Big Snow this Weekend into Monday

Big Snow this Weekend into Monday

A large storm system is moving eastward from the Great Plains states toward the midwest and northeast, and snowfall totals could be 12-18" in some areas.

The New Jersey / New York City area will be hit TWICE, once on Sunday and again, bigger, on Monday.

Snow and strong winds may create blizzard conditions, as a powerful storm moves from the Plains into the eastern United States this weekend. This could be the first major snow of the season for areas from New York City to Boston late Sunday into Monday.

The Weather Channel has named this system Winter Storm Ezekiel.


Happening Now

Snow and gusty winds will create dangerous travel conditions and possible blizzard conditions in the Northern Plains and upper Midwest Saturday, while snow will wind down in the West.

Strong winds are also expected in parts of the Central and Southern Plains through at least Saturday afternoon. This includes the Boulder, Colorado, area where gusts up to 85 mph are possible. Power outages are expected here. These strong winds could lead to a ground blizzard, which occurs when there is fresh snow and strong winds which can create whiteout or near-whiteout conditions.

Current Radar and Wind

Blizzard conditions were reported near Arlington, Wyoming early Saturday where frequent wind gusts of 45 to 55 mph were occurring.

Early Saturday, Rochester, Minnesota, reported 0.13 inches of freezing rain.

(LATEST: Winter Storm Impacts Parts of the West)

Heavy snow and strong winds disrupted Thanksgiving travel in parts of the West. As of early Saturday, 48 inches of snow was measured at Big Bear Lake, California, as well as at Snowbasin, Utah.

Wind gusts over 80 mph were measured late Friday and early Saturday in parts of central Colorado, including a gust to 88 mph near Shaffers Crossing. A wind gust of 112 mph was measured at Brighton, Utah, where the elevation is 10,565 feet.

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    RapidDeployment · 1 months ago
    Dang Hal.......let it ALL go to subscriber only ......betcha , take a vote , it is just the subscribers that are pay the dues ..... the vote.... who cares if those that do not help get any update, firsthand data ...... IT IS your support group that is PAYING the freeloaders free ride....... CUT them off let them join the help.......
    I liked the old system you had anyway , it was simple, it was low budget , that is what you really want ...... get those free loaders joining and maybe YOU could make a buck or two for YOUR efforts.
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    John Robert Mallernee · 1 months ago
    Here in Vernal, Utah, located where the state lines of Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming come together, it is 25 degrees, sunny and clear, with no snow in our forecast, although there is plenty of snow in the neighboring areas all around us, especially in the mountains.