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Bringing you the news costs money - a LOT of money.  Not only in the time needed to find, verify, edit and publish stories/ Editorials / Opinions from the Web and such, but the data bandwidth costs to store the material on the web (in the cloud) and transmit it to you. I ask readers to Sponsor this effort with ONE DOLLAR a week. 

Outfits like the Wall Street Journal charge $26 a month for "Digital Access."  That's more than $6 a week!

The New York Times charges a MINIMUM of $2.63 a week for Digital Access to only SOME of their content - some of it "FAKE NEWS!"  For $4.38, Times readers get access to more content, but still not all of it.  Their readers can't get ALL of their content unless they fork-over $6.30 a week! (They apparently don't charge extra for what many feel is their FAKE NEWS - but how can they be relied upon since some of their stories have proven to be fake?)

Even smaller "mass-media" outlets like the New York Post, New York Daily News, The Record (NJ) and the Star-Ledger (NJ) charge digital rates from $4.30 a month and they only provide local news, with rare neational coverage, and almost always BIASED reporting.  Why pay to read what many think is Propaganda?

The Hal Turner Radio Show (HTRS) web site offers fact-based reporting; accurate and FAST.  In the past month alone, there have been several stories which appeared on HTRS hours before they hit "The Drudge Report" and sometimes even a day or two before being covered by the so called "mass-media."

Being able to do this take a lot of time and money.  Your $1 a week billed Quarterly ($13), combined with the sponsorship of others, will help keep this web site alive, fast, accurate and growing.  THIS SUBSCRIPTION IS FOR ONE YEAR, BUT YOU CAN CANCEL PRIOR TO ONE YEAR AND CEASE RECURRING PAYMENTS IF YOU CHOOSE.

The $5 is billed on a MONTHLY basis to keep cash flow on an even keel.  Please subscribe TODAY!


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NO REFUNDS Except for accidental double-billing.  Once you subscribe, you have purchased access for a specific period of time and that period will run to completion.  You can choose to NOT RENEW, but there are no refunds for the initial sign-up.

Sadly, some people (very few) want to see paid content, so they sign-up, look at what they wanted to see, then try to cancel the same day to get the money back and thus see what they wanted for free.  (Scam artists!)  So once you subscribe, you have it until you renew and there is NO REFUND of the initial subscription payment.


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