Active Shooter Texas High School

Active Shooter Texas High School

There are reports of an active shooter situation at a North Texas high school.

A person with a weapon is believed to be on the campus of Timberview High School, in the 7000 block of South Watson Road in Arlington, TX. The school is in the Mansfield Independent School District.


+1 # could have been o bama s sonAravinda 2021-10-07 21:38
Gang banger wrong color bring gun to school. media silent.. does not fit their lying narrative.

We need to go back to the times when family had to take care of whoever committed a crime and was responsible for reparations and damages.
+1 # If you guys can believe it...Jose, formerly of Manhattan 2021-10-07 20:59
The suspect is being charged with aggravated assault. Not attempted murder, but aggravated assault for shooting three classmates and a teacher. Guess they really want to memory hole this case that badly and basically claim that "he dindu nuffin."
+3 # shooting!trustintheLord 2021-10-06 22:40
This is scary for the people who are at the scene. I have heard that there would be false flag to take our eyes off either the audit or and to get an excuse to take our guns away. Keep praying folks, this month is very challenging with many things are happening at the same time.
+6 # Not this shit again!!Dogsncars 2021-10-06 19:06
When O’bozo was in office we had the active shooters happen a lot. Not when Trump was in office. Now the clown is in office it starts again. What does this tell you!!
# Fishy as 2021-10-06 18:37
that she doesn't have on any visible body armor.
It this a tell of another false flag with the cops possibly in on it?
# RE: Fishy as hellBlank 2021-10-06 21:12
Excellent point
+1 # makes no 2021-10-06 18:40
It makes little sense to put an apparently fat female with no body armor into harms way when you have other options.

I smell fish and don't even know 99% of what happened.
+2 # another disbarment 2021-10-06 18:36
In another disbarment zone created by the psychopaths we euphemistically call legislators.

When are we going to realize that government is not our friend at all and is the root cause of most of the evil in the world, not the solution?

"Government Is Like Fire, a Dangerous Servant and a Fearful Master"
~George Washington
+2 # RE: another disbarment zoneAdiff5466 2021-10-06 20:18
More like (our current) Government is like a dumpster fire...
+4 # So WhatLongrider53 2021-10-06 17:21
Don’t care, distractive theater. Ammo up peeps.. bigger things happening and much bigger getting ready to happen.
# RE# So Whatrogue_ 2021-10-07 06:01
I hear they now blocking key components to ammo manufactures...
+3 # RE: Active Shooter Texas High SchoolBeaumains 2021-10-06 14:37
At least folks here get it.
# RE: Active Shooter Texas High SchoolJeannie 2021-10-06 14:36
Suspect is now in custody.
+13 # Friggin 3-letter losersGregg W 2021-10-06 13:30
Here we go again. Another 3-letter agency false flag, MK Ultra setup attack - hitting Texas again because of politics. So obvious. So predictable. So pathetic.
+5 # RE: Friggin 3-letter losersJFY 2021-10-06 14:48
The problem is that it works on millions of people. Now that's pathetic.

With every passing day, I become more and more convinced of how much of a statistical outlier population we on this comment section and others like it really are.

I'm really starting to believe that we're some sort of genetic mutant freaks..... Ha ha.. hmm.. 8/

How come no one can even remotely see what we see as being totally self evident?

