ANTIFA Attacking Atlanta - Riots, Looting, Fires

ANTIFA Attacking Atlanta - Riots, Looting, Fires

Anti-Fascist Action (ANTIFA) is engaging in riots, looting and arson attacks in the city of Atlanta Saturday night.   Numerous stores have been looted, several vehicles, including police cars, have been set ablaze.

Atlanta Police view the carnage:

Mayor Andre Dickens "Many of these protesters are not from Atlanta, and many are not even from the state of Georgia.  The Mayor stunned assembled media outlets when he revealed, during a Press conference, some of those arrested "have been found to have explosives on them."

As most readers readily know, Protesters don’t destroy property and hurl explosives at police, those would be Rioters

The Mayor clearly stated "These people mean harm to people and to property."

Atlanta is on fire tonight, but @cnn reporters @DavidPeisner & @PamelaBrownCNN are reporting Atlanta police officers, NOT protestors, are committing violence for tackling & arresting these thugs burning and destroying a police cruiser and store front windows.

This is a developing story.  More as I get it.

 UPDATE 10:19 PM EST --


Violent Antifa protectors are calling for a 'Night of Rage' against police officers after a raid of 'Cop City' left an activist dead and a state trooper injured.

Georgia State Patrol troopers swooped on the autonomous zone at the site of the future $90million Atlanta Public Safety Training Center in a 'clearing operation' on Wednesday.

In a press conference, Georgia Bureau of Investigations director Michael Register confirmed that the shooting was in self-defense, with the protestor opening fire 'without warning' at the trooper.

But activists are now calling for a 'Night of Rage' and bloodshed against the police following the shooting – threatening to enact 'reciprocal violence' against the authorities.


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