All of you know that I live in North Bergen, New Jersey, which is in Hudson County, in the northeastern part of the state, just outside midtown New York City.

It is a Democrat Party stronghold and, with today being Election Day, I want to give all of you a small sampling of what it's like to live near people whom I personally conclude are politically stupid.

Not only are many of these folks apparently completely devoid of factual political information, they seem to me to be PROUD to actually DISPLAY their ignorance for all to see!

The "Jersey Journal" is the local newspaper here; it's part of New Jersey Advance Media which owns the state's largest newspaper, the "Star Ledger."  Their reporter, Michaelangelo Conti did an update on the voting taking place in the county and in his story, updated at 12:35 PM, he quoted some voters whom he encountered as they exited a polling place at School 27 on North Street in Jersey City.

The article reports:

Robert Kemmler said "I'm a Democrat - that's it. They are more for working guys and it's a vote against Trump."

Gee.  Democrats are for working guys?  Is that why the Democrats put so many Steel and Coal Workers out of jobs with their radical environmental regulations?  Thanks to Donald Trump, all those jobs are coming back; tens-of thousands of them! 

In addition, the Democrats allowed into this land literally hundreds-of-thousands of ILLEGAL ALIENS, who come here and work cheap.  Their presence here increases the SUPPLY of labor.  When SUPPLY is high, but DEMAND is low, wages go . . . . down.   So those Democrats helped LOWER WAGES for the 'working man." But, according to this gem of political brilliance, Robert Kemmler, Democrats "are more for working guys."   Stupid much, Robert?

Then the article reports:

As Pamela Hamilton walked from the school and back into the rain, she said she voted Democrat all the way.

"I just think they will put through issues that will appeal to me - that interest me," Hamilton said.

This strikes me personally as someone who doesn't have a clue but wants to sound like she does.  I wonder,Pamela, what issues do you think the Democrats will put through that appeal to you?   Our Senator, Bob Menendez having sex with underage whores in the Dominican Republic and getting away with it?  Is THAT your issue, Pamela? Pedaphelia?   Because THAT is what you seem to have voted for when you cast your Ballot for Senator Bob Menendez!   

Then there's this gem of political wisdom Joe Clark and his Daughter, Pat Radomski.  The article reports:

Joe Clarke, 88, cast his vote at the school in his wheelchair and accompanied by his daughter Pat Radomski. Both voted Democrat and they are no fans of Trump.

"It's all about Donald Trump," said Clarke.

Radomski said of Trump that "He's not doing anything."

Uhhhhh, Trump is not on the Ballot, Mr. Clarke.  But, OK, if it's all about Trump . . . . your daughter says "He's not doing anything."


Lowest unemployment nationwide in decades.  Nothing.

Lowest Black unemployment in recorded history.  Nothing.

Lowest Hispanic Unemployment is decades. Nothing.

More new manufacturing jobs created in 2017 and Q1, Q2 2018 than in the past ten years COMBINED.  Nothing.

Re--negotiating Trade Deals with Canada and Mexico to put America first.  Nothing.

Strengthening our military to fix years of neglect.  Nothing.

Getting North Korea to agree to disarm without us having to go to war?  Nothing.

I could go on, but I'm not certain Joe Clarke or his daughter have the mental capacity to grasp it.


This is what it's like for an educated Republican like me, to live in a geographic area infested by people whom I personally believe to be politically retarded.  It's very frustrating.  

Worst of all, they have no problem DISPLAYING their political ignorance PROUDLY for all to see, by opening their seemingly uninformed mouths to a newspaper.  

How can a country survive with people like this being able to cast ballots?



New Jersey Advance Media does allow some commenting to their news articles on NJ.com, but in my experience, the web site is run by politically-correct snowflakes who ban and/or block comments they don't like.

So I posted a comment on their site, very much akin to what was said in this Opinion Commentary above, and even mentioned that I expected the comment to be BLOCKED.   It didn't take long for the snowflakes to have their meltdown.

As of 5:38 PM I went back to NJ.com to see my comment and, upon logging-in, found this: "CONTENT DISABLED"

Not surprising.  the Jersey Journal has a left-wing bias as does its parent Star Ledger, and one thing the left-wing absolutely will not abide is a point of view that deviates from the party line.

So, again . . . perhaps for the umpteenth time (I've lost count) . . . my criticism is blocked and cannot be viewed.  I guess the liberal Democrat Snowflakes have to be protected.

