All this week: Has the Time Come to Alter, Abolish, or THROW-OFF the U.S. Federal Government?

All this week: Has the Time Come to Alter, Abolish, or THROW-OFF the U.S. Federal Government?

All this week on "The Hal Turner Radio Show" we will be talking abstractly about whether or not the American People have reached a moment where it is time for them to Alter, Abolish, or THROW-OFF, the federal government of the United States?


# Nuts and boltsDoug Brown 2021-02-25 00:40
1. I've read Biden is dead. With the caveat that Kamala Harris, when she learned she was just window dressing and that she would NEVER be allowed to serve as President, that she flipped her wig, which enables #2.
2. Trump will be seated as President to behin his rightfully won 2nd term.
+1 # The goyim have no right to national homelands i they are whitHarnaś 2021-02-23 15:17
More mambo-jumbo white supremacists from UN.
+3 # RE: The goyim have no right to national homelands i they are whitThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-02-23 17:02
The UN can kiss my WHITE ASS.
-4 # Count Me OutGunner91 2021-02-23 08:31
My commitment is to protect and preserve the union and constitution. To me, that means working through legal, peaceful means to restore the republic. There are still enough good people remaining to see the country though this difficult time.
+1 # RE: Count Me OutHarnaś 2021-02-23 09:47
Quoting archerbase:
To me, that means working through legal, peaceful means to restore the republic. There are still enough good people remaining to see the country though this difficult time.

I can indeed work with not just a "God", but out personal advocate and God, Jesus Christ. I also see that we both agree that among people there is no one left either among Republicans and the other Bolshevik party to work with. I could not help noticing that you do not think we can work with the incoming AG Merrick Garland
-1 # RE: Count Me OutGunner91 2021-02-23 10:12
If we resort to the tactics of our adversaries, we become just like them. I do not share this bloodlust I see welling up, on both sides, of the debate. This is serious and demands the most potent remedy. You and I, both know, who that is. His name, is Jesus. Peace and Grace.
# There is time for Peace and Grace and then there is time for actively resisting Satan and Evil Incarnate in hooked noses.Harnaś 2021-02-24 11:29
The New Testament teaches that Jesus throughout his ministry prayed in desolated places. He actually sought out desolate places not just to pray. He was constantly in hiding so that Les Juifs could not assassinate him before his time was up. He had to hide during his whole public life (and by escaping to Egypt with HVM and St. Joseph when he was an infant). Nobody knew, (even his disciples) where he slept at night, because if they did, he would not have been able to complete his earthly mission. He would not live long enough to finally die on the cross and fulfill all the Old Testament prophecies of Izaiah. Pharisees and their Zealots assassin cousins, the Sicarii were on His heels all the time, trying to kill him everywhere he went!

During the post-election period in 2020 I had worked in Pennsylvania with well organized, extremely dedicated and well heeled interdenominational Christian group of folks who tried to work within the system trying to right the situation in the Keystone state after the stolen election. Despite our herculean efforts we were making no progress in three months with all the idiots in the Republican leadership positions in Harrisburg. Eventually, a lawsuit challenging the official outcome was brought by House Speaker Bryan Cutler, but only after President Trump made multiple telephone calls to him (below). The lawsuit was rejected a few days ago by six hooked noses in the SCOTUS.

It is clear to me and most people here and elsewhere that we have exhausted the talking option. Our Master did not talk to Pharisees either, but cursed them out as a Synagogue of Satan every time they confronted them. He overturned the tables of illegal money changers in the Temple and whipped them symbolically with a stringed rope.

By sitting on the sidelines you are just doing an impersonation of a dinosaur. The political system had been thoroughly tested in the three months post-election and was clearly demonstrated to have collapsed. We are now asked to swallow another hooked nose and accept him as the Attorney General? He is a Satanist Talmudist in the Sicarii assassin tradition, who considers all whites to be white supremacists. We are slated for immediate extinction, while Juif Garland is planning to allow faithless brown illegals keep on flowing in across the border!

