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A progressive’s progressive got caught doing what progressives do -- hurl baseless chares of bigotry -- and has had to eat a heaping helping of crow.

If you wanted to conjure up a single representative example of a DC swamp creature, Hilary Rosen would be a good choice. She has effortlessly traveled through the worlds of Capitol Hill staff, lobbying, media, culture, and gay and lesbian activism, dropping political contributions and making friends along the way. Five years ago, the Washington Post (where she used to work as a columnist) described her as, “A well-connected Washington insider, Rosen is the kind of person who can expect both Al Gore and Greta van Susteren to show up at her 50th birthday party.”

Hilary Rosen in 2016 (source: Wikipedia)

And now, she has been called out for reflexively charging bigotry when self-evidently none was involved. Max Jaeger reports in the New York Post:


CNN guest commentator Hilary Rosen is on the hot seat after she publicly and baselessly panned a Georgetown University sports fan as anti-Semitic — because he was wearing a bacon suit during his school’s recent basketball game against Syracuse University.

It turns out the fan’s name is Michael Bakan, and he regularly wears the get-up just because his last name is pronounced like the non-Kosher breakfast staple.

“Look at the guy in the ‘bacon suit,’” Rosen wrote Saturday in a since-deleted tweet accompanied by a photo of Bakan at the game. “This is a Georgetown #Hoyas fans anti-Semitic smear to the Syracuse team.”

Rosen then fired off a second accusatory missive after Syracuse won, writing, “Hey bacon-man. #Syracuse for the win. Bigots lose. Bye #Hoyas #Cuse.”

Bakan and several of his friends took to the social-media platform later in the day to point out she was jumping to conclusions.

“Hey, it’s ‘bacon man.’ It’s actually Mr. Bakan — pronounced ‘bacon.’ Just a fun costume,” Bakan tweeted at Rosen.

Rosen tried to save her own bacon by claiming she was given some bad intel.

“Awesome, u found me!” she tweeted to Bakan. “Thanks for telling me. I’m new to this school rivalry and got some bad info! I apologize and took down my tweet.”

Rosen never clarified what “bad info” she got about the legendary ‘Cuse-Georgetown rivalry or how it had to do with Judaism.

The "bigots lose" wording is the tell. Rosen divides the world into virtuous progressives and everybody else, who are by definition evil. So an entire team -- or university -- become bigots.

This is not the first time that Rosen has shot off her mouth with vile charges, only to regret it with an apology. She didn’t learn from that experience, and she won’t learn this time, either.  

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/12/powerful_leftist_dc_swamp_dweller_forced_into_humiliating_apology_for_baseless_charge_of_bigotry.html#ixzz51csF5zIh 
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