. . .  and so it goes . . . 

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    Jan · 01:32 11/07/2018
    Thank you Hal. I get it. Thoroughly. Grew up with it, the nice girls with their scrapbooks of the english royals, oh they would prattle, isn’t she beautiful, pointing to a plain unintelligent lump. It’s undermining to be told black is white by self righteous fools with weak forearms.

    It’s damn hard when there is such an infestation of twits. Am wondering if it’s also the fluoridated water dumbing them down
    i got to the point when I moved to this city from Sydney a great city, that I really can’t be bothered with the retards who make up mostly the people I would expect to socialise with.
    i understand you mum is near so you need to stay. Be amused and let their stuff run off you.
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    William Bermudez · 20:58 11/06/2018
    Hey Hal, wasn't Menendez the guy you would have ran against had you won the primary in 2000?

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    EJ · 19:44 11/06/2018
    Hi Hal. Really appreciate your inside daily info. As a former long time resident of Hudson County. My suggestion to you is - get the heck out of crazy, corrupt Hudson County ASAP!!! I have been living in Arizona for a few years now and found it one of the better places to live - for now. It will buy you some time to exercise your freedom of speech...
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    JIMMY ROCHESTER N.Y · 19:12 11/06/2018


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    William Bermudez · 19:11 11/06/2018
    Loss of unionized manufacturing jobs is an important issue, and a personal one for me at that. My dad has been in the tool and die industry his entire adult life and he DESPISES politicians like Reagan due to their embracing of free trade. In the 80s he worked at the former Zenith factory on the west side of Chicago, having worked at Ace Fastener before that, and since Zenith's closure he's been at Weber-Stephen (the grill company).

    As a substitute teacher, I see this play out in a lot of schools as well. I recently subbed in a school on the southwest side and had a great conversation with a retired business teacher. We discussed how schools that once had massive shop wings are converting those spaces into computer labs because the schools feel that offering traditional CTE (career-technical education) programs will not adequately prepare students for life after high school, because manufacturing jobs simply do not exist in Chicago in the number that they used to. Even within his own discipline, there are classes such as data processing and bookkeeping that are simply not taught anymore because so many of those jobs have been automated.

    Anyone who's interested in how workers in obsolete industries such as coal are being retrained in more competitive trades might find this PBS Newshour clip informative: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/job-training-community-college-put-coal-miners-new-path
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    Steve Roberts · 19:11 11/06/2018
    Hi Hal, firstly, thank you for your reporting on issues that really matter, and your patriotism. Secondly, I think I iight go an repost your comment to that snowflake newspaper. Maybe if lots of people do. They might realise their error in judgement, although I am not holding my breath for that one.
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    Never in NJ Aagin · 18:45 11/06/2018
    NJ is a veritable bastion of socialism and oppression. I lived there for 33 years (1964 through 1997), but finally woke up, got tired of my “Red Vote” having no impact, said enough is enough, and left in September of 1997. I moved my family to the “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire. I didn't realize all the unalienable rights I was being robbed of till I got here. The difference is staggering, to say the least!

    In New Hampshire, there is: No State Sales Tax, No State Income Tax, No Seatbelt Law (seatbelt is NOT required to be worn by those over 18), and No Helmet Law (helmet is NOT required to be worn by those over 18). There is No Gun Control here in NH. “Open Carry” of Handguns is Legal (actually long guns as well). NH is a “Constitutional Carry” State; meaning NO Permit is required to Carry Concealed. There is No “Assault Weapons Ban”, No “Magazine Capacity Restrictions”, and No restrictions on certain types of ammuntion. There is No State “Gun Free School Zone” law. And No state issued ID cards or permits are required to buy or own a firearm.

    And despite the lack of so-called “Gun Control”, NH continually ranks as one of the top 3 “Safest States” every year. As proof, I refer you to the FBI's annual “Crime in the US” report. Once again, in 2017, NH, Maine, and Vermont are the only 3 states with a Violent Crime Rate of under 200, per 100,000 inhabitants . Maine: 121.0... New Hampshire: 198.7... Vermont: 165.8... (The violent crime figures include the offenses of murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault). States with the highest rate of violent crime? Washington DC: 1,004.9... Alaska: 829.0... New Mexico: 783.5... I have been checking these annual ‘FBI Crime in the US’ reports for over 15 years, and the total Violent Crime Rate ‘per 100,000 inhabitants’ for these 3 states is always low (under 200).
    - and -

