After Congressional TREASON, One Small Hope Remaining . . .

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# Read ThisRealityCheck101 2021-01-09 23:30
I believe this is from General Flynn...
# RE: After Congressional TREASON, One Small Hope Remaining . . .Matt1711 2021-01-09 00:09
I truly hope and pray Trump uses the Insurrection Act. It would be surgical, targeted. A patriot uprising will be messy.
+2 # Is Trump Preparing to Invoke Executive Order 13848? The Democrats Rush to Impeach Trump: Russia and Israel wait In the Wings BY Dave Hodges(Mizpah) Jan Pruitt & James Pruitt 2021-01-08 12:23

There are only 12 days to go to Inauguration. It makes no sense that the Democrats are preparing to Impeach Trump. It makes no sense that Pelosi tried to get Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. Twelve days! Trump is not even in Washington DC, therefore, a repeat of the recent DC riot, is not likely! So, what are the Democrats in fear of? Trump has one more ace up his sleeve and he is attempting to play it.

Subsequently, I interrupt this scheduled series on the misery that will accompany the Biden-Harris regime as they plan to complete their coup against the President and take office. My report on the chicanery that will soon accompany the vaccine will have to wait one day. There is a breaking story out of Texas and it begs the question, does the President have nine lives? Does Trump still have an ace up his sleeve and does he have the evidence on to declare the Insurrection Act? Further, and more importantly, does Trump have the military support needed to declare the Insurrection Act with the certainty that his orders will be carried out.
Why Is Trump In Texas?

It is known that President Trump has been in Texas following ill-fated riots in Washington DC. My initial reaction to his visiting Texas was that he was trying to avoid a potential arrest by Pelosi et al on baseless charges of domestic terrorism. However, it has become apparent that there is much more going on. Before launching into what I have learned, there is a backdrop of information that is critical to understand regarding the US military.

Over a week ago I was told that Beijing-Dementia Joe had already agreed upon a plan of action to have the US lose a regional war to China and Biden was to affect a surrender of this country and the US would go under international supervision with strong CHICOM overtones. This is when the genocidal nightmare would come into play for America as predicted by current CHICOM Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe, in which he stated that all Americans must be killed in order that China could take possession of the former USA’s vast resources and this is what China needs to survive.

I have received this information from two sources. The Generals in America fully understand that in a surrender to the CHICOMs, that these military men are dead. In what might be the deal of the century, Trump has seemingly made it clear to many of these military leaders that there are definitive plans that Biden will initiate to hand off control of the USA. In reality, this echoes what I have already said before, America’s military leadership has been placed on “death’s ground” and they either defeat this Deep State coup against Trump, which will result in their death, of they fight and ultimately have a chance at survival.

Control over the military leadership is strongly regulated by the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). In fact, and as I had reported back in May, my best insider source set me up with two insider sources inside the Pentagon. Both Pentagon officers said pretty much the same thing. They both told me that they believed that if Trump were to engage China in a war, desired by the MIC, Trump would save his presidency. Therefore, there remains the possibility that Trump would still have the support of the military even at this late stage. It is my considered opinion that Trump must first start the war with China before receiving unqualified support from the military brass. However, there is much more to this story than the two conversations I had with two Pentagon types eight months ago.
The Texas Economy Could Be the Key to Insurrection

Texas is run by energy, primarily oil. AOC’s “The New Green Deal” is a direct threat to the Texas oil industry and related business interests. It has been made clear that Governor Abbott is not a friend to the American people as his Beijing ties have been demonstrated. However, the Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, is a different story. There are reports that Patrick is in talks with Trump about Texas seceding from the Union as a last resort to escape the tyranny of the New Green Deal from the Biden-Harris administration. In this plan, Abbott would be deposed and Patrick would be the acting Chief Executive who would report directly to Trump. This is the backup plan.

The primary plan that will enable Trump to fight back includes using Texas and the stationed military in the state to protect him. Given the rhetoric, which is calling for impeachment and 25th Amendment applications, it is clear that Trump knows if he stays in Washington DC, he will be arrested.
The Importance and Relevance of Executive Order 13848

It is important at this point to consider on legal remedy that the President has at his disposal and it explains the frenzy of moving to arrest the President prior to impeachment and/or a 25th Amendment proceeding.

