Anger . . . Managed. With Bullet to the Head!

Anger . . . Managed.     With Bullet to the Head!

A man who kicked-in the front door of his ex-wife's house despite a court restraining order, is dead today; shot in the head by the wife he intended to hurt again.


+8 # Self defense...workhorse 2021-05-10 12:40 better than a restraining order.
+2 # PUT THE KNIFE DOWNDevilDog 2021-05-10 09:55
ONE DOWN a Few Million to Go

2 center mass 1 between the eyes

(like a professional)
# RE: Anger . . . Managed. With Bullet to the Head!Pesky Varmint 2021-05-10 08:30
It's fair game to use derogatory words for losers of any race, creed, or color.

Individuals who make positive contributions to the world are the ones who deserve respect regardless of race, creed, or color.

But it works both ways. Fortunately us white middle class honkeys have a great sense of humor. As my mom taught me from an early age: "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me."
# YepCloudNebula 2021-05-11 00:36
being an asshole is equal opportunity, lol.
+1 # Oh the irony...CloudNebula 2021-05-10 08:10
on his way to anger management, lol.
+2 # JJAswern 2021-05-10 05:23
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
+1 # Effin' A.Paul Lambert 2021-05-10 03:21
Perfectly correct. He had even made his way inside and took up a knife? Damn straight he gets plugged.

I wonder if the street urchins are going to decide that these black lives mattered too. We didn't see pictures of the woman, but we can assume she is black, if for no other reason but that there are no riots over this.
+4 # RE: Effin' A.eric church Whined Begging for $ 2021-05-10 04:34
So typical. When it is black on black the usual clowns do NOT care at all...complete fools I tell you.
+5 # RE: Anger . . . Managed. With Bullet to the Head!RockyMountainBeerMan 2021-05-10 01:30
He chose... poorly.
+7 # RE: Anger . . . Managed. With Bullet to the Head!DiogenesStation 2021-05-10 01:22

And always remember these three lines:

I Was Threatened!

I Only Acted To Stop The Threat!

I Want A Lawyer!.

That boy should have never made that turn away from his "Anger Management Class".

. . . . . Always Searching For The Light!
+7 # Close but not quite right...LilBirdie 2021-05-10 02:36
I was in fear for my LIFE
(or the life of another)
I want to speak to my lawyer.
In some states a "threat" is not enough
-2 # And Old Joe Biteme...DiogenesStation 2021-05-10 01:15
... would have said that she should have just shot him in the kneecap!

. . . . . Always Looking For The Light!
+7 # More Gun ControlPalehorse 2021-05-09 23:20

Finally we get to see the results of
honest gun control efforts.
-1 # RE: Anger . . . Managed. With Bullet to the Head!The Deplorable Renegade 2021-05-09 22:43
Typical nigger. Play with fire and you get burned. Now the BLM niggers will be on the warpath.
# SHOWING YOUR TRUE COLORS?Rick Geise 2021-05-10 08:13
The righteous don't use the 'N' word!
# that's the best joke i heard all daySpero Spanios 2021-05-13 10:31
the righteous don't say nigger. ha.
+1 # RE: SHOWING YOUR TRUE COLORS?The Deplorable Renegade 2021-05-10 22:03
Rageise, I don’t care about CRIMINALS lives at all. But I do care about GOOD peoples’ lives and will do anything I can for them. When someone has bad intentions toward someone else the animal is fair game for anything and doesn’t deserve any respect.
+4 # RE: Anger . . . Managed. With Bullet to the Head!Paul Lambert 2021-05-10 03:24
No, I don't think so. Black lives only matter to Black Lives Matter if white police take them. Blacks hurt and kill other blacks all the time and they do't care. Think of the recent case of that big teenage girl about to stab another black girl to death, but the policeman shot her and saved the innocent girl. BLM is up in arms about it! They don't care about the life of the innocent girl.
+2 # RE: Anger . . . Managed. With Bullet to the Head!The Deplorable Renegade 2021-05-10 22:06
Paul excellent points about BLM. They’re a criminal organization and nothing else. 6000 blacks die at the other hands of other blacks every year in the US. Where is the outrage over their deaths?
+9 # RE: Anger . . . Managed. With Bullet to the Head!JFY 2021-05-09 22:41
"The man was on his way to an anger management class"

He shouldn't have taken that detour.

It's amazing how one stupid decision can totally change (or even end) your life.

Another candidate for the Darwin prize.
# Good riddens.Rod Stirling 2021-05-09 22:35
Another nigger dispatched.....
-2 # ANOTHER RACIST TROLL?Rick Geise 2021-05-10 08:17
White hat patriots and those who have trusted in the shed blood of the dark-haired, dark-eyed, dark-skinned 33 y.o. man of middle eastern decent don't use the 'N' word.
+13 # head shot .....NICENHydg 2021-05-09 22:30
Nice shooting under stress
+6 # GoldAdster 2021-05-09 22:16
Well he got taught a lesson real good didnt he.


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