BIDEN: "No federal solution for COVID"

BIDEN: "No federal solution for COVID"

The Commander-in-Thief told American state Governors today "There is no federal solution for COVID" and said it will have to be dealt with at the state level. 

 Joe Biden, whose Democrat Party operatives STOLE the November 2020 presidential election with rampant election fraud, sung a very different tune to get elected.  In fact, he said:

Now he says there is no federal solution to COVID.   AGAIN! Democrats prove they will say anything . . .  LITERALLY ANYTHING . . . . to get elected.  But when they get in . . . well, that's a whole different story.

This was quite the statement considering the federal government has ruined millions of lives and tens of thousands of businesses by trying to control the China Virus with closing of "non-essential businesses", mandating masks - that don't work, and social distancing-which doesn't work either.

Now Biden admits  they cannot control it.


After Biden made his announcement he grabbed an umbrella and left for his beach house in Delaware.

Dementia Joe has given up on COVID.

What will this do for Democrats who will never relinquish their fear-theater and their cult of massively stupid morons who demand living in a huge Gaza Strip?

(Hal Turner Remark: LMAO @ you idiots who voted for him and SHAME on those of you pretending he isn't a total failure.)

Oh, and don't forget how Democrats acted during the four years of President Trump versus how they act when THEY grab power.  Here. Look:



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