First it was a MAJOR eruption of a volcano on the Island of La Palma in the Canary Islands off the northwest coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, now there's another MAJOR eruption; in the Aleutian Islands off Alaska.


# Etna just erupted as well!JMrd777 2021-09-21 09:12
Etna exploded! The most powerful volcanic eruption in Italy!
TRUE WORLD4,813 viewsSep 21, 2021
Etna exploded! The most powerful volcanic eruption in Italy!

Sicilian volcano Etna - the largest active in Europe - on Tuesday morning threw a column of ash to a height of 9 km. This was announced by the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology.
Etna's eruption returns after a 20-day hiatus. The ash cloud from this latest activity has reached a height of about 9000 meters. A large plume of smoke is also clearly visible from Catania and Taormina. Moderate lava outflow is observed from the southeastern cone of the crater moving southwestward.
The average amplitude of the volcanic shock shows increasing values. The source of these tremors is the area of ​​the aforementioned southeastern crater at an altitude of about 2900-3000 meters above sea level.
The National Institute of Volcanology (Ingv) has issued a red warning for aviation, the highest alert, but Etna's current operations do not affect Catania International Airport, which is sometimes forced to suspend flights if ash is buried in its tracks.
Mount Etna is under the constant supervision of specialists. As a rule, its activity does not pose a danger to the population
-3 # Why isn't TurnerSamuel Badolato UNPAID SINCE JANUARY - SHUT OFF 07-24-2022 2021-09-21 06:40
Talking about this pandemic and this virus and these vaccines not one article in weeks is he a pretty cat and this is an alien work this virus you know why how I know they put people on respirators for weeks they suffer terrible with reason on Earth they can only do extreme torture for 2 weeks aliens take pride and a lot longer torture so here you go that's what this this e
+2 # Start of Major Earth EventsSmiley1984*! 2021-09-21 03:58
Is this the start of major Earth events as long predicted. The reason for the Covid, and Climate Crisis movements. We know there is more to it than we are being told.

We may be seeing the beginning of " The End Times", that is a global threat from the 10th planet. Buckle up and stay tuned!
+1 # RE: ANOTHER MAJOR VOLCANIC ERUPTION: Alaska's Aleutian Islandsgeauxnutz 2021-09-21 03:39
# Something else to do while waiting for another volcano to blow!Man of the Atom 2021-09-21 02:31
I wondered what time of day the climactic event which we all fear could or would occur on La Palma and 3:30 came into mind - AM or PM? People are sleeping at 3:30 AM whereas most are awake at 3:30 PM. Then I remembered "The Devil at 4 O'Clock", a Hollywood movie about heroism and redemption in the face of certain death. Spencer Tracy and Frank Sinatra were in this 1961 film and I think this may have been Frank's greatest role although some say the same of Spencer Tracy. If you get a chance to see it, it is sad but inspirational and truly heroic. Maybe that's the reason 3:30 came to mind as the cinematic volcano erupts at 4 PM.

BTW, this really looks like a Hellscape on La Palma:
# RE: Something else to do while waiting for another volcano to blow!Harnaś 2021-09-21 08:22
You are very close to being right. Actually 3:00 4:00 AM is the devil's hour traditionally with demonic activity at its highest at 3:00 AM. WE are still looking at September 22 as the D-Day and it may indeed happen at 3-4 AM local time!

3 :Am AM is also seen as a very unholy time in movies. If you have seen The Conjuring, the clock stops at 3 in the morning and everything goes downhill from there. Similarly in The Exorcism of Emily Rose where Emily finds herself waking up to a strange smell at 3am everyday.
+1 # Thank youMan of the Atom 2021-09-21 21:49
I tend to be a night owl anyway and sometimes I am awake at that time.
+4 # RE: ANOTHER MAJOR VOLCANIC ERUPTION: Alaska's Aleutian IslandsRockyMountainBeerMan 2021-09-20 22:54
Soooo, how's the Fukishima core meltdowns doing?
+3 # Oddly, this all may have something to do with the SunMan of the Atom 2021-09-20 22:46
I have read of a theory, mentioned on the Electroverse site, and published in a science journal by some Japanese scientists that says the Sun's magnetic field shields planets from galactic cosmic rays (subatomic particles like protons and electrons + high energy photons from light). I tend to call those rays the Interstellar Wind from the nearby stars but they come from all over the Galaxy. The Sunspots are points of exit for the Sun's magnetic field and the Sun currently has no Sunspots. The theory says during these "solar minimums" the galactic cosmic rays get trapped in silica-rich lava and lead to more eruptions! (Silica is silicon dioxide, which you see in quartz rock.) Weird yes, but this may also accompany true global cooling as the Sun "dims" during the solar minimums. We are supposed to be entering a "solar maximum" but it doesn't look that way.
+2 # RE: ANOTHER MAJOR VOLCANIC ERUPTION: Alaska's Aleutian Islandstradebroker1 2021-09-20 22:04
A little dramatic, i dont think this has an effect o. The west coast, too isolated, La Palma is the one we should be paying attention to.
+2 # 2021-09-20 23:21
…maybe not the massive area of east coast but still concern for USA citizens. We have family in Boston, northern Virginia and in Seward, AK which is almost ground zero of this AK threat. When the various earthquakes began, they thought the children were jumping on the furniture in the next room. Now w/o a doubt the rumblings are quakes. Last year they had to leave their job site working on ocean vessels and drive up the nearest hilltop as a “mild” tsunami came in with a wave six floors high. They watched from their 120ft. perch on the hillside. Didn’t make national news but it disrupted their daily lives for weeks with cleanup. Not a highly populated area, most known as the start of the Iditarod races.
+1 # Amazing.Gregg W 2021-09-21 01:10
Wow. Six floors high tsunami! That’s plenty big. Thanks for sharing that.
+5 # Chernobyl means “wormwood ?”Palehorse 2021-09-20 21:43

In the wake of the Chernobyl explosion, few people
in the officially atheist Soviet Union had
Ukrainian-language Bibles. But some of those
who did noted that the word “wormwood” in the
Wormwood star of the book of Revelation was
translated as polyn—and was a very close
botanical cousin to chornobyl. Suddenly, the
biblical prophecy seemed to acquire new meaning:
wormwood was radiation, and it presaged the
nuclear apocalypse that would end the world.
The story spread like wildfire through the notorious
Soviet rumor mill and as far as Washington,
D.C., where President Ronald Reagan was said
to have believed it, too.
+10 # Side Note...Palehorse 2021-09-20 22:16

Sep 20, 2021
Project Veritas
PART 1: Federal Govt Health & Human Services
Goes Public With Secret Recordings
"Vaccine is Full of Sh*t"
+6 # China involved...?JohnnyRamone 2021-09-20 21:03
China was recently near the Aleutian islands with warships recently(Hal Turner 9-13)....AND was near Portugal a few months ago looking at an abandoned US military base( they have set up their own HAARP on these two locations? Maximum destruction by nature, it would APPEAR. Hmmmmm....?
+1 # Very interesting.Gregg W 2021-09-21 01:15
Dang. Good catch!
-3 # Sleeping giants are waking up everywhere all of sudden. Many more will wake up soon as I have alluded in an earlier post but its is worth reposting for emphasis.Harnaś 2021-09-20 20:50
I wonder if anyone knows what or who is waking up these mountain smokestacks?

There are numerous prophetic messages from Anguera, Brazil (the Land of Holy Cross) about volcanos but only one is mentioned specifically by name: SAMOSIR ISLAND in Indonesia

The Calvary of Humanity will start a Friday, but then the victory of God will come and you will be led to the great day of victory 3.279 - 13 February 2010

From the depths of the earth, rivers of fire will be immense *. Many regions will be completely devastated and destruction will cross many countries 3.291 - 9 March 2010 [* Rivers of lava from volcanoes]

The earth will get away and from depths rivers of fire will be immense *. Sleeping giants # will rise and suffering will be great for many nations. The terrestrial axis will move 3,310 - 24 April 2010

[# exploded volcanoes]

A fire will cause destruction in the ice on earth. From the depths will be great devastation for men. 3,342 - 8 July 2010

The famous cordillera will lower. A scary fact will happen in China and will be repeated in Chile. 3,398 - 9 November 2010

Fire rivers will flow on Earth and many places will disappear. Fiumes will change their course and lakes will arise. 3,404-25 November 2010

The day will arrive when man will desire death, but he will have to experience the weight of the cross. You will still see horrors on earth. From the Samosir region the great and greater destruction of your times will come for humanity. 3.410 - 8 December 2010

A destructive fire, rising from the depths of the earth, will cause great changes in nature. Many regions of the earth will remain deserted. Death will travel within the earth and will cause destruction in many countries. 3.421 - 4 January 2011

A destructive force will rise from within the Earth and many regions that today contemplate will cease to exist. 3.435 - 5 February 2011

Millions of people will bear a heavy cross and millions will die. Death will cross the continents from the depths of land and destruction will be great 3,437 - 8 February 2011

The Earth will agitate and, in many regions, at the same time there will be the death of many innocent. 3,569 - 14 November 2011

# Russian and Brazilian astronomers are saying....wardoc 2021-09-21 11:27
that the Nibiru system and it's planets and moons is currently crossing the eliptical from south to north as it goes around Sol. Could it be that the electromag pull from that system is interacting the Earth and Sol causing massive disruptions everywhere. Nah!!!!
Don't worry, be happy.
+3 # It's gonna get alot worseMax S Stofle 2021-09-20 20:47
I've had Dreams visions of this going on Vulcano's erupting ,also war with China ,There gonna take advantage of the situation ,I saw the Vision of People on La Palma watching the Eruption a month ago ,Pray ,We have Jesus ,You are So Blessed Hal to have a women Put up with you all those yrs ,ha ha ha From a Man who has been married 3 times ha ha ha God Bless takecare ,Peace Max
+13 # Denial AisleDisstheease 2021-09-20 20:32
Foolish people will justify their denial right up until the END. As in the days of NOAH.
+9 # La Palma... Alaska...Palehorse 2021-09-20 20:29

Then the second angel sounded: And something
like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown
into the sea, and a third of the sea became blood.
And a third of the living creatures in the sea died,
and a third of the ships were destroyed
Revelation 8:8-9
+11 # If I may...tslinger 2021-09-20 20:14
...remark on your remark...



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