This means that the President can block the election or the validation of election results. It is also know that Trump is visiting military bases in Texas. Clearly, he is drumming up support.

Here is where things get dicey.
Why Is Secretary Mnuchin in Israel?

Let's consider some facts:

1. Mnuchin is in Israel. Israel wants Iran destroyed or at least neutralized. Any Trump counter-revolution would be met with foreign military interference. Any help with Israel would be contingent upon satisfying Israel that Iran, its chief enemy, would be negated as a threat.

2. The key to neutralizing Iran would run through Iran's chief ally, Putin. Putin hates the New World Order and he would likely move against the globalist forces that have unseated Trump if he gets something in return (eg Alaskan oil).

3. Trump must initiate at least a region al conflict with China to get the support of most Generals because so may are controlled by the MIC. If these prerequisites were met, then the US could count on foreign forces to help with national security.

This entire action is dependent upon the Pentagon and their willingness to obey Trump versus taking their chances with the Chinese.

There is more to this story that we are investigating. Stay tuned for updates.
# What a tangled webStanding Wave TERMINATED 01-25-2022 2021-01-08 11:44
Are broadcaster owners/principals guilty of treason or other serious crimes?

If so, should they be expected to be worried just now?

If worried, desperate?

If desperate, what would complicit broadcasters have to lose by blocking EAS broadcasts? Anticipating something along the lines of Hal's theory, would they have already made a plan and preparations for blocking EAS messages? Would they broadcast fake messages?

Anticipating those possibilities, would the other side have made counter-plans?

It seems a "win" is not assured for any side in this contest.
# RE: After Congressional TREASON, One Small Hope Remaining . . .AngelaM 2021-01-08 11:30
thank you, Hal. we shall find out soon. trump did say he would you military to eliminate the "virus" swiftly and forcibly. also noticing celebs with no makeup on youtube disheveled in what look like prison cells or bunkers. for example Katie Courics latest vids with crooked poster and messy bed in background. same with ellen d, tom hanks, all sorts if weird going on. tom hosted SNL as cgi version of himself
# RE: After Congressional TREASON, One Small Hope Remaining . . .AngelaM 2021-01-08 11:31
i meant to say use the military
# RE: After Congressional TREASON, One Small Hope Remaining . . .TB1 2021-01-08 10:28
Trump's fake concession video.
+2 # ¤²¤³¤² BREAKING NEWS ¤²¤³¤²Palehorse 2021-01-08 10:07

If I recall this correctly... Well... during the 01/07/2021 broadcast with Devvy Kidd it was reported that a high level computer IT person from a foreign country, gave testimony in an Italian federal court that they were responsible for altering the election results in a very big way. Involves a defense contractor.

This court testimony was given to key players in Trump's effort and this is why the democrat commies are screaming “get him out now” as they fear what may come next for them.


(( Original Video: has been removed by youtube for violating community standards)) which is impossible as they have no community standards.
# Did Italians Do The Election Fraud because of China Pressure?OccamsRazor 2021-01-08 10:05
Remember, after China ... the Italians were the next Hard Hit with Covid19 for some reason:
# RE: Did Italians Do The Election Fraud because of China Pressure?Standing Wave TERMINATED 01-25-2022 2021-01-08 12:22
Thanks for the bitchute link
# RE: Did Italians Do The Election Fraud because of China Pressure?AngelaM 2021-01-08 11:25
it was iran and italy. part of the ritual -- red and green flag countries
-2 # REMINDERtslinger 2021-01-08 09:55
Ashli Babbit is not dead- actress.

That supposed shooting was fake as hell! There are about 10 things wrong, but give it to her...she's a great actress.

Stop putting a communist activist on a pedestal! Stop perpetuating the lie- it was staged.

FAKE AF! Any seasoned gun owner ought to be able to point out the numerous flaws and impossibilities.
# RE: After Congressional TREASON, One Small Hope Remaining . . .Acidlite 2021-01-08 09:32
Qtard dumbshit Hal.

