About Masks: So Simple, Even A College Graduate Can Understand Despite Being Educated to the level of Stupid

About Masks: So Simple, Even A College Graduate Can Understand Despite Being Educated to the level of Stupid

There's a lot of bru-ha-ha from the class of stupid people infesting America, about the lifting of mask mandates for COVID.  So, as a public service, and to explain this to even the most educated college graduate - who, by virtue of their "education" (which was really nothing more than indoctrination)  cannot grasp reality --  we provide some basic facts that even the stupid who graduated college can understand!

Masks being used for COVID don't work because the pores in the mask are too large to keep out COVID.

Here are the irrefutable scientific facts:

1) The finest Respirator Masks made in the world come from 3M corporation.   

2) They are rated by the National Institutes for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH)  as either N-95 or N-100.  

3) The masks have pores so you can breathe through them, but the pores are very tiny - only 4 microns, which is four one-millionths of a meter.

4) The novel coronavirus that causes the disease named COVID-19 is a lot smaller than those pores.   Novel Coronavirus is on 0.04 microns.  That's 100 times SMALLER than the pores on the masks.

Here's the bottom line for all you mask tards  ("tards" as in retards): The virus can fit right through the pores on the mask.

In fact, an accurate analogy is this: Using a mask to try to protect yourself from a virus, is like using a chain link fence to try to protect yourself from mosquitoes.  Can't work.

Now, I know it's hard for you to think for yourself.  After four years (or more) of college, you've been so indoctrinated with utter bullshit that your brain doesn't work very well. In fact, for most college graduates, their brains really don't think very well at all!  Which is why you college educated types don't think for yourself but instead listen to what OTHER PEOPLE say, so you can memorize it to try to sound smart.

Truth is, you're not smart.  At all.

In fact, most of you are pathetically dumb. You just think you're smart, but your actions show the facts -- and boy oh boy, the fact is most of you are literally as dumb as a post.

So try to get with the science: Masks cannot protect you from COVID.  At all.  Ever.

Now, take off the mask you're wearing like a face diaper, and breathe the free air.

God gave your body an immune system to fight off bad things that might make you sick.  That immune system has scored big hits against COVID.  99.7% of people who got sick from COVID, recovered just fine.

So if ALL the human beings on earth caught COVID at the same time . . . 99.7% of us would recover just fine.

Now stop being a scared little cry baby and get on with life.   And stop being so God Damned annoying about wearing masks that don't work.   YOUR FEAR is irrational.  If you cannot overcome it, seek psychiatric help.






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