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Fund Raising to keep this web site and Radio Show alive and well thru April.   
GOOGLE ADSENSE STOPPED ADS FROM APPEARING ON THIS SITE, THUS CUTTING REVENUE.  That means I can no longer accommodate non-Subscribers because out of every ten thousand of them who read stories, only ONE donates -- and the bandwidth costs that __ I __ incur from their reading does not pay for itself.  Thus, the general public will get a few "FREE" Articles, but the majority of this site is now locked-down for subscribers only.  
I suspect part of Google AdSense decision has to do with the left-wing CENSORING/ HARMING the right wing in any manner they can.
I really need your help this month to keep the lights on and such, so please either SUBSCRIBE for $1 a week billed Quarterly ($13) HERE or for $5 a month HERE  which will get you full access to all content on this site, or make a donation.
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