When will Hal start giving source credit for the shit he copy and pastes onto his website?
# One small hopechip 2021-01-08 09:26
Like Trump says" there will be an
orderly transition of power."
Like Porky Pig says "that's all folks"
# VideoHouseapp2020 2021-01-08 08:08
Is there something odd about trump's video ?
It doesn't seem right ?
Have they "off'd" him already and this is CGI?
+3 # I call BUllshitkidholli 2021-01-08 07:51
Wake up and quit being so delusional. This is pure fantasy and conjecture. I would be more worried about the coming purge of Trump supporters. That is more realistic than this article.
+3 # SupportersHouseapp2020 2021-01-08 09:04
Quoting kidholli:
Wake up and quit being so delusional. This is pure fantasy and conjecture. I would be more worried about the coming purge of Trump supporters. That is more realistic than this article.

I think there is a new name for trump supporters,the news is calling them Demestic Terrorists !! And we all know what we do with terrorists
# The trump card waiting to be playedSuzuko804 2021-01-08 07:49
I've just heard the most remarkable recording. Take the time to listen.
+3 # Its over!plumberdeluxe 2021-01-08 07:37
Wake up people you been fucked over again.
+8 # Rand Paul ?SBGlett77 2021-01-08 06:52
As Colombo would have said, "Eh, just one question". Where was Sen. Rand Paul ? Was he absent ? Abstaining considering it an exercise in futility ? Chickening out ? Giving up on both parties ?
+4 # RE: After Congressional TREASON, One Small Hope Remaining . . .mrfixit 2021-01-08 06:38
I totally get and pray this is the outcome. We know we don't deserve it, but being that this is where the problem is, God may just give his hand in allowing this to take place.

I just pray that this is not the turning point where the rest of the world sees something good happen here and demand trump saves them and be the world leader. Sounds like a neat thing right? Except for the whole one world government / antichrist part. So lets keep him here. If on the otherhand resigns and moves to israel...ahh world leader messiah..another dangerous thing.
+10 # Hope springs eternal...Paul Lambert 2021-01-08 05:56
...I think is the saying.

We keep waiting for Trump to pull that rabbit out of his hat. Of course, I hope to God you are right about this Hal. I am just not going to relax quite yet.
+1 # Hal is not relaxinghelpHal 2021-01-08 08:53
+5 # New Leader? 2021-01-08 05:03
How about Mike Flynn?
+3 # MikeHouseapp2020 2021-01-08 05:35
Mike certainly has what is needed ,but will he stick his neck on the chopping block?
+2 # More callsHouseapp2020 2021-01-08 02:39
More calls to "sit back do nothing help is on the way"
Yeah well ,look what sitting back and doing nothing has got you so far ?
I noticed some one commented yesterday "we need a leader"
Until someone steps forward with the caliber to lead you will get nothing
+5 # YahwehHillbilly Jim 2021-01-08 07:43
Is our leader
+5 # Militia call?gotalife 2021-01-08 00:53
So when he invited the patriots to DC, was he really actually calling the militia to his aid?
+4 # RE: Militia call?watchmann 2021-01-08 02:31
No he wanted to show the Con-Artists in CONgress who really WON this election.

Notice NO ONE showed up for Biden???

The Deep State communists arranged for ANTIFA to take a peaceful protest violent, as usual for communists.
+3 # Another Small Hope or TwoZiglveit B Shtoonk 2021-01-08 00:39
Actually a few...

Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks

This ain't over with. Anything Trump says or does from here on out will be to keep things calm and not alarm people. Until the H60s fire up that is. We're on military time now. Jan 20th no longer matters. This gonna be great!
-2 # Wishful thinkingHouseapp2020 2021-01-08 05:39
Its a nice thought ,if only it was true.
Hal called it being "slow walked" hoodwinked is an older an old term for what's happening .
Wait ,just wait it will all be fine. Don't do anything it's ok just keep waiting .

