Another Church Burning - Saturday 4/20

Another Church Burning - Saturday 4/20

Another Christian Church is on fire, this one in Bulls Head, NC.   

*Multi Alarm* heavy fire in a one story masonry church.


At least 11 FDs operating.




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    · 11 months ago
    Amen to that! I feel that we are no longer under "corporate" protection as our once blessed country had. We now stand as individuals (Christians) without the benefit of of our Government which has become the very child of hell and rebellious. America was once a destination to those who fled both political and religious persecution and the US had a strong separation of religion and state. Not any more, we are the persecutors, "rulers" of the earth and push an agenda that is any but Christian on all other nations.

    We discredit Christ's name and His church with our adulterous relationships with hypocrisies and lack of personal conviction. Those who live by the sword will die by it and most of our leaders are pushing for such and we are ripe for a good waxing if we don't take control of our foreign policy. Some, but not all "rich corporate" leaders live well above the need for a "god" and have taken control of this nation as an instrument of business thought out the world. The smoke of our demise will not so quickly clear.
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    Mark Brandon · 11 months ago
    You can blame the church burnings on the Satanic NWO and their Islamic offspring who they are stirring up to destroy Christianity. But one must also realize that God is in control of all things and that He is destroying mainstream Christianity because they are leading all their followers right into hell with their false grace based salvation doctrines. The churches are not saving anyone because they do not preach holiness and repentance. The Lord told a prophet many years ago that He will use the Russians and the Chinese to destroy all the churches in America and the man had a vision of tanks blowing up churches.

    America is finished folks. Repent or perish while there is a very little time to do so. The economy is about to crash and so is America. Learn how to truly be saved at