Boy that's depressing... 8(
# RE: Friggin 3-letter losersWoulf 2021-10-06 16:41
Raoul Duke:
There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.
+11 # If they won't do it the Govt will?acturner067 2021-10-06 13:19
Looks like another possible setup/false flag? Those that have stolen power from the people must have your guns in order to have full control of us? Will they go to any lengths to get them? Would they go as far as to create the illusion that there is a crisis and it must be dealt with now? Even try to put it under the guise as a heath issue emergency? Trust not this government for it is wickedly driven.
+7 # RE: If they won't do it the Govt will?The Deplorable Renegade 2021-10-06 13:39
Just another false flag by the govt./Gun control lobby to get our guns. Not giving up anything.
+5 # Say it aint 2021-10-06 12:44
suspect identified - there was a fight between student and another individual in a class. and a gun was used. 4 victims.
SUSPECT: timothy george simpkins, black male, 18,
Just another uncivilized savage doing what they do!
+1 # RE: Say it aint soBlank 2021-10-06 21:22
I'm not too convinced it isn't a false flag just because the shooter is black. Yes, they wanted to keep the blacks armed when it served their purposes- BLM riot "terrorism" to wreck the tax shelter "opportunity zones" and to usurp police power. But. Black vaccination rates are too low and black is no longer the favored entitled race of the NWO. Useful idiots, no longer so useful. All the shootings making the news past week or two are black (that I've seen). CDC doing gun "studies" as a "health concern", black shootings in the news. Armed blacks are no longer useful to TPTB
+1 # Thank GodSrmay72 2021-10-06 16:49
its nice to see one that can see that this was not a false flag this was a kid brought up by worthless parents that don't teach kids right from wrong. NOT ALL SCHOOL SHOOTINGS ARE PLANNED.This shooting has absolutely nothing behind this but being a banger. We haven't had a false flag shooting in years why? BECAUSE WHEN THEY ARE READY ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS RELEASE A VIRUS WITH 2 TO 3 WEEKS BEFORE IT KILLS. DOWN VOTE ALL YOU WANT THEY KNOW GUNS ARE USELESS WITH THEIR FINAL PLANS. PROBLEM IS MOST STILL GIVE OUR LEADERS FAITH THAT BIO WEAPONS WONT BE USED. THIS HAS ZERO EVIDENCE OF A PLANNED FALSE FLAG ATTACK. THIS IS JUST A WORTHLESS EATER .
+2 # RE: Say it aint soJeannie 2021-10-06 14:18
This " savage" was being brutally attacked by a MUCH bigger student. You don't bring a gun to a fist fight but I'm wondering if there is more to this incident?
+4 # RE: Say it aint soThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-10-06 13:41
And the corporate media won’t mention that the shooter is black. Doesn’t fit their narrative. But those DOJ statistics tell the true story.
+4 # just wrongBuckwheat 2021-10-06 12:17
how is it only the wrong people get shot in merica?

now if the right people got some all of this would end
+1 # RE: just wrongWoulf 2021-10-06 15:34
The "right people" have a lot of cash and body guards. They only "make" the problems not solve them.
# must watchBuckwheat 2021-10-06 12:16

your viewers and you would really like this episode, it details the root of the issues in merica
+7 # was expecting thisHold the door please 2021-10-06 12:05
Considering our history, and the fishy circumstances surrounding these school shootings, I won't be surprised at all to start hearing all the ways that the story breaks down and makes no sense.
+6 # But, the politiciansGregg W 2021-10-06 13:33
Will all come out and say how evil guns are and we need to take them away! Save our children! (So they can jab them in the arm with poison.)

We all know the bastards will start all repeating the same pre-scripted lines. Again, so very very pathetic.

Maybe splitting into Red States and Blue States needs to happen.
+7 # RE: was expecting thisGunner 2021-10-06 12:10
Something with all of these school shootings just do not make sense. . .
+3 # RE: was expecting thisWoulf 2021-10-06 16:51
They took GOD out of the schools. They brought in a bunch of BS that feeds there psychosis and pumped them full of drugs. A lack of discipline or a sense of esprit de corps (non commie) is lacking. Add to that they make more money dealing than flipping burgers, there you go.
+5 # RE: was expecting thisThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-10-06 13:44
Gunner, it’s a conspiracy between the feds and the gun control lobby to get our guns. They’ve been doing these things for decades. They won’t go after the scum doing the shooting.
+4 # big pharmalumpy 2021-10-06 13:10
most of 'em on really hardcore pharma drugs. Jim Marrs called them "nazi mind kontrol drugs"
+5 # RE: big pharmaThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-10-06 13:45
It’s not a gun problem. It’s a people with bad intentions toward other people problem.


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