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Americans generally know nothing about our European "allies" and the nefarious plans they may occasionally hatch against us.  But people familiar with history know how the British Foreign Office was a primary mover in getting the United States into World War I.  Winston Churchill certainly wanted us to join the Brits in WWII, and after Pearl Harbor, we did.

By the 1930s, the Soviets had deeply suborned and penetrated the U.K., and sentimental Marxism is still the main religion of Britain, though the name "Mohammed" is now the most popular name for baby boys.  A BBC survey several years ago found that Karl Marx – yes, good old murderous Marx – is widely respected as "the greatest philosopher in history" by the BBC audience.  No wonder, because the Beeb has been telling them so ever sing the Cambridge Spies were recruited by the Soviets in the 1930s.

Ian Fleming's famous James Bond series was plausibly written by former spy Fleming to cover up the truth, which was deep subversion by the Soviets of the British espionage apparatus in World War II and after.

The public story of the Trump "dossier," bought by the Hillary campaign to discredit Donald Trump and now being used by corruptocrat Robert Mueller – himself the swampiest of swamp creatures – is that the DNC paid Fusion GPS, which paid Christopher Steele, a "former British spy," to write an opposition document on Donald Trump.  To spice up that document, Mr. Steele imagined Donald Trump, his wife, and his family going to Moscow and hiring famously sexy Moscow prostitutes to urinate on the bed Obama was alleged to have occupied.  Whether anybody bothered to change the sheets is not reported, but then the whole dossier reeks to high heaven.

Among the many flaws in this story is Christopher Steele, nominally a "former" GCHQ spy, who was hired to do the deed.  But when it comes to keeping the Brits informed of major developments in its biggest ally, the United States, there are no "former" spies.  If Steele was hired by the DNC to come up with dirt on Trump, it was his clear obligation to report said hiring to his old bosses, who would naturally send it up the line to Theresa May, the current prime minister of the U.K.


Ms. May is currently in a nasty political trap, caught between the will of the British voters, who want to get out of the corrupt and incompetent European Union, and the E.U. swamp itself, which is trying by hook and by crook to sabotage the British exit from that particular quagmire.

Let's put it this way: if Chris Steele is an idiot, he might not understand that the DNC was giving him a golden chance to shaft Donald J. Trump, just when Theresa May wanted to (secretly) please the E.U. swamp and thereby also get gold star points from the U.S. swamp.  Got that?  If Chris hadn't put that Moscow pee-pee story in the "dossier," Theresa May would never have forgiven him.

So Christopher Steele claims to be a "retired" spook, when we know damned well there is no such thing.  If a former spook gets a golden chance to manipulate U.S. politics, he will be seriously remiss in not telling the May government all about it.  And Theresa May will jump at the chance to manipulate our election, in just the way the Brits jumped at the chance to get us into WWI and WWII.  Swamp calls to swamp, you might say.

OK, so the "Russian attempt to throw the election to Trump" may actually be a British attempt (with E.U. help) to throw the election to Hillary.  This is not some weird exception to the rule.  Obama tried to throw the Israeli election to the left, last time, against Bibi Netanyahu, whom he hated on sight.

The BBC, which occasionally resorts to telling the truth, once ran a wonderful comedy show called Yes, Minister, with the running gag of the elected minister trying to manipulate his purely appointed swamp department, only to be told time and time again by the chief bureaucrat that, alas, it couldn't be done.  Yes, Minister is probably on the web today, and it's worth watching, because it served as a great warning that elections in the U.K. meant nothing anymore.  No matter who was elected, the swamp would prevail.

Now, the BBC is the original swamp propaganda department, always running talking points from the left and, these days, from the forces of jihad.  Things got so bad at the BBC swamp that it protected serial child abuser Jimmy Savile, who ran the most popular children's program on the BBC, in spite of the fact that he abused hundreds of children.  The U.K. media reported the Jimmy Savile perversion only after he died.

The whole thing was shocking beyond belief, but it was consistent with jihad penetration of Europe, which we now see everywhere.  Jimmy Savile was obviously protected by the police, the intelligence services, and the upper ranks of the BBC itself.  Parents who complained to the cops received no help whatsoever.  Pakistani child-"grooming gangs" are still reported today routinely in cities like Rotherham, and they are likely to exist in many other places.  In rapefugee centers like Germany and Sweden, an increase in child and female abuse can be expected, because in shari'a law, women are second- or third-class citizens, and infidel children are celebrated targets.  The Prophet himself "married" a six-year-old, but he was kind enough to wait until she was nine to consummate the marriage.

So Europe is corrupted and suborned even beyond the standards of Washington, D.C. 

Question: Are we supposed to believe that Christopher Steele really didn't work with his old buds in the British swamp to make up and spread that anti-Trump dossier?

The U.K. Guardian – the old Stalinist rag from those times – is now protecting Theresa May against Donald Trump's nasty tweet.

But I'll bet it all started with ol' Chris Steele and the pee-pee dossier.


By James Lewis

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