Had "Meetings" . . .


After my show last night, I had to meet some of my former colleagues for serious discussions.  The meetings lasted through much of the night.

When I got home, it seemed like I had only gotten to sleep when I was paid a surprise visit by other former colleagues who have flown-in from outside the U.S. for their own meetings.

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They Just Don't Stop: CNN Caught Cold-Calling College Grads for Dirt on Kavanaugh


I have a recording of CNN Senior Producer, Scott Bronstein, cold-calling Yale Graduates trying to dig-up dirt on Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  These people opposing Kavanaugh are apparently so low, so sleazy, so despicable, they will stop at NOTHING to ruin a perfectly good man.  Is this a case of "Tares among the Wheat" or is it worse?  Are we now seeing "The Synagogue of Satan" in all its ungodly filth?

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New: Submit News Tips

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In the menu bar directly above this main news section, is added a new feature: SUBMIT NEWS TIPS.

It replaces the old "FORUM" which has been removed and uninstalled because no one used it.

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Folks, it has been a busy month and as of Tuesday, September 25, I have FIVE (5) days to raise enough funds to keep this web site and my radio show alive through October.

There are FIVE Wednesdays in October, so there's an extra week of radio time I have to pay for (in advance). 

You folks know what those costs are because they are listed on the web sites of WRMI  . . .  a buck a minute, for two hours per show (120 minutes) =$120 times five shows = $600.    WBCQ has slightly lower costs as shown on their web site, so figure around $500.   

Then there's this web site, a cloud-based site where YOU READ, and I GET BILLED through charges called "Data Transfer."  That's the way it works with a cloud-based web site, where one primary server (burstable to ten) powers about nineteen different data centers around the planet. This includes the multiple streaming audio servers which multiplex the audio signal to accommodate as many listeners as need to be connected.  The site charges for this month are PROJECTED to be $1200.

Then, of course, the telephones Figure about $116.00 for the inbound call-in lines.

Music Licensing and Royalty fees. $275.

I had to replace my Electrovoice RE-20 microphone which, as you heard, went bad.  The new Eletrovoice RE-27n/d cost about $499.

Then there's the studio equipment; fiber optic connections to send the show to the radio stations, and to the Internet.

With just the items above, we're looking at about $3300 this month.  

So if you haven't donated in awhile, or you realize the costs are what they are and can help, I sure can use all the help I can get . . . . FAST.

Please use the DONATE button at the top right of this web page to make a donation.  for those of you who do not use online financial transactions, I ask you to please donate via cash, check or Money Order and mail it to:

Harold Turner

1906 Paterson Plank Road

North Bergen, NJ   07047-1902



Those of you outside the USA can mail cash from your country, and I will have it converted to US Dollars when it arrives.

It takes a tremendous effort, and probably 80+ hours a week to bring all this cutting-edge news, and the radio shows to you.  I hope my actual work proves to be of value to you, in a way that makes you comfortable stepping up and sending a few bucks.

Don;t think "someone else will do it.  They don't.  I need ALL the help I can get and every little bit helps.  SO PLEASE make a donation right now.





Amazon Associates BEWARE! Have Just TERMINATED Relationship with Amazon Associates


This morning, as happens every once in awhile, I received an email from Amazon containing Updates to the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement.  Oh boy, it's a good thing I looked, because I decided to CANCEL my affiliation with them . . . and many of you may want to do so as well.

In the Updates scheduled to take effect October 1, Amazon informs Associate about what they call "Unsuitable sites."  Here's the exact wording:

  • We standardized the definition of “Unsuitable Sites” to include a) sites that promote or contain obscene, false and deceptive materials, or that are hateful, harassing, harmful, abusive or invasive of another's privacy, and b) sites directed towards children or violating child protection laws.

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