5:08 PM EDT - Reports FLOODING-IN Claiming Verizon Cellular Failure

5:08 PM EDT - Reports FLOODING-IN Claiming Verizon Cellular Failure

As of 5:08 PM eastern US time Wednesday, reports are now FLOODING-in claiming massive network outage of Verizon Wireless (Cellular).   If callers can even hear ringing, they are reportedly unable to hear or speak to whomever they called or whomever called them.  DOWNDETECTOR starting to show huge reports, mostly west coast, but elsewhere as well., which tracks major electronic outages, is reporting a staggering shot of 24,000 reports of trouble with Verizon, since about 4:00 PM eastern US time Wednesday:


While many of the reports have come from California and the West Coast, outages have been reported in Atlanta, DC, Denver,  Minneapolis, New York City and Philadelphia.

The Clovis, California police department found the issue to be so important, they tweeted about it:

More info as it becomes available . . . 



While Verizon Wireless is at the top of the network trouble reports, T-mobile, ATT, straight talk, us cellular and others are now also being reported as having trouble.

One Verizon Wireless customer told us: "I'm in SoCal. Phone service is Verizon. When I'm on wifi and call, it goes through to my wife's phone. Off wifi, it rings once and then an automated voice says "all circuits are busy."


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