extraordinary donations by two folks - Todd and Nora - the overwhelming majority of funding has come in.  We are just a mere few hundred dollars away from completely making the goals.   YOU can push this effort over the top by stepping-up and making a contribution right now.

Please click the Yellow DONATE button on the top right of this page, or if you do not use online financial transactions, MAIL cash, check or Money Order to:

Harold Turner

1906 Paterson Plank Road

North Bergen, NJ  07047


To those of you who have already contributed, please accept my heartfelt thanks.  To those of you who haven't yet contributed, we're down to the wire; the Finish Line is within sight, it's time to take action.  


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    TSAZ · 18:23 09/30/2018
    Let's see the rabid Jew haters, who can think of or speak of nothing else, who splat the comments on every single story with some "evil Jew" tie-in pony up for the privilege of being able to spew at will. Frankly, you are flat out pwned by the Jew, so add a few bucks for the privilege of proselytizing and displaying it for all to witness.
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    Jilliam · 18:09 09/30/2018
    I've been auto paying $25 since last spring. I like Hal's unique perspective on the issues you won't find any where else. Thanks fellow Patriots for donating. Let's keep Hal going unbeholden to any outside influence.
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    Reginald Fischer · 17:14 09/30/2018
    I just kicked in $10 via Paypal. Do you know why? Because Hal is virtually the only US website covering the opening salvos of WW III in Syria. It's simply unbelievable the level of deception they have wrapped the American public in. Everyone is focused on the Kavanaugh confirmation nonsense, which is a giant political spectacle designed to take your eyes off the impending WW III.
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    Anonymous · 11:53 09/30/2018
    Please donate- I did. Hal is unparalleled in his reporting compared to mainstream media right now.
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    Larry Taylor · 11:29 09/30/2018
    Hal, envelope was into mail last Friday...Thanks! Oklahoma
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    Invitado2000 · 11:11 09/30/2018
    Perdon, quise decir 'Rafael Palacios'
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Invitado2000 · 11:10 09/30/2018
    Para conseguir suscriptores se sugiere ponerse en contacto con el periodista RafaelvPalacios, en:
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