No way! Ora et Labora. Pray and Work as Romans used to say. We will do our human 1% and maybe even appear to fail, but our Lord will do the remaining 99% and we will some who win back the country from these Khazarians. There were no Khazars present at America's foundation. They have slipped in here illegally from Brazil and Argentina in 18th century (like Pelosi later) and subsequently made tons of money as slave traders. They have as many legal rights here as they would have if they moved to Madagascar!
+1 # It may be difficult to work with people who want to kill usMan of the Atom 2021-02-23 22:47
+5 # RE: Count Me OutThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-02-23 17:09
Archerbase, none of us wanted this conflict but it's being forced on us, like it or not. We either resist or die. Our lives and families' lives depend on it. It's the other side that wants blood, not us.
+5 # I wonderReich45 2021-02-23 15:07
I wonder were we would be if Sam Adams, Paul Revere, George Washington just hunkered down in churches and prayed. I'm not saying to not pray but there also comes a time when we switch up our prayers and ask God to look over us as we kick the living shit out od those that will to control us and dictate the lives we lead.If you are not up for fighting yourselves, then pray for those of us who are willing and/or capable. Just my opinion.
+1 # Can you kindly identify these "people" we can work with?Harnaś 2021-02-23 08:50
Can you be as specific as possible. I need some comments about the new AG Merrick Garland. Please enlighten us how we are to deal with this particular deep swamp creature who wants to annihilate whites? Gentle persuasion?
+2 # RE: Can you kindly identify these "people" we can work with?The Deplorable Renegade 2021-02-23 17:12
Harnas, I'll be happy to give you my 2 cents worth about Garland. He's exactly what I expected Biden's AG would be so he will be dealt with accordingly. If he wants a war he'll get one.
+1 # RE: Can you kindly identify these "people" we can work with?Gunner91 2021-02-23 09:30
Sure, Our God is Mighty, Majestic, and Ever-Present. He is our Rock, our Fortress, our Hightower. He can make way where there is no way. He sets a table for us, before our enemies. He has a plan for us, not to harm us, but to prosper us. He said he would never forsake us, but would remain with us, until the very end of the age. All we need to do, is turn to him, repent for our sins, and ask for his help. If he is for us, none can stand against us.
+6 # RE: Can you kindly identify these "people" we can work with?laurie spencer 2021-02-23 11:35
your scripture is correct, although many, many, times, God sent the people into battle. we are the davids' up against the goliath. it's soon time to let the Lord go before us and lead us into and through battle. with the hand of God on us, the evil shall perish and the righteous shall prevail!
# Things do look very badMan of the Atom 2021-02-23 00:43
The resistance will go to the State level with the help of some patriotic Congress critters in DC - when the "Bolsheviks" come for guns held by otherwise law abiding citizenry, it is likely that counties and then States will begin the push back. Already the crazy Dims celebrate late term abortion as a sacrament - a stand that raises sheer amazement. How could we have fallen to this level where human life means nothing? Even in a communist country as Poland once was, the atheistic government there would not allow abortions after 6 weeks of gestation - South Carolina just did the same with "heartbeat" bill. The utter corruption in this country at the Federal level is astonishing - if God does exist, we may be nearing the end as seen in the highly symbolic Revelation to John. I think these leftist lunatics would try to imprison even "people of faith" if they could get away with it. However, I think the country will now swing to the right - I would say decisively but for the corrupt voting system we have. We all must get involved at the county and State levels. Meanwhile, the collapse of the economy may be the event that triggers chaos - the country would become ungovernable and only the preppers would survive for any amount of time - of course, that is a very negative, pessimistic view. Let us all hope and pray (and work) to see that things will not get that bad.
-1 # RE: Things do look very badlaurie spencer 2021-02-23 11:38
ahhh, you said "let us all hope and pray", so you really do believe that God exists. :)
+1 # Ahh, Poland. The last Christian country on Earth left standing in opposition to the Anti-Christ!Harnaś 2021-02-23 08:56
Good summary, but totally wrong about Poland. No abortions of any kind in Poland It is a Catholic country after all. Those who disagree go to godless Germany and pay for abortion out of pocket.
# Read it againMan of the Atom 2021-02-23 22:44
The reference was to communist Poland (40 years ago) - the point is they, even they did not allow what these crazy Dims currently support. Couple that with "live" organ harvesting of peaceful Falun Gong practitioners in China (along with their hundreds of millions of abortions) and you can see why some hard core religious people of all types will tell you judgment day will be soon - maybe a big asteroid first? Buy or download "The Remaining" (2014) and get an offbeat view of the "Rapture" along with a chilling view of events for those "left behind".
+5 # RE: All this week: Has the Time Come to Alter, Abolish, or THROW-OFF the U.S. Federal Government?gts6 2021-02-22 23:13
if they dont end this cycle of psyop after psyop that has been going on, then YES

everything happening has been planned. The entire election and aftermath chaos is a definite psyop. As is the covid. (but ill keep this post to just the election for now and address the covid at a later time)

1) the "lone wolf" people who were charged with election fraud crimes. (there was a number of these people charged with various election crimes, that were benefiting BOTH sides, democrats and republicans). The FBI was ALL OVER these people, no matter who they cheated for. BUT... all the "in your face" crimes that everyone sees talked about, goes unpunished.. Why? Because "those" people were not "real" criminals, they were all part of the game, part of the pysop., and they were just doing their job. Doing what they were told to do. The Ruby Freemans, the counting in the middle night, even caught on video.. It all goes unpunished. But the lone wolves from Jerkwater Iowa and East Bumblefuck Idaho gets charged to the hilt. Sure.

Somehow I believe their goal with this is to SHOW exactly how corrupt our elections have been, so when theres changes made to it people will understand why.

2) There's a new blockchain based voting system, its DONE. I know this for fact. Its been done for quite a while (long before the election)I have the entire spec of it. It wont make much sense to anyone unless you are a programmer/software developer. (i develop software, and i have done lots of programming for many parts of govt from local courts all the way to the DOD) I have the entire spec that went to final patent. ITS DONE. Maybe the election was a psyop to lead into using it? I dont know what their end game is but none of their actions are adding up. Why would it be developed if they have no intentions of ever using it? And why wasnt it used this year if it was done long in advance to avoid this chaos?

3) Pence was a known traitor LONG before the elections. I have 100% proof of that, trump was given evidence, and SIGNED off on it. Papers were delivered to him and others. Pence was exposed for among other things money laundering with his gas stations, and this all actually came out in a court case in indiana, where hillary, biden and obama were caught involved with blood diamond mining in zimbabwe, which ultimately ended up in getting uranium to north korea. This is all verifiable within court case documents they have been keeping buried. Within those court papers it was revealed that all the evidence was given to CIA, who did nothing with it. ANYWAY, the point of all this, is that Trump was well aware of crooked pence LONG BEFORE Jan 6, 2121. So... if we are to believe an unsuspecting trump had faith in pence and got sabotaged, that story does not hold up
+3 # a followupgts6 2021-02-23 01:22
just want to follow up my previous post and add this (about the covid)

besides the programming ive done for govts, ive also developed for virtually every drug co. I wrote software to produce results for the tests and studies they did. So had to learn about what they were testing in order to write software to help them out.
Im FAR FAR from a doctor or scientist, but I DO know what tests needed to be done, and they WERE NOT done. Still to this day.

Ill just say this: In the first few weeks, the general bullshit excuse was: "its china's fault, they didnt share tests and data"

what kind of horseshit is this? We dont have scientists here? We dont do studies?? OF course, we are supposed to believe we rely on enemy countries to tell us info, and shut down our entire fucking country based on info from enemies. Instead of doing testing ourselves.. Got it!! Ok..

Nobody in our govt called this bullshit out. Not from the left, not from the right, not from Trump. They ALL went along with this bullshit. And shut everytihng down.

Still NO PROOF OF CONTAGION 1 year later. Get someone FROM THIS COUNTRY (who cannot forge a clinical study without punishment) and this hasnt been done. If it has been done, WHERE IS IT? Someone in govt needs to present this study and the names of the people who performed the study.

Otherwise ALL emergency executives orders based on it are null and void. Emergency orders that violate rights have some sketchy wording in the laws, but they definitely require proof of an emergency, and there is NONE other than "we said so"
+1 # RE: a followuplaurie spencer 2021-02-23 11:47
thanks for your seemingly knowledgable, common sense opinions. seems it's hard to come by these days.


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