Amtrak Train Crews Allegedly Join Walkout Started By Air Traffic Controllers And Southwest Pilots ZERO Media Coverage

Amtrak Train Crews Allegedly Join Walkout Started By Air Traffic Controllers And Southwest Pilots ZERO Media Coverage

Amtrak announced it will require nearly all of its 18,000 employees be fully Vaccinated by Nov. 22. Multiple sources are reporting that train crews have now joined the protest started by Air Traffic Controllers and Southwest pilots and employees.

Southwest Airlines canceled more than 1,000 flights on Sunday as employees continue to react to the company’s decision to impose vaccine mandates. Earlier, employees learned they would be required to be vaccinated by December 8 or face termination.

Reports circulating on social media suggest disgruntled employees responded to the mandate with a sickout.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an employee for Southwest said, “The pilots are very upset. There is no organized sick out, but many employees are very disgruntled.”

Now, AMTRAK is also being affected as evidenced by their Tweet on Sunday:

Others on social media seem to see what's actually taking place:

Word is even spreading on Social media that other airline pilots will be joining the job action:


The pushback began Friday when a reported 3 out of 35 employees showed up for work at the Jacksonville Air Traffic Control center. According to a source, “almost every flight out of Orlando was cancelled,” as employees protested the new mandate. The source went on to suggest that the Biden administration was in touch with several airlines over the past week and “threatened all CEO’s” to enforce vaccine mandates.

Southwest is not the only airline encountering significant pushback from its employees; United Airlines has reportedly imposed mandates and is placing pilots on “unpaid administrative leave” while the airline reviews applications for religious exemptions, which raises questions of legality.

To further muddy the waters, Southwest’s pilot union has reportedly offered “significant” support to United pilots trying to fight company mandates. 

The source estimates that nearly 50% of Southwest pilots remain unvaccinated. If airlines continue down this path, the growing fear is the response will “break the system.” “Things are going to get a lot worse,” he said.

As many pilots consider their options leading up to the December 8 deadline, it is becoming increasingly clear that the new mandates are slowly chipping away at the foundation of America’s economy.

Americans, at least the ones who actually think for themselves, will not accept being FORCED to put experimental, gene-modification into their bodies.  

The mass-media is providing ZERO coverage of these job actions because the media is pushing the vax narrative like 100% pure propagandists.  It seems to many people the mass-media are nothing more than cheerleaders for whatever government wants, instead of being the "Fourth Estate" to keep government in-check.



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