And you are adding to those voices calling for the people to sit back and wait for the cattle trucks to turn up .it's ok they are just going to relocate you .it's for your own good .
+5 # RE: After Congressional TREASON, One Small Hope Remaining . . .TB1 2021-01-08 00:37
That video of Trump has been debunked stop using it. The video is computer generated focus on the twiching, the tie, red stripes, chest bumping up and many others.
+4 # RE: After Congressional TREASON, One Small Hope Remaining . . .TexasWolf 2021-01-08 00:11
We need to make sure and lift up the brave souls on the short list. They are taking heavy propaganda fire right now.
+7 # THE MILITARY IS THE ONLY WAY!!!watchmann 2021-01-08 00:10

Our Judiciary Branch is compromised and totally broken and not functioning properly.

Our Legislative Branch is compromised and totally broken and not functioning properly.

Our Executive Branch (POTUS) is.......Missing in ACTION!!!!

And BOY has that got the Deep State puppets in Wash DC running around like chickens with their heads cut off! 25th Amendment, Impeachment, Assassinate Trump??? They seem to be DESPERATE to get rid of Trump, BEFORE Jan 20th! Now WHY is that???

Why can't they wait just 2 short weeks???

Because the KNOW one HELL of a LOT can happen between now and January 20th!!!

Meanwhile POTUS has been sitting back on a military base or wherever watching everything! Watching the mad scramble on Capitol Hill.

There is an expression: The True Friend Walks In When Others Walk Out!!!

**Trump's making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out whose naughty or nice!....**

The past 24 Hours have been VERY Educational on that score!....not only for Trump but for ALL of us!

And with regard to the Emergency Broadcast Message:

"....We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens....."

More here:

Batten the hatches and buckle your seat belt because things might get a bit "bumpy"!
+1 # RE: THE MILITARY IS THE ONLY WAY!!!Acidlite 2021-01-08 10:11
seriously bud? you have been spewing this garbage on the comments for months now and NONE of it has been true. You are a wolf in sheeps clothing, giving rise to false hope in a false deity called Q. You have been a traitor to the patriots for your regurgitating a message of do nothing and hope someone else does something. YOU ARE A TRAITOR.
+5 # RomeHillbilly Jim 2021-01-08 00:01
Do not allow your devices/computers be your fiddle as your country burns.
The empire will collapse on its own weight. We are not a part of that. All we want is to be left alone. Warnings have gone out for years to no avail.
Those people don't give a spit for us. Act accordingly.
# List of supporters, PLEASEMan of the Atom 2021-01-07 23:45
The GOP does seem to be finished. Will we become a one party state? There WILL be disunion among the Dims, not all of them are on the same page. There are radical socialists and then some more moderate than that.

Mr. Turner, could you please find a list of House members who supported Trump? I will only contribute to those and the 7 from the Senate in the future. I hate to do the subtraction using your list - maybe there is one on the Internet.

Let me interject the 1st Noble Truth of Buddhism here -"life is suffering", duhka, really means discontent. Even IF the Dims take the White House, there will be trouble for them. This existence is EARTH, it is not HEAVEN! Once a thought like that jumped into my consciousness: "you can't bring happiness into this world". It will only last for a while, as "ephemeral as tears in the rain" to use that great quote from "Bladerunner".

On the positive side, Pence said he does not support the 25th amendment and Lindsey Graham said another impeachment would be "inappropriate" - unless it is Pelosi based on what was in her computer - my comment.
# Here's "The List"....watchmann 2021-01-08 00:13
**Trump's making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out whose naughty or nice....**

ONLY EIGHT: Here Are the Eight GOP Senators Who Stood With President and Against Arizona and Pennsylvania Election Results

The True Friend Walks In When The World Walks Out!!!
+5 # RE: After Congressional TREASON, One Small Hope Remaining . . .supporttheblue 2021-01-07 23:17
Hopefully this is accurate. There has been far too much BS up to this point. It makes sense, but that could just be our desire to see it happen overshadowing reality.
-4 # QuestionWyatt2017 2021-01-07 23:11
Hal, but what any his concession speech from about 7:00 pm tonight? How would that play in?
-1 # Fakedestiny 2021-01-08 07:24
It's an obvious deep fake.
# Dang autocorrectWyatt2017 2021-01-07 23:12
+12 # HopeiumTaylor Luster 2021-01-07 23:03
72 hrs...alright I sprinkle out a little more hopeium until the wknd. But that’s all I’ve got left.
+4 # Very InterestingOccamsRazor 2021-01-07 22:59


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