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Germany has decided to give Ankara two weeks to resolve their dispute over the Incirlik air base, where German deputies were refused access to to their own Bundeswehr troops earlier this month.

At a meeting for Bundestag deputies on Friday, officials from the foreign affairs and defense ministries said that they planned to hold two weeks of talks with Ankara over the issue, before taking a decision on whether to relocate, Spiegel Online reported.

Incirlik is mainly used by the Turkish and US armed forces, but Germany has around 260 Bundeswehr soldiers, Tornado jets and aircraft tankers at the base, to assist with anti-Daesh operations.

Berlin has threatened to move its contingent to Jordan, Kuwait or Cyprus after Turkey denied a group of Bundestag deputies the right to visit German troops at Incirlik, after they planned a visit on May 15.



Germany should depart from Incirlik air base.  So should the U.S. and the rest of NATO.  

Turkey should then be ejected from NATO.

Turkey has never been a good member of NATO.  In fact, they should never have been a member at all.

The Turks are not European; they're a hyrbid mix of stone-age Islamics and African-Arab mutts.   Most of its population are from the very shallow end of the Gene pool.

They produce little to nothing in the way of technology, science, medicine, the arts, math, science or culture.

The population of that nation is so utterly stupid, and sinisterly corrupt, they've given a brown squat midget named Erdogan, incredible powers after evidence indicates he staged a "failed military coup" to get public support for giving him those powers!

Put simply, he pulled the wool over the eyes of his population, and they fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

In the year or so since the staged "coup" tens of thousands of people have been fired from jobs and jailed for being complicit in the "coup."  It's all lies.

Erdogan had lists of people with ONE DAY of the Coup, whom he wanted purged from Turkey.  And those lists were clearly POLITICAL.  He accused tens-of-thousands of Turks of being part of (or supporters of) the Coup, and drove them out of Turkish society.

While he was doing this inside Turkey, Erdogan was personally profiting from stolen oil smuggled into Turkey by ISIS terrorists.  Miles of oil tanker trucks, carrying hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil stolen from Syria and Iraq, were routinely waved-through the border into Turkey, where the stolen oil was slightly refined, re-branded, and sold illicitly on world markets.

Erdogan, his sons and countless other Turkish "officials" profited from the oil theft and smuggling.

Erdogan is a corrupt, filthy, Dictator who is unfit to be a member of the NATO Treaty Group, which is _supposed_ to consist of civilized nations.  Turkey is not civilized.

Turkey is returning to a cult-state; driven back to the stone age by its strict adoption of Islam, while being lead by a racketeer who profits from the suffering of others.

German is right to leave.  So should the rest of the civilized world. 


That's my opinion; what's yours?  Use the comment feature below to agree, disagree or whatever.



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