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Immediately following confirmation by Senator Lindsey Graham about the origin of the 2016 FBI Counterintelligence Operation against candidate Donald Trump, The New York Times, via Clinton’s favorite voice Maggie Haberman, pushes out an article attempting to cloud, obfuscate and justify the joint FBI and DOJ surveillance operation against Trump.

The timing, content and presentation of the disinformation is transparent in the intended motive.  More and more people are recognizing the FBI application to the FISA court was based on political information, the Steele Dossier, assembled by political operatives and used by political operatives within the DOJ National Security Division and FBI Counterintelligence Division.

As such, now the people at risk within the FBI and DOJ attempt to shift the focus away from the political document known as the “Steele Dossier” and toward the useful distraction of a short-term volunteer Trump campaign aide, George Papadopoulos.

This approach, originated by the current sense within the intelligence community, indicates all dossier scrutiny is directly over the target; and the leadership knows the risk.  This is why the upper-tier management of the FBI and DOJ have refused prior questions about the Dossier’s use.  The DOJ/FBI officials know the outline of how the dossier was assembled implicates them in a verifiable conspiracy.


As to the substance of the NYT justification it is absurd on its face.  Claiming George Papadopoulos speaking to an Australian politician in London mid May 2016, and a conversation about Russians having dirt on Hillary Clinton, as the origin of the FBI’s Russian probe is silly.

Immediately this nonsense was noted by people who have followed the back-story closely.  There are three threads to see the deconstruction of the NY Times proposition: Imperator Rex has one – HERE; nameredacted has another – HERE; and I added one HERE

I’ll weave some information in a summary form using all three:

Maggie Haberman is NOT a journalist, but a propagandist – a total Clinton partisan & Obama cult member, with extreme TDS. EVERYTHING she writes should be immediately interpreted in that light. Haberman was exposed by Wikileaks during the campaign as a KEY Clinton ‘media surrogate’, one of Hillary’s ‘earned media’ – I call them Clinton media SLAVES. See HERE

We all know what’s happening here. The narrative now is that George Papadopoulos, who served as a volunteer on Trump’s campaign team for a few months, was the insitigator for Comey’s FBI to open up their ‘Trump-Russia’ investigation in July 2016. Apparently it was all based on tittle-tattle & gossip between Papadopoulos & an Australian diplomat over drinks in London in May. NOTHING AT ALL to do with the infamous Fusion GPS dossier. Quote:

“It was not, as Mr. Trump and other politicians have alleged, a dossier compiled by a former British spy hired by a rival campaign. Instead, it was firsthand information from one of America’s closest intelligence allies.”

Continue reading the deconstruction HERE.

George Papadopoulos talking in May 2016, is likely about this *open and public information* from April 2016 – SEE HERE.

Nowhere in the Joint Analysis Report [Comey, Brennan and Clapper construct] is anything about George Papadopoulos even hinted or alluded to.

The NYT outline is also nonsense based on common sense. Papadopoulos was so important that:

July 15th 2016 Comey opens counterintel investigation into Russian collusion. January 15th 2017 FBI visits Papadopoulos for first time.

The FBI waited for six months to talk to him?

If George Papadopoulos was so important to the FBI “investigation” why did all “intelligence” agencies released their final JAR report without ever speaking to him? Not even once?

No. What the NYT has in the article is a well constructed and brutally familiar pattern of what journalism looks like when the IC use reporters to cover their tracks and create a justification based on a false premise.

The Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, Mary Jacoby, Nellie Ohr etc. and subsequent Christopher Steele origin of the FISA application source material is a risk to the former leadership within the DOJ National Security Division and FBI Counterintelligence Division.

That’s why both FBI and DOJ sides of this intelligence operation need to create a false origin. The actual FISA application content is a much more explosive risk. Use your common sense logic hat.

COMMON SENSE: If a Papadopolous conversation in May 2016 was the origin, the source material, of the FBI counterintelligence operation, then why were they denied a FISA application in June/July 2016?

Why would the DOJ and FBI intelligence officials withhold this information from all congressional committees for a year, refuse to discuss it, yet somehow just release it to The NY Times?  If it was simply innocuous – Think logically.

More on Papadopolous HERE

Continue reading the deconstruction HERE.

The 2016 FBI counterintelligence operation was surveillance on the Trump Campaign and was thinly disguised under the fraudulent auspices of a FISA warrant, sold as a defense of U.S. democracy from Russia, which permitted the wiretaps and surveillance etc.

The DOJ involvement surrounds legal arguments, processing of FISA applications, and use of the legal system to support the FBI operation with actionable legal framing (against Trump). The DOJ National Security Division carried out that collaboration with the FBI.

The back-story to the FISA warrant is the cornerstone to expose this entire charade. The back-story to the FISA warrant contains both the FBI and the DOJ upper-management and leadership.  The back-story to the FISA warrant outlines the conspiracy and the nature of the relationships amid all the conspirators.

Expose the back-story and the entire ‘muh Russia’ conspiracy fraud collapses under the weight of sunlight, and all of the co-conspirators are discovered simultaneously.

That’s why the NYT was used to create chaff and countermeasures.  Nothing more.

The Big Ugly



IG Stimulated Releases of Information:

♦Release #1 was the FBI Agent Strzok and Attorney Lisa Page story; and the repercussions from discovering their politically motivated bias in the 2015/2016 Clinton email investigation and 2016/2017 Russian Election investigation.

♦Release #2 outlined the depth of FBI Agent Strzok and FBI Attorney Page’s specific history in the 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton to include the changing of the wording [“grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”] of the probe outcome delivered by FBI Director James Comey.

♦Release #3 was the information about DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr being in contact with Fusion GPS at the same time as the FISA application was submitted and granted by the FISA court; which authorized surveillance and wiretapping of candidate Donald Trump; that release also attached Bruce Ohr and Agent Strzok directly to the Steele Dossier.

♦Release #4 was information that Deputy Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, was an actual contract employee of Fusion GPS, and was hired by F-GPS specifically to work on opposition research against candidate Donald Trump. Both Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr are attached to the origin of the Christopher Steele Russian Dossier.

♦Release #5 was the specific communication between FBI Agent Strzok and FBI Attorney Page. The 10,000 text messages that included evidence of them both meeting with Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe to discuss the “insurance policy” against candidate Donald Trump in August of 2016.

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