Bloomberg considering presidential run

Bloomberg considering presidential run

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering entering the Democratic presidential primary and will file as a candidate in Alabama today, the state's early filing deadline.

If the billionaire businessman joins the race, it would be widely viewed as a statement on former Vice President Joe Biden's viability and whether he can defeat President Donald Trump in 2020.

Biden has had a lot of trouble raising money and people have been concerned about his candidacy some political experts say. This move by Bloomberg will underscore those concerns.

In news that sent reverberations through the race to become the Democratic challenger to take on Donald Trump in 2020, the New York Times said it understood Mr Bloomberg intended to enter the crowded primary and would file paperwork for his candidacy in at least one state with an early filing deadline. 

He is expected to file in Alabama, which has a Friday deadline for candidates entering the race.

The state is due to hold its primary on March 3, when around a dozen states hold ballots on what is called “Super Tuesday”.

While the 77-year-old billionaire, said to be the world’s 14th richest person, and who has a fortune of around $50bn, had not yet made a final decision, he had sent people to the southern state to obtain signatures that would allow him to qualify for the primary there.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Thomas N. Kuss II · 2 months ago
    Folks the Communist Socialist Democratic Party with their Deep State Henchmen Intend to implement by Force, “Their ‘Will (Communism)’ on The United States of America.” This requires by Necessity the Disarming of All American Citizens, so that “None of Them (American Citizens) can Uphold The U.S. Constitution” via The Second Amendment (Right to Bear Arms) Created by Our Founding Forefathers to Stop with Arms, “Those (Communism by Democratic Party) whom would Destroy the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence.” “Currently the Company (CIA) Controls the Multi News Media via The Mocking Bird Operation,” which “Feeds a Constant Stream of Manufactured Propaganda.” A Fraudulent Mock Impeachment of President Trump is Underway, “Based Solely on a Pack of Lies, Innuendo, False (Non) Witnesses, Hidden Gestapo Tactics, and Never Ending Propaganda.” This Situation is Mounting Tensions Up to the Heavens as America Divides into 2 Warring Factions (Left & Right) Ready to Rip Our Country Apart in Civil Strife. “All Based on Falsehoods in Accordance with The Communist Manifesto Play Book (discovered in 1945) being Fostered by The Obama Administration to Overthrow The United States Federal Government (President Trump Administration).” Thus Our Country is on the Verge of Civil War… Hence, “There is a Man who is Possibly the Only Person who can Save America.” What is his name? “John Durham!” What does he do for a Living? He is a U.S. Attorney working under Attorney General Bill Barr (Former CIA & 322). His importance at this time in American History cannot be overstated. Why? “U.S. Attorney John Durham has been and is Currently Conducting a Criminal Investigation into the Coup D’etat underway in Congress with the Deep State,” as well, “All Other Treason, Insurrection, Sedition, and Tyranny against The United States of America.” Once U.S. Attorney Durham Exposes All of the Misdeeds Done unto the American Citizens and United States of America, “Hope, Faith, and Trust shall be Restored to All Citizenry.” The Washington DC Pimp Sease Pool of Total Criminal Corruption shall be Eliminated. “A Fair Honest Government Base upon Our U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence shall once again Ensue with a Country in Unity.” called, “The United States of America.”
  • This commment is unpublished.
    William Bermudez · 2 months ago
    He's not going to make it far even if he does run. The progressive wing of the Democrats doesn't like him because he shut down Occupy Wall Street, and the neoliberal wing doesn't like him because he wasn't in the Obama administration.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Charles Yearwood · 2 months ago
    Bloomberg is still one of the biggest names in the antigun lobby and still pushing to try to get us disarmed. If he became POTUS his first act would be outlawing private gun ownership. He's just as dangerous as all the other dems/commies. NEVER EVER GIVE UP YOUR WEAPONS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!