I Didn't Believe it at First - Now I DEFINITELY Don't Believe it!


Pictured above are Brett Kavanaugh at 17 and Christine Blasey who was 15 at the time of the alleged sex assault.  I DON'T THINK SO.   

I think the girl looked like Bucky the Wonder Horse!   You'd have to be stone drunk to even WANT to hit that; in my opinion, she was fugly as hell! 

Sex assault? Nope.  Not possible.  Didn't happen.  The whole accusation against Kavanaugh is just downright false in my view.

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If you need Firearms, Ammunition or Accessories, You'd better get it done soon


This is going to be a very dangerous month for America and our fellow citizens.  When I say "dangerous" I mean it.

Things are in motion now that may take on a life of their own and YOU had better be ready to defend yourself, your family and your property.

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And So It Begins . . .


Today is October 1, 2018, and within a very short time, people will begin to understand why History will record this as Red October.

This is the time that so many have patiently awaited since the beginning of the Trump Presidency.  

Rope has been freely given to all who wanted to take it.  Now, they get to hang themselves with it.

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Today is the FINAL DAY for raising Funding


Today, Sunday, September 30, is the FINAL DAY I have to raise sufficient funding to keep this web site on the Internet and to keep the Hal Turner Radio Show on the airwaves.

Thanks to extraordinary donations by two folks - Todd and Nora - the overwhelming majority of funding has come in.  We are just a mere few hundred dollars away from completely making the goals.   YOU can push this effort over the top by stepping-up and making a contribution right now.

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Senator Sissy-Ass Screws-up Kavanaugh Vote


Senator Sissy-Ass, Jeff Flake of Arizona, showed the world what a weak-minded, corrupted, spineless piece of political shit he is today, declaring to the Judiciary Committee his vote to advance Judge Kavanaugh as nominee to the full Senate for a Floor vote, was conditioned upon the process being delayed for one week, in order for the FBI to investigate the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.

How the hell did the people of Arizona end up with a mental-weakling-shitbag like this as their Senator?

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