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As I endeavor to bring back The Hal Turner Show, we have re-initialized the outbound streaming audio server for a test.  Right now, anyone clicking the LISTEN LIVE links in the gray menu bar, ought to be able to tune-in to the stereo music I am temporarily streaming.  Please click to see if YOU can listen and leave a comment in the comment area below.

MONEY is the key to _successfully_ bringing back the show.  As of now, about $340 has come in, so we're about ten percent of the way toward the goal, to get the show back and fund it for the first few months to then earn donations.

If you have not yet donated, PLEASE do so right now by clicking the DONATE button at the top right of this page.  Some folks could only give around $5. while others have been able to donate $100.  Every little bit helps.

If you want the "rip-roaring radio psycho" back on the air, sticking a rhetorical finger in the eye of the politically correct and the politicians that suck-up to them, then YOU need to make a contribution.

Don't sit-back and think someone else will do it.  YOU are the "someone else!"

I will leave this test feed up until about midnight Tuesday-into-Wednesday, then bring it back up for a couple hours a night until this coming weekend, so everyone can test if they are able to tune-in.


Hal Turner




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