    What is interesting to note about these very low violent crime numbers is that NH, VT, & ME all are “Constitutional Carry” states; which means no permit is required to carry a concealed handgun. (If you believe the rhetoric from the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, or Feinstein, these 3 New England states should be awash in violence, yet just the opposite is true).
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      William Bermudez · 21:16 11/06/2018
      I'm a (left-)libertarian, but I'm curious: why is not having a seatbelt law a selling point for a state?
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        Huh? · 04:45 11/07/2018
        If you don't know why you sure as hell ain't no libertarian!
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        Paul Lambert · 02:45 11/07/2018
        Ultimately, it comes down to a question individual freedom of choice versus the state initiating the use of force against and individual. Now, personally I find it wise to use a seat-belt, but that is my choice.

        The selling point is not the specifics of seat belts, but the general principle of respecting an individual's freedom of choice.
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        Jan · 01:19 11/07/2018
        The no seat belt law is indicative, that it and many others are adult choices. That you are considered adult and responsible for yourself.
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    Guy Aul · 18:43 11/06/2018
    It's 4:40 pm MST here and my wife is seeing all sorts of voter fraud going on around the country. Also, computerized voting machines down....this is not good. Maybe it's click bait, but I have my doubts. We'll know by Wednesday morning. It's sad to know that one's vote is possibly compromised.
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    Madeleine Mead · 17:25 11/06/2018
    The Founders thought only those with property should vote. It’s too bad there isn’t an IQ and knowledge of the issues test before a voter can register. But we can’t even ask for ID these days. So sad.
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      JdCh · 19:26 11/06/2018
      it is very sad. the founders were right. we now have a 'democracy' which is truly, a 'mobocracy' which is what the leftists wanted all along. largesse and freebies creating a ruling class and then the dependents peasants. Communism no less.

      Our country, while there are some good smart humble God-fearing people in it, is probably done for, I hate to say it. I do not know if we can turn this ship around. I do have hope still, and I know God can do anything, but with abortion and all the sodomite glorification, etc, we are not in a good place.
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    Better question · 17:23 11/06/2018
    "How can a country survive with people like this being able to cast ballots?"

    BETTER QUESTION: How can a country survive with people like this being able to cast ballots...multiple times?!
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    Sherlock · 17:22 11/06/2018
    "having sex with underage whores" --- Why, that is a very Feminist way of ensuring full employment for young girls !!!!!

    Liberal Feminists
    Those JUDAS GOATS like Madonna, "lady" Gaga, Katy Perry, Milley Cyrus, who teach your children that promiscuity and intoxication are harmless and safe ....... they should be stripped of ALL their wealth to pay for rehabilitation of those they MISled . These so-called female "entertainers" who GROOM young girls into sordid lives and walk away counting their money are nothing but highly paid PIMP'S enablers "grooming" little girls.
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    MR. TRUTH! · 17:18 11/06/2018
    The United States needs a Serious house cleaning! .. Round up all the Liberals and DemoRats and ship them to Socialist Heaven Venezuela! .. Round up all the Blacks and ship them home to Liberia, Africa. .. Round up all the Hispanics and ship them back to Mexico, etc! .. Round up all the Chinese and their Spies and ship them back to China!
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    rob · 17:11 11/06/2018
    Retard is very derogatory and a reporter should know that!
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      Paul Lambert · 02:47 11/07/2018
      I think you are right, Rob. Calling these people retards is an insult to those who truly are retarded.
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      Steve Roberts · 19:15 11/06/2018
      You might be happier reading CNN or other such outlet.
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      Rob, Grow Up · 18:19 11/06/2018
      Rob, stop melting in our TRUTH safe space, you damn snowflake!!!
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      Visitor · 17:48 11/06/2018
      He knows. He MEANT it to be derogatory. That's why we like this guy. He tells it like it is.
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        Rob · 11:54 11/07/2018
        so would you care if he uses nigger in the next story?
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      Occams Razor · 17:33 11/06/2018
      Retard is an abbreviation for Retarded Development. I know "Mentally Challenged" is the new buzzword, but soon that will be thrown in the Do-not-used category until they select a word like "Special" which makes the real word "Special" mean something else. All of this word smithing / doctoring makes the world a harder place to understand. Language must be rectified and things must be called for what they are. Now I would have used Brain Dead for the comments of these DemonCrap voters, but maybe Ignorant would have been the best choice.
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