Hal Turner is the ONLY living American media member IMPRISONED for writing a news Editorial the Obama Regime didn't like. 

The ONLY other American media member EVER imprisoned for an Editorial was Benjamin Franklin-Bache, grandson of Benjamin Franklin in the year 1798, which talked about the Alien and Sedition Act.  He died of Yellow Fever while awaiting trial. 

Thus, you should pay very close attention to what Hal says because the federal government is so fearful of his words, you just KNOW he's telling the truth!

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Don't expect "fairness" or "balance;" that's not what this show is about. This program focuses on news, issues, and opinions that the mainstream will not talk about. 

For news coverage, you get the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.  Facts.  Not opinion.  Not conjecture.  And if there is opinion, it is LABELLED as "HT Remark" to separate the news from what Hal thinks.

Hal uses his own life experiences to formulate his opinions and he lets loose with them every week no matter who doesn't like it!

MSNBC says "[Hal] Turner has the cachet of show business and draws easily on the politics of the day to support his case."

CNN reports "Hal Turner is a man with a message. . . . a master of the First Amendment"

DAILY KOS reports [Hal Turner has] "outstanding and unsurpassed ability of verbal rhetoric and eloquence over the mighty radio-waves. . . . ."


So effective is Hal Turner that no less than the President of the National Council of LaRaza, appearing on CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" blamed Turner BY NAME for "creating a wave of hate" against illegal aliens. (It wasn't true, but she said it anyway!) 

A major Turner triumph was successfully causing 18 United States Senators to change their votes and halt amnesty for illegal aliens contained in the 2007 so-called "Grand Bargain; Comprehensive Immigration Reform" legislation. 

Twelve hours after Turner released to his audience, Senator home addresses and unlisted phone numbers, Senators reportedly received so many calls, they changed votes they had cast just three days earlier, thus ending the Amnesty Bill for illegal aliens. Congress was so mad that Turner did this, they made it ILLEGAL: 18 U.S.C. §119 



Hal Turner is the only living media personality in the United States to be imprisoned by the federal government for writing an Editorial they didn't like!

In June, 2009, Hal wrote an Editorial about a Ruling by the Seventh US Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, which upheld a Chicago ban on handguns.  In that Editorial, Turner outlined how the ruling violated the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, violated its Supremacy Clause and violated a then-recent US Supreme Court ruling which declared handgun bans to violate the US Constitution.

Turner went on to call the judges "Traitors to the Constitution."  He quoted one of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, who wrote "The tree of liberty must be replenished from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots." Turner went on to say "Let me be the first to say this plainly, these judges deserve to be killed.  Their blood would replenish the tree of liberty, a small price to pay to assure freedom for millions."

Twenty two days later, 14 FBI agents arrived at Turner's home, showed him a printout of that Editorial and asked him:

1) Is this your web site?

Turner replied "Yes."

2) Did you write this?

Turner Replied "Yes."

They then said, Mr. Turner, the United States Attorney says this is a Threat. 

Turner replied "Saying someone DESERVES something is an opinion, not a threat."

The FBI then said: You are under arrest.

Turner went on trial in Brooklyn federal court in December, 2009 charged with "Threatening to assault and murder three United States Judges".  Hung Jury, with nine voting NOT GUILTY

Turner went on trial a second time in March, 2010.  This time, the feds brought the three judges to court to testify against Turner.  HUNG JURY, with ten voting NOT GUILTY.

At this point, Bankrupted by legal fees and from being unable to work or be on the radio (by court order) Turner could no longer pay his lawyers and was appointed a federal defender.  Big mistake.  

Turner was put on trial a remarkable THIRD TIME - something usually only done to Mafia Bosses like John Gotti - and the federal defender did such a terrible job, the jury convicted in 90 minutes.   Off to prison Turner went.

In December, 2010, Turner was Sentenced to 33 months prison, and served much of that time in the MOST SECRET PRISON UNIT in the entire United States: The Communications Management Unit (CMU) at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Terre Haute, IN. Security in this unit is more severe than that found in SUPERMAX!

Turner was in the TERRORIST UNIT.  For a time, he was in the exact same cell previously occupied by Oklahoma City Bomber, Timothy McVeigh

He ate breakfast lunch and dinner every day with people like:

El Sayyid NoSair, who murdered Rabbi Meir Khanne and blew up the World Trade Center in 1993. 

Muhammed Rashid, who bombed PanAm Flight 803 and several Israeli embassies around the world. 

John Walker Lyndh, "The American Taliban" who took-up arms against the American military inside Afghanistan. 

Abduwali Musa, the Somali pirate who hijacked the Maersk Alabama cargo ship, which became became the basis for a Hollywood movie "Captain Philips."

There were others like them in the same unit: Ahmed Ressam "The Millenium Bomber" and many more. 

Think about this for a moment; Hal Turner wrote an Editorial where nobody got hurt, nobody got killed, no property was damaged, destroyed or stolen, and nobody lost any money.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED TO ANYONE OR ANYTHING . . . and the feds put him in THIS UNIT with THESE people ???????? Quite a punishment for writing an OPINION.  But such was life under the regime of Barack Hussein Obama.

Think the USA still has free speech? Think again. Think we still have freedom of the press? Not anymore. 

Now, out of prison, Turner returns to the radio airwaves to fight for our Republic and our rights like never before. 

Nowadays a lot of people walk around just LOOKING for something to be offended at; Hal Turner accommodates them! On this show, you'll hear Hal and his callers telling it like it is with a "brash, in-your-face style" making the sacred cows of political-correctness and government tyrants run for cover! 

Hal Turner is so far to the right he made Rush Limbaugh look like a liberal and Sean Hannity seem like a girly-man! Michael Savage and Mark Levin don't even come close. 

Some folks are OFFENDED by the content of this web site and of the radio show. If you are offended, go somewhere else because we really don't care! We will not change this site or stop broadcasting just because you're offended.


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