Paul Krugman / NY Times / WaPo et. al. -- They are the Tares among the Wheat


In today's New York Times, Op-Ed writer Paul Krugman seemed to be out of touch with reality (again), retching about Supreme Court Nominee Judge Kavanaugh.  Initially, I just shook my head with disgust as I read his prose but suddenly, it occurred to me:  Krugman and his ilk are Tares among the Wheat.  Spiritual children of Satan. Spewing lies, half-truths, distortions. Sewing dissension. Creating havoc.

A lot of people in the mass-media these days are showing themselves to be Tares among the Wheat.  If you are mindful of that parable, you'll be able to easily see it for yourselves -- every, single, day as they in the mass-media spew lies, half-truths, distortions. Sew dissension. Create havoc..   Here's what I mean:

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Barbecue Talk: "Maybe the public should do VIGILANTE JUSTICE"


Millions of Americans have been patiently waiting, hoping, and praying for the US Department of Justice to finally hold accountable the people who committed acts against our Republic before, during and after the 2016 Election. They wait in vain.   

Justice from official channels will NEVER be done because the official channels are ALL corrupt.  ALL OF THEM.   And the so-called "investigations" they're allegedly conducting, are merely theater to run-out the clock on the Statute of Limitations.  

I was at a barbecue over the Labor Day weekend and a guy I spoke to there told me that he was starting to wonder if the only real solution to some national troubles might come if the general public begins VIGILANTE JUSTICE IN THE STREETS; walking up to some of the people who have undermined our country and smashing them in the head with a baseball bat until they're dead?

Intriguing thought!

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Funding Update


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Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Russia Scheduled Military Drills in Med Designed to Force Longer US Missile Flight times to Syria


On September 3, elements of the Russian Navy will commence scheduled live-fire military exercises in the eastern Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria.  The exercises are scheduled to last three full days . . . and just so happen to coincide exactly with the pending Syrian Army offensive to rid the province of Idlib of US-backed "Rebels."

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CIA and NYT Lackeys are so utterly INEPT, they have no clue why Kremlin Sources "went quiet" - Because War is coming and we in the US Started it . . .


About 24 Hours ago, America's "newspaper of record" the New York Times, ran a piece entitled "Kremlin Sources Go Quiet, Leaving C.I.A. in the Dark About Putin’s Plans for Midterms." 

The fact that internal players at the CIA would even leak something like this goes to show you how utterly INEPT the CIA has become after years of mismanagement by former Director John Brennan, who had the operational mind of an earthworm and the intellect of a fly.

I worked as a National Security Intelligence Asset with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.  Some of my overseas endeavors were coordinated with CIA and I got to know a number of well-placed folks there.  So when I say that former Director John Brennan had a reputation as having the operational mind of an earthworm and the intellect of a fly - I KNOW.  His tenure as CIA Deputy Executive Director ran from 2001-2012 when he became Director.  My tenure with FBI ran from 1991-2008 with the final five years ('03-'08) with the Joint Terrorism Task Force. So Brennan and I were both operating within US Gov at overlapping periods.  This earthworm mentality is the primary reason Brennan is screeching so loudly about President Trump; he doesn't want Trump revealing to the world what Brennan actually did which so weakened our intelligence apparatus!

Experienced Intelligence professionals would NEVER reveal sources going quiet to the New York Times because it would confirm to the Russians they've succeeded in silencing our intel sources.

That CIA would leak such information displays total lack of professionalism, amazingly bad judgment and demonstrates the amateurish ignorance so pervasive in the upper echelon at the Agency nowadays.  Shit floats;  and under former Director John Brennan, the shit at CIA floated right to the top of the management chain.  Stupidity is so rampant within CIA management nowadays the whole fucking agency is damn near dysfunctional.

The fact that the New York Times would take the CIA leak and phrase it in terms of ". . .Putin's plans for Midterms" is a testament to shallowness, tunnel vision, and the shear stupidity of their writers Julian E. Barnes and Matthew Rosenberg. These "reporters" are apparently so narrow-minded, they view everything in terms of US national politics.  I guess it never occurred to these dingbats that something far worse was happening in the world.  You see, these writers, like so many in the "news media" don't seem to think. They don't seem to analyse.  What the corporate news media does today is spew dogma.  Period.  Most of them are as worthless as tits on a bull.

This "gone quiet" has nothing at all to do with the US Midterm elections, it has to do with the US Sanctions placed upon Russia, and the Russians' realization they now have little choice but to go directly to war with the US in order to survive. 

The Russians have about a year left (maybe 18 months) before they're unable to fight us.  They will not go quietly into the night. Russia will fight.  They will attack because our economic sanctions are, in fact, an attack upon them. They have no choice.  The US is grinding them down into the ground economically and the Russians have no intention of going back to the days of no food, no fuel, and no consumer goods.  THAT is what they face, and they reject that. 

Worst of all, it is OUR Congress that has caused this; enacting very real and effective economic sanctions based on completely false accusations of "Russia Collusion" affecting the 2016 Presidential Election. 

When the missiles start flying, don't try running for shelter, be laying-in-wait in the tall grass near where your members of Congress are and hold them accountable on the spot for the disaster they have brought upon us.

It is OUR state Department that is making it worse, faster, by stiffening economic sanctions over another totally FRAUDULENT accusation: That Russia used Novichok nerve agent on a former spy in the UK.   The entire claim is false.  The chemical used in the UK was manufactured at Porter Down, the UK chemical weapons lab, located not too far from where the alleged Novichok nerve agent was used.  The effort was a British Intelligence False Flag designed to incriminate Russia to further beat the drums of war. The fact that the UK refuses to turn over lab samples of the alleged agent used, so that Russia can analyse it, is proof on its face the British know the whole thing is a fraud of their own making.

And it is the unmitigated arrogance of OUR military command structure, thinking it's "stealth" planes actually cannot be detected, our "missile defense" actually matters, and our "overwhelming NATO superiority" won't fall apart when the lazy and cheap Europeans - who won't even stand-up to the wipe-out of their societies by deliberate invasion of third-world savages --  have to actually show up to fight,  that will bring us disaster on a scale never before seen in human history.


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