While the U.S. mass-media is reporting there are "15 confirmed cases" of the deadly Chinese Coronavirus in the US, a lead Doctor in the CDC allegedly sent a text message to a family friend admitting "there have already been over 1,000 cases in the U.S."   The Text also says they are ". . . trying to prevent panic . . ."

According to an 18 year old in upstate New York near Schenectady, his father had a text messaging exchange with Doctor Nancy Messonnier, the Director of the Center for the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) within the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), photo below.

The 18 year old was allegedly  using his father's cellphone and saw the text message exchange.  He became so outraged at what he read, that he took a screen shot of the conversation and uploaded it as a video to his social media account online.

The screen shots appear below:


Here's the other half:



According to this text message, there have already been over 1,000 cases of Coronavirus inside the US.   This is clearly being CONCEALED by government in their effort to "prevent panic."

Sorry, but "preventing panic" is nowhere in the job description for anyone at CDC and is not what we pay any of them to do.

We the American People established the CDC, fund it and pay for all of it so they can SERVE US by researching diseases and finding treatments or cures. We expect them to be honest with us because their whole reason for existing is to serve us.   THAT is what we pay them to do.

We don't need government public servants, whose very job existence depends on OUR tax money, to "manage us" or to "handle us" or to conceal things from us "to prevent panic."  We expect the facts.  We expect the truth.  The whole truth.  Nothing but the truth.

With such information, WE get to make informed decisions about what WE think is best for us and our families.

Efforts to contact Dr. Messonnier to confirm or deny the validity of this text message exchange, have had interesting results.

When contacted via Twitter to inquire if this text message exchange was real, Dr. Messonnier did not reply; she BLOCKED the person asking the question!


If this text message exchange is false, phony, or a fraud, why wouldn't the Doctor just say so?

Maybe she can't.

Maybe she can't because maybe it's true.

If so, then the Doctor has a problem.   If she DENIES the truthfulness of the text message exchange, then all that needs to be done is to bring the phone out in public for everyone to see it for themselves.  

If she confirms the text message exchange, then the public will go ape shit as to WHY the CDC is concealing the facts.

This is called being between a rock and a hard place - possibly by her own doing.

The CDC must understand that they exist to serve us.  Not conceal from us.


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