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Israel Bombs Iranian Ambassador's Residence on Embassy Grounds in Damascus

Israel Bombs Iranian Ambassador's Residence on Embassy Grounds in Damascus

The Israeli Air Force has bombed a building in Damascus, Syria, directly next to the Iran Embassy!  It was the Ambassador's residence. Iran sovereign territory!  We are just "meters" (literally) from a major war.

In the  image above, the Iran Embassy is circled in red.  The building directly next door, bombed out of existence.

The Iranian ambassador and his family in Syria are in good health and were not injured in the attack;

The assassination of a senior Iranian figure and another individual in the building is reported.

UPDATE: The person killed in the Israeli attack in Damascus is Mohammad Reza Zahedi - a commander in the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards, according to preliminary reports.

UPDATE: Below is pictured the Iran Embassy (intact) but the building next door, collapsed from Israeli aircraft bombs:

Iran Embassy Damascus

Bombing site as seen from across the street:

Across street


Israeli media is saying "This is the most senior Iranian outside of Iran that was targeted, the commander of the forces in Syria and Lebanon and this act is a clear declaration of war'

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has been placed on a heightened state of alert


-- from the Syrian Ministry of Defense:

"Around 17:00 this afternoon, the "Israeli" enemy launched an aerial aggression from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting the Iranian consulate building in Damascus. Our air defenses confronted the enemy's missiles, downing some of them. The aggression resulted in the complete destruction of the building and the martyrdom and injury of everyone inside. Efforts are underway to recover the bodies of the martyrs, provide aid to the wounded, and remove the debris."

-- Statement from Iran Ambassador:

Iranian Ambassador in Damascus, Hussein Akbari:

The zionist enemy does not respect any international norms.

We stand alongside the resisting people and do not fear the criminality of this entity.

The aggression reflects the reality of the entity that does not recognize any international laws and does everything contrary to humanity.

Iran's response to "israel's" targeting of our consulate in Damascus will be harsh.

The building was attacked with F-35 fighter jets and 6 missiles. I was at my workplace in the embassy.

After all these crimes against the Palestinian people in the last six months, today they committed this crime against Iran as well.

A number of Iranian advisors were in the building and were martyred. This act will be followed by our decisive response.

The debris removal has not yet been completed, and between 5 to 7 people were martyred. The exact numbers will be published later.

Two police officers were also martyred.

-- It is now known that the building targeted by Israel Air Force next to Iranian embassy in Damascus was the residence of the Iranian Ambassador.


Israel just threw out the "Rules-Based-Order."   

They intentionally attacked the official sovereign territory residence of a recognized and properly credentialed Diplomat, in contravention of EVERY Diplomatic Treaty and Diplomatic norm.

This is an actual "act of war."   Diplomacy no longer exists.   From right now, there is only the sharp edge of military action.

Iran now has the right to retaliate against Israeli Diplomats anywhere - or everywhere -- in the world.  The rules are now out the window.



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