Bacon-Wrapped Koran Sparks RIOTS in Copenhagen

Bacon-Wrapped Koran Sparks RIOTS in Copenhagen
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Migrants have been clashing with police, burning cars and trash cans, in Copenhagen, Denmark  after a local citizen threw a Quran in the air, wrapped with bacon.

Far-right leader Rasmus Paludan in likes to go into areas of Denmark with large populations of Muslims, shout racial abuse and provoke them.

He held a Quran-throwing "protest" in Copenhagen. The video below shows the results:


Previously he burned a copy of Quran wrapped in bacon. 



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    BriteRED · 7 months ago
    And HOW would you like that Bacon ? Krispy or with some drippy grease ? ........ Now we do have the special that is stuffed into the snout which is very popular with the Crusaders that ride thru on occasion.

    Go for it Rasmus .......