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A British mom is "fuming" after her 11-year-old daughter's school asked her to define hardcore pornography as part of a homework assignment.

The Edenville Dam has reportedly collapsed, sending a wall of water into towns in northern Michigan.  Authorites are desperately urging residents to flee for their lives as floodwater rush into populated areas.   Map below:

Global High Frequency Radio Station WBCQ has added the Hal Turner Radio Show to a THIRD transmitter, effective last night.   

In addition to the normal 50,000 watt broadcasts on 7.490 and 6.160, the show is now also being transmitted on ...

The Monday, May 18 Hal Turner Radio Show was a blockbuster.  During the show, the home address of Governor Phil Murphy was given out so protesters can "lock him down" like he's done to everyone else!  No, not the "official governor's mansion" ca...

A police Captain and a Lieutenant from the Bellmawr, New Jersey Police Department UPHELD THEIR OATHS to support the Constitution, and thus DECLINED to "enforce" Governor Phil Murphy's so-called "Order" closing "non-essential" businesses. 

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