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It's official, the Memorial Day Weekend Box office receipt numbers are in and according to the numbers, Hollywood has had its WORST Memorial Day in theaters since 1991.  Hey Hollywood, have you figured it out yet?  America has had enough of your leftist asshole ideology and nasty remarks about our President.

Since those of us who voted for President Trump are the ones with the disposable income, we hope you got the message loud and clear: Shut the fuck up about President Trump and politics -- or we'll continue to stay home.

You folks in Hollywood don't seem to know your place, so let me spell it out for you: You're actors.  You read lines written by OTHER people.  You are not smarter than the rest of us.  You don't know better.  You're nothing more than fucking talking heads - period.

Of course, you earn a lot of cash doing what you do because (I have to give credit where it's due) you're good at what you do.  But you seem to think that the fact you earn a ton of cash somehow means you're able to competently speak about social, cultural or political issues.  WRONG!

The way most of you live - can't keep a stable marriage; committing adultery thru mixed-race marriages and flings, adopting racially wrong children, getting busted for drugs or booze and such -- is no credit toward some degree of enlightenment.  In fact, it's just the opposite; the way most of you live is proof to the rest of us that most of you are God damned idiots.

And the louder some of you get on matters social, cultural and political, the worse fools you make of yourselves. Believe it or not, there's a psychological explanation for many of your Hollywood people: The Dunning-Kruger Effect.  IOn short, the trouble with most of you Hollywood types is, many of you (not all) are so dumb, you can't even grasp how dumb you are!  It's pathetic.

So, for the past seven months or so, a lot of us out here in the real world have sat back and watched as you rave, rant, whine and moan about President Trump. Frankly, many of us have had enough.  We've demonstrated our displeasure with you by not spending money to see your work.  Here's how Quartz Media reports things:


Hollywood executives say Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is as close to guaranteeing butts in seats as any actor can be. But even the action star couldn’t rescue the US box office this Memorial Day weekend.

Johnson’s latest movie, Baywatch, debuted at number three with $23 million in domestic returns during the holiday weekend’s worst US box office showing in nearly two decades.

The domestic box office, which includes US and Canada, brought in a paltry $172 million over the four days ended May 29. The last time the box office dropped that low during Memorial Day weekend was in 1999, when Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Menace led a four-day total of just $142.5 million, during its second week in theaters. 

When adjusted for ticket-price inflation, the picture is worse. You’d have to go back to Memorial Day weekend 1991, when Backdraft topped the box office with an adjusted $144 million, to find a worse showing.


Now that I've made your situation clear, here's some advice:

Take your political, social and cultural views and stick them up your collective ass.  We don't care what you think and we refuse to sit back and let you continue demeaning the rest of us over our choice for President.

If you uppity folks return to steppin-and-fetchin for us to be entertained - which is what you're supposed to do --  we'll turn the money back on.

Until then, fucking starve.

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