Bitter Cold After Blizzard

Bitter Cold After Blizzard

The morning after the Blizzard which struck the northeastern US, it is thirteen degrees (13° F) here in North Bergen, NJ, with a Wind Chill making it feel like Zero.  The cold is absolutely brutal.

I spent all day Saturday snow plowing in New Jersey and on Staten Island, NY.  My son actually got Frost Nip on his knee from being in the rear bed of the pick up truck, dumping 50lb bags of Calcium Chloride ice-melt into the hopper of the tailgate-mounted salter.  He was kneeling in the snow that had accumulated in the bed during the day.  Even though he was only out there about 15 minutes, and was wearing long johns under his jeans, his knee was bright red with almost purple mottling on it when we got home.  Very painful.

Thankfully this morning his knee returned to normal coloring.

This cold is . . . weird.   It's far more intense than years past.   I don't know, maybe I'm just getting older and feel it more, but this weather is genuinely weird.

One of the reasons we use Calcium Chloride instead of rock salt is that it works far better, and in much colder temperatures . . . usually.   Not this year.

For some reason, the Calcium Chloride just didn't work well AT ALL.

I thought maybe we got a bad batch, but other guys who we talked to while plowing said the same thing.  It's like the snow is (and this sounds strange) so dry, the Calcium can't seem to get started in the melting process. It's very powdery; not good for snowballs at all!

Maybe it's the temperature?

Anyway, as I write it is about 5:30 AM Sunday  and I'm up doing the news.  More stories